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    Hi i wonder if there is any quick message buttons in the game interface?In wot and wowp there are quick messages on the f keys like "help,enemy spotted etc"If there are no quick message buttons i think this would add to the game if you dont like to type too much!
  2. ROBO196650

    new tec tree

    I wonder if wows will add new nations to the tech tree.The next two should be england and germany.
  3. Fred,the problem with all ships is they take a while to stop.If you are in sniper mode shooting long range the mini map will show you if ships are near you,but if one makes sudden turn[avoiding torpedoes]you often do not notice this!I've done this myself you get focused on shooting.I think some sort of ship to ship collision alarm is needed!like when you run aground.You will always get arrogant players like this in any free to play game.They tend to blame everyone but themselves for bad play and losses.As for team damage with shells wot have a blue on blue system,if one of your team keeps shooting you and the rest of your team can shoot him without any penalty.I think this could work well in this game as well!Plus ban for a few days.
  4. ROBO196650

    fast patrol boats

    I have played this game for a few days now.Good fun game now i've learn t to be careful when i fire my torpedoes!!Not sure if its already in the pipeline but the game could use some scouts in it like wot.This could be done using E boats/Mpt boats.In wot the scouts spot for the arty/heavy tanks and tds.And when they surround a heavy slow tank the heavy tank usually loses!!
  5. ROBO196650

    sea mines

    good ideas mate.you get exploiters in most games!better not go on about game mods!!i think some of these doubters about mines in the game will change their mind when they find out subs are coming to the game!check the forum!
  6. ROBO196650

    sea mines

    no, i got two destroyers at the moment.i like them!but the point im trying to make is on some maps you have marker buoys which dont do anything.why not replace them with mines.but dont make the minefield too tight so you could get through with care at a reduced speed!make the mines visible at close range so you would have to slow down to do this!
  7. ROBO196650

    sea mines

    i think some of the maps should have sea mines on them!that would give the fast destroyers something to think about!maybe at a later date put mine layer/sweeper in the game
  8. ROBO196650

    smoke screens

    thanks, just found that out getting my first destroyer.but can you smoke screens for other types of ships?
  9. ROBO196650

    smoke screens

    just started to play the game,nice fun game.just one suggestion at the moment.i think you should have the ability to lay smoke for a few seconds,say 15 to 30 sec.give a limit to how often you could use smoke in a battle.you could use this to close on the enemy to escape.just like the did in ww1 and ww2!