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  1. After playing WoT and WoWarplanes, plus being here since November 2014, i expected for x2 for the first victory by the release of the game. Whats that x1,5 for? Its pathetic. Who's idea was?? I mean you think we get so many xp's and get fast up to t10's and you thought ok, lets put a brake? For Gods sake, you guys are destroying your games by your own.
  2. tsekboy

    In what way are you related to (Navy) ships?

    My grand father served at the ship i have for avatar before and during WW2, it is the Greek Heavy Cruiser Averof. These days a floating museum people can visit.
  3. tsekboy

    The battle of Dogger Bank

    Good job mate!! It was perfect with my cup of coffee! Keep it up!!!
  4. tsekboy

    Try ship you don't have

    There is no point to that..By doing this, WG will waste resources, and you dont have to like everything they have put on the grind. Each one of us has came up with something he didnt like, but we overcame it. Like it or not, i think the things should stay as it is..We have to grind.
  5. tsekboy

    The Person Below me (GAME)

    False TPBM woke up one hour ago like i did
  6. tsekboy

    Pre 1922 French cruiser projects

    Wow that was good..