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  1. Alpha135

    Do you want to wake the dragon?

    Hopefully we at least get to see some of those ships in their respective "home nations' " trees as well. Anyway, there could've been several more "original" >Asian ships added to this tree, like the Ning Hai, Yat Sen, and a bunch of other Chinese cruiser (really mostly built in other countries, but still).
  2. Alpha135

    New ship preview: Monarch

    The Monarch wouldn't be that problematic (to history enthusiasts at least) if they at least used some slightly more historical 15" KGV, whatever the design was called, but WG seem to be going with the minimal effort options. Then again, WG are increasingly relying on outright fake stuff lately, even in WoT, where in numerous recent-ish Q&As they've stated that they want to use less fakes, made all the effort to replace the infamous Waffentrager E 100, only to add a full on fake line of Chinese TDs now. Back to WoWS, Conqueror is an even bigger abomination, and so are a few other things, like the tier 9 and 10 German cruisers, GK, Zao/Senjo/whatever it was called before that and such, but what can we do, seems like "we think that this is what engineers in the 1940's would've done" is a good enough reasoning.
  3. Alpha135

    New ship preview: Monarch

    But you won't lose anything from allowing those weapon sidegrades, and the players who want to use them only gain from it. Oh wait. You DO lose something. The ability to make the historical configurations into premiums and to rake in those sweet Good Goy shekels.
  4. Alpha135

    New ship preview: Monarch

    I'm not sure that catering to people who can't do basic math, and realize that a SMALL CALIBER SHOOTY with higher RoF would generally do as well as a BIG CALIBER SHOOTY that fires slower, is a good idea. You could at least look at WoT, even the potatos there seem to have realized that caliber<DPM, hence you see 9/10 T-34s run a 57mm gun and not a 76mm one, despite the BIGGA NUMBAHS. The devs there also don't lock you into a 76mm armed T-34 for the sake of "muh caliber progression", while making the 57mm a premium, they allow you to choose between multiple guns.
  5. Alpha135

    KMS Graf Zepplin

    Could've just made her a tier 6, and there would've been no need for gimmicky planes, would've been fine with the Fi-167 as torp bombers and the Stukas as DBs. Besides, early war 109s and Stukas at tier 8? Really? As WG aren't ones known for absolute historical accuracy, they could've at least slapped some Me-155s. Funny that it's a "1945 configuration" too, considering that by that time, the Kriegsmarine surface fleet was completely shafted and the Graf had been sitting in a drydock for 2 years already.
  6. Alpha135

    New ship preview: Heart of Oak

    That tier 10 doesn't exactly look like what the L2 supposedly was.
  7. Alpha135

    British battleships incoming

    My point is, was it modernized by the Brits, or was it """modernized""" by WG.
  8. Alpha135

    British battleships incoming

    Is the tier 10 even a real project though, or is it another GK-type abomination
  9. Alpha135

    Self-Policing the Forums

    the internet isn't a hugbox
  10. Alpha135

    STOP Carrier Discrimination!

    well meme'd, +1 my friend