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  1. thunder3oo

    9.3.1 very crashy

    Hello. I had 3 disconnect events this morning, two of them after the battles were done, one of them just before entering a battle. On the last one, the game gave me some message about the server that is about to be restarted and that I'll be "redirected", then connected and I was able to fight. Annoying.
  2. thunder3oo

    No own gun fire sound

    Same thing here. Since the HQ audiofiles require some HDD activity and also - used with rapid fire guns - can generate stuttering, sharp noises and even frames drops on older PC's, my audio settings are on "low" (quality). Guns sound setting are at maximum. I can hear other ships guns in the game, but not my own. However, it doesn't manifest on all ships. Since the last update I have used Musashi, Blyskawica, Alaska, Amalfi, Zara, Aigle, Smolensk, Colbert and Georgia. If I remember well, only Aigle, Zara and Amalfi guns sounds were ok. The other were absent.
  3. thunder3oo

    0.8.11 - General feedback

    Same here, man.
  4. thunder3oo

    0.8.11 - General feedback

    Yeah, confirms my saying: "new patch, new bugs"
  5. thunder3oo

    0.8.11 - General feedback

    38 minutes past the update announced hour, still no log in here
  6. thunder3oo

    [ALL] ModStation

    It seems the newest mods for prevent us from uninstalling/selling upgrades. Starting the game without mods allowed me to sell the upgrade and install another. OS - Win10X64, ship - Algerie.
  7. thunder3oo

    AA Defense Changes

    We need a "love it" button ;)
  8. thunder3oo

    AA Defense Changes

    Once again, players can see that those who are designed to do a job will do anything BUT the job - testers and super testers and developers and hell knows what more. The "cv and AA rework" gave us a new style of... lack of balance. Resetting the US battleships line brought me again to Wyoming, which is a pain in the when it comes to stay alive under aerial attacks. Low tiers ships like Wyoming can't defend themselves with their poor AA hardware + the newly poor AA WG's concept, which means no real damage to planes AND reinforced sector time cooldown being too big. There is nothing you can do against the new mechanics of planes (precision and the thing that planes don't scatter when they are under fire). All right. Going up a little higher. The game says that Prinz Eitel Friedrich (which is T6) has an AA rated at 70 and the Wiki page says "Where Prinz Eitel Friedrich really shines is with her anti-aircraft armament". Well, it's a lie. It should be one of the best AA ship in T6 (if not the best), however, it is NOT. Captain's AA skills+AA upgrade+reinforced sector do almost NOTHING. By the way, WG, you might want to update the info on that page. I'm sorry I didn't catch the poll in time. CV's are edited*, and they must be removed from the game.
  9. thunder3oo

    Number of CV's allowed in a team

    Well said, man
  10. thunder3oo

    Number of CV's allowed in a team

    everybody's else slots, actually
  11. thunder3oo

    Number of CV's allowed in a team

    I know the ship, had it for some time (bought it with coal), sold it. I had some fun with it, has pretty good AA, yes. Low tiers ships barely have AA for themselves and most of the time players have their own agenda, they don't care you ask for AA cover. I've seen bad&unhelpful players in high tiers battles, imagine what I see in low tiers battles. However, I was in the Wyoming because I reset the branch to get Research Bureau points. Soon I'll get rid of it and get the NY (again...).
  12. thunder3oo

    Number of CV's allowed in a team

    Yeah, after 22k battles I think I remember that
  13. thunder3oo

    Improvement of the Matchmaker

    's not useless. Not at all. You may never know when someone is in position to prove it. "Coincidences" like the Twitch prize one give us no reasons to trust you or the WG, considering how toxic you are in the forum. Deflecting the discussion doesn't mean you nailed it. Yeah. Proves my point, since Minsk or Leningrad don't have access to T9 upgrades like Mogador (Main Battery Modification 3). And no, it's not about map awareness (which I have, btw), since we talk about first minutes close combat during the capping. The regular DD just wakes up in front of one or even two T9 French DD's equipped to the teeth = sudden death. If you're wondering, I wasn't sailing any of the regular DD's I talked about. However, I talk for them and for the team, who lacked the firepower to counterattack these fast attacks. I would like to watch your "skills" in higher tiers, when a Mogador (or two) come at you with 54.8 knots (you already have your own speed, which makes you get closer&faster). I'm sure you would fail. "I have more battles in french DD than you" is childish. It proves my point once again. You post much and play less. At least it would be something if your posts would have any quality&importance in improving the game or helping players. Unfortunately, they don't. And that says a lot about you. In real life, toxic sad beings like you are ignored and kept away. Me? I wouldn't cross the street to on your head if it was on fire.
  14. thunder3oo

    Improvement of the Matchmaker

    Oh, ColonelPete again. The one who has more post than battles (pro WG and mostly against players complaining about something in the game's forum) and also the same ColonelPete, who just "randomly" received a fat prize from Twitch WoW's (it was a ship, Scharnhorst, am I remembering well?). Btw, I don't believe in coincidences, if you know what I mean... First point. Being easy to spot can be overcome by Concealment Expert+Concealment System Modification 1+Regular Speed+Speed Booster (which in French DD's is something). Ok, the french DD pushes, reaches the camo limit of a... let's say Yugumo, some 5,4 km, if I remember well. Then we speak about guns damage&penetration, rate of fire, guns reload booster+torps. In close combat a regular DD has very few chances to survive when encounters 2 such French DD's, even if is using smoke to hide or run. I've seen too many times gunboats shooting "blindly" in smoke and destroying whatever was there, so I cannot ignore the fact (I put commas because the shooter can see if the shells hit the water or impact/explode on something else, it's about skills). Then the gunboats (in this case a branch without smoke capabilities) hide in the freshly killed DD's smoke, capping. Job done. So... your argument is invalid. Second one - "The rest of the map was yours, there is nothing worse than your 3 DD going one place". Really, now... They weren't and they didn't had to be in the same place, that's the point. If you would have more battles than posts, you would notice that in many cases the Domination Mode has the bases close one to another. Should I remind you that from tier 6, French DD's have some 12,8-13 km guns range, and that tier 9 has access to Artillery Plotting Room Modification? Everyone have seen a lot of Mogadors lately. Right? However, they don't need it. Choosing a good position and having Main Battery Modification 3 + Adrenaline Rush does the job perfectly. Crossfire? Is this a word familiar to you? Epicenter Mode is even worse in these conditions (let's say Trident, with it's many small islands, giving the opportunity for crossfire). I remember someone said to you some time ago that he wanted you to disappear. Guess what, I want exactly the same thing, and there are many more players who feel the same. Your posts are unwelcome by many, and once again, I state that you are paid by the WG for these (now we have circumstantial evidence). The last Twitch stunt proves that. So... could you?
  15. thunder3oo

    Improvement of the Matchmaker

    Yeah... you WG guys added a little fix for Tier 8 ships when it comes to Tier X battles, and broken another thing: DD balance. Typical Wargaming work. Do you know what use I say about WoW's? With every patch come new bugs. The introduction of the French destroyers brought another problem in this game - the enemy team had 2 or 3 French DD's, my team had NONE of these, just regular DD's. Well, this sucks hard, since many times DD guys in gunboats team up and tear to pieces weaker DD's that try to cap. 2 french DD's working together+ bigger HP+superior guns+reload guns booster+torps = win. 3 French DD's working together = horror. This is something you need to balance. In the end, the matchmaker was not improved too much. You know that bitter feeling when you realize that things are given to you with one hand but they are taken with another? It describes the World Of Warships perfectly .