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  1. Maloghigno

    Torpedoes - Proportions - New contents

    Userext, I take your point and I'll try to look at the ships proportions with this perspective. About torpedoes pointing system... have you ever seen silenthunteronline ? When you point your target, you see a black path on the sea, and a shape where the target is going to be at the time of the impact. By the way, there are several ways to improve the torpedoes aiming system, I'm just saying that in my opinion the current one is too much arcade .
  2. Some days ago I was responding the wargaming survey. I like the game etc etc... BUT I wrote three hints: 1) improve the torpedoes' pointing system (in my opinion it's too much "arcade"... I have in my mind something similar to Silent Hunter) 2) I think there is something to do regarding the proportions of the ships (i.e. in the game the destroyers length is the same as the battleships) 3) I do not understand why they are releasing contents such the Royal Navy (the biggest and famous fleet), the Kriegsmarine (yes, cruisers are coming, but cruisers only) or the Italian Fleet (the GB opponent in the Mediterranean sea) so slowly. I hate to flame, but I never heard nothing about any impact of the russian fleet in the WWII... nor wikipedia is helping me... yes, on the other hand I understand their market needs.
  3. Maloghigno

    Fan made Italian tech tree

    Thanks! ...but the next phrase says: "But if there is a class that dominates the seas, it's this one" ;) How many "Italian fleet" fans there are here? Do you have an hashtag to claim our fleet spamming it everywhere?
  4. Maloghigno

    Talk about German Tech tree

    Regarding the german battleships tree... it could be that we will find the Deutschland class at tier VI and Scharnhorst at tier VII ? They didn't pick the Deutschland as battlecruiser ... may be they see it as pocket-battleship...
  5. Maloghigno

    Fan made Italian tech tree

    GOOD JOB GUYS! We look at your job here, and we don't give up! We want the italian fleet! ( For italian speaking guys, we made a little guide to shell types... hope you enjoy it! http://oostyle.net/l/wws )