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  1. DWARVES clan is recruiting! This is a new clan. I made it for those who cannot/don't have the gear or don't want to use a voice comm, but still want to enjoy the benefits of being in a clan. Lone wolves are also welcome here, as long as they are active players. Requirements: Age: +18 +50% WR Decent rate of survivability. Be active in the game. If you need a "leave of absence", announce it, please. Ability to communicate in English. A sense of humor. For those interested in Divisions/Clan Battles - good team play. That means you need to know well your ship, it's class role, what it can and what it can't do, help teammates, focus fire and so on... Ability to adapt and take advices. There's a saying "If you want different results than what you’re getting, you have to try different approaches". I have some experience in WoW's (over 18 K battles), so if you need help, just ask. Just remember to be concise. * If a clan member has problems with his/her PC/laptop, he/she can ask me for advice. I used to work in IT, service branch. Maybe I can help. The more details you give me about the problems, the better.
  2. thunder3oo

    Ranked Sprint: Season 2 - Discussion Thread

    Many players underlined the existence of too many premium ships in the first season of Ranked Sprint, also the weight they had on the battles outcome (considering the specifics of every premium ship), and what you do in the page dedicated to the second season? You insert 2 premium ships (Murmansk and Oktyabrskaya Revolutsiya). And also let's not forget the CV weight in this, considering planes HP+ CV's captain specific skills (which give the CV player an enormous advantage against tier V ships) VS automatic miserable AA that many regular tier 5 ships have. This is mockery addressed to the players. It's official for some time, boys and girls. I've seen it before, when people came in ranked tier 7-8 with premium ships (Kaga, Saipan, Enterprise, Graf Zeppelin, Flint, Tirpitz, Harekaze, Leningrad, Kutuzov with its HE&smoke combination and so on...). The truth is: ranked battles is more about money and... less about skills.
  3. thunder3oo

    Ranked Sprint

    It seems that it become a tradition for WG to do things wrongheaded. The only thing I liked about this ranked sprint was having less frustration about the repair cost, compared to tier X ranked. What I didn't like: 1. Encountering extremely high numbers of premium ships - Kamikaze, as someone said above, but also Gremyashchy , Okhotnik , Fujin, Murmansk, Giulio Cesare, Texas and Oktyabrskaya Revolutsiya with its special consumables. I remember WG stated few years ago that things in its games will not be "pay to win". Well... exactly the opposite happened in this ranked sprint. Everywhere I looked, I found a premium ship, and most of the time it was Oktyabrskaya Revolutsiya. Most of them are good ships. One of them i consider to be bad - Okhotnik. I don't understand the logic in fighting ranked with a DD which has bad camo, short torp range and the maneuverability of a train. 2. It seems that some basic info needs to be posted in event dedicated pages, as kids playing this game lack the idea of "different ships, different tactics". If I choose to play a "glass ship" like Königsberg, I might stay behind a island or something. I usually like to play in plain view, as I consider it to be more honorable. However, this time I decided to try another approach, so I annoyed my enemies as much as I could - from cover. I made a lot of damage & kills and still, I was called names and I was being reported. 3. At tier 5, most ships have bad AA. As I have pointed before, Automatic AA in WoW's is miserable even against auto-drops. Let's consider this: a tier V CV player has access to a certain set of skills. If you fight your tier V full AA skills captains in regular ships+ AA upgrades (note that they are still bad even with upgrades) against enemy's CV's "Evasive Maneuver" and "Air supremacy", you will most likely loose. 4. The rewards were pretty... thin.
  4. thunder3oo

    Yūbari, yay or nay?

    Pretty enjoyable for a tier 4. Use a captain who has Demolition Expert, Basic Fire Training, Advanced Fire Training (you don't need Manual Fire Control since there is only one 120 mm gun for that), Concealment Expert skills aaand you'll have fun ;) Don't forget to buy the "Aiming System Modification 0" thing, slot 1.
  5. thunder3oo

    Guineas VS Sovereigns

    We shall see...
  6. thunder3oo

    Guineas VS Sovereigns

    No, I don't want to pay real money for the Cossak. As I said, I'm not a big dd fan. Beside that... I spent enough real money in the premium shop on false advertised things, got mad enough times because the products were not what they supposed to be and sold them afterwards in anger, for credits (silver). Anyway, thank you for the hint ;)
  7. thunder3oo

    Guineas VS Sovereigns

    Why not? Where's the harm? Why is WG restricting our moves? They were so ambiguous in expressing their moves with this Royal Navy campaign. Is any developer reading this and answer?
  8. thunder3oo

    Has anyone ever got a supercontainer from a More Resources claim?

    Nope. I used the "more resources" thing a lot until I got my Musashi, used after that... and no SC
  9. thunder3oo

    Guineas VS Sovereigns

    Hi there. Since I don't like very much playing DD's and I changed my mind about Cossack, I ask this: will be possible for players to exchange Guineas for Sovereigns? Warspite may not have the best AA, but at least I would play it. DD's I play rarely and when I do, I'm not very enthusiastic. Like other players, I got the impression that we will have the opportunity to earn Sovereigns for a longer time than ONE update. The latest news say that Sovereigns will NOT be earned beyond update 0.7.10. However, I guess it' not that hard to introduce an automatic calculator for conversion, since one is already in use for Steel/Coal resources. Thank you.
  10. thunder3oo

    Available for clan battles

    As a matter of fact, you CAN have good results in battles without voice comm. My experience says that. Got more than 43k battles in WoT and 15k in WoW's. I know what I'm saying. So... there's no reason to keep talking to you, it's a waste of time. You're hard-headed.
  11. thunder3oo

    Available for clan battles

    Well, it's your right to have an opinion. However, dumb? How quick are some of you to judge people. You must be the smart one. Right?
  12. thunder3oo

    [WTF?NO!] "We Truly Follow No Orders" recruits!

    I'm interested to join you, if you play clan battles. I don't have a headset, my PC is pretty old (not a good idea to couple WoW's and a communication program), also voices can be distracting for me. If you can accept me without discord, I could join in two days (just left a clan).
  13. thunder3oo

    Available for clan battles

    Well, I know you're right. Also... I have an old PC (WoW's is working with most settings at "low" or "very low"), no headset, no mic (no reason to invest in something like that if I'm not using it. While voice communication is important for some, it makes me tired and distracts me from the game. More than that, I remember being in some clans in WoT... Man... some kid was singing/mumbling something, someone's little child was making noises, crying and so on. Very distracting Something I saw in some clan pages could work (considering everybody is mature) - to use a communication program without using a mic, just listening the other players. On the other hand... let's be serious, this is not WoT, where you have to react promptly every second considering the distances shells travel, places enemy appears on the map. There is time to react in WoW's, time to chat even. My opinion. Thank you for replying, NightHawk ;)
  14. thunder3oo

    Available for clan battles

    "Don't move in straight line" someone said ;) A simple point on map can alert the one who's there that something nasty is happening (torps, for example). Chad Pearson? Don't know the guy, but he nailed the idea I (also) had pretty well. So he worth mentioning.
  15. thunder3oo

    Available for clan battles

    Hello. I'm looking for a clan (preferable mature members who don't freeze when they see someone swearing in chat). I'm interested in gathering resources (coal&steel that can be obtained by participating in clan battles). Aaand... I don't use any voice communication programs. As some of you know, statistics mean something, but also they mean nothing, since a lot of random battles are played in a chaotic fashion by many players (unfortunately). https://worldofwarships.eu/en/community/accounts/505107199-thunder3oo/!/pvp/overview/ I just left a clan (they don't do clan battles there), so I'll be available for applying/accepting clan stuff 3 days from now.