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  1. stormguard

    Raward track/Season pass

    A lot of games have reward tracks/season pass. For those that don't know it's basicly a graphical "progress bar". The more xp you gain the more you level up on the bar and get certain rewards at every level gained. Usually there are some rewards you get for free and if you buy a pass you get some premium awards. I think this could be fun and it's a way of monetizing outside of the box mechanic. Free rewards could more focused on utility rewards such as premium time/flags/camos and the pass rewards could be more like perma camos/legendary upgrades. If you finish the track end rewards could be commander of choice or t8 prem of choice or something like that. Thoughts? WG obv need to make money somehow so can we please discuss instead of just saying I wont give WG my money ty :)
  2. stormguard

    New NA community manager

    Let's all welcome the new NA community manager! Apart from the fact that he supports ACAB (All Cops Are Bastards acronym) and hasn't played WoW's before he got hired he seems like a great guy for the job.
  3. Is there any updates on the API for devs? It's very hard for community devs to develop different fanservices when this is not being updated. I.e @Wiochi who runs https://wows-numbers.com/ can't add subs/ranked/cb data to his site cause of this. This is people who work for free to create value for the community and I wish WG gave them more support. Cheers,
  4. stormguard

    Suggestions thread

    - New campaigns - New maps (map vetos) - WoWs API updates for developers - Camos sortable by biggest bonus - Automatic recall of commanders - Ability to hide ships in carousell - More flexibility in commander skills, not much variation in builds atm - Demounting available for credits
  5. stormguard

    General Submarines related discussions

    https://clips.twitch.tv/FancyHyperPieUnSane-2xwDteBm_AjaRsKl why do the nonhoming torps curve?
  6. please remove the starimmunity for topplayer on loosing team. add an extra star to topplayer on winning team (this should preferably be done by teamvote since highest xp doesnt mean best player, you cant vote for yourself obv). loosing/passive play should never be encouraged. it's totally stupid that the guy who sits at redline all game and doesnt try to make any form of plays or work with the team should be rewarded. i understand that sniping is a thing but it should be done with a brain not just farming dmg. merry shipmas
  7. The game apprently can't handle render the German bc secondaries sometimes. My hp just starting going down, thought it was a fire bug but it was P.H secondaries hitting me over a wall. There should be atleast some shell tracers! I persume this is a limition within the engine? Is there a new engine planned for the future? I know there are several other limitions caused by old engine i.e maps, ports, animations and live crew actions on ships. (you can read more in the art q&a on discord). There is an old unpublished video from the Russian WoWs VK page showing some terrain destruction. Would be cool with some of the terrain being destructable. This video is almost 3 years old! Surely we have the technology now. Also a crew animation that is 5 years old!
  8. stormguard

    Suggestions thread

    New Azur Lane collab please French heavy cruiser Algérie art <3
  9. stormguard

    Captain’s Holiday Tree—Collect All the Gifts!

    How do we track the progress? Is it automaticly? Hard to know what you have done then and what is your current record and if it was actually recorded
  10. would be great if you could discount the shiptree thats the montly smackdown ship with xp and credits. kinda hard to participate when you don't have the ship...
  11. stormguard

    New Campaign

    I really enjoyed doing the campaigns. Also think that most of the rewards was good especially the supercontainers from the Hit hard and fast campaign. Is there any plans for a new campaign? What rewards would you guys/girls like to see in a new campaign?
  12. So I just played two games in my Ägir. First game I played totally selfish and just sat in the back sniping and we lost (finished 2nd on team). 2nd game I pushed into a cap, carefully trying to angle on my way in using teamplay with a dd who smoked. Then I held the cap for the team and prevented enemy team from pushing in mostly due to the treat of my torps. Meanwhile I was getting sidetorped by a Gearing so I had to constantly dodge. Barely did any dmg since I was mostly blindfiring the Gearing in the smoke. We won. (finished 2nd to last) I think with todays technology we should be able to reward teamplay and taking risks better. If you tank alot of dmg in proximity to an objective you should be awarded more xp. Another way is using shiproles. If you play a brawler BB i.e Kremlin you get higher xp for tanking dmg than lets say a Des Moines. Also higher xp from your own spotting dmg and lower if not (your not taking any risk by sniping at 25k with a Yamato). What do you guys think? What do you think about the meta? Personally I would like if WG did more balance changes so we could have different metas where different ships is played instead of the usual suspects.
  13. stormguard

    Holiday Lottery 2021 - Try your luck !

    I would like to join the Holiday lottery. Good luck everyone and happy holidays!
  14. stormguard

    Have submarines become irrelevant?

    here is a game where i was permashooting on an isolated bb (gk). 44k dmg and finished 2nd to last. i sailed straight into middle and shot him all game. ive honestly no idea wtf the homing torps was doing some of the time since he wasnt dcping my pings, felt like they just circled him sometimes, guess a slow bb can dodge them aswell. the gk basicly just ignored me and used his dcp to stop my floods. and he almost got as much xp as i got, pretty dumb... if your playing a ship with 0 utility as the sub has, the avg dmg numbers must be higher. ive seen several players with over 100 sub battles and they avg 20k dmg on t10 subs. either adjust the sonar so pings last longer and reveals the ships for allies for spotting (more utility) or adjust other factors to increase avg dmg. surface speed and air capacity increase is a start. it took half the game just to sail into middle, pretty dumb aswell. at the moment there is 0 reason to play subs when you deal the lowest avg dmg out of all the ships types while having 0 utility making it hard to gain xp. imo they should be able to punish ships that are out of position super hard and struggle vs ships that use teamplay. if they had more shipspeed and torps hit harder they would become a natural enemy to CVs which also fits very thematicly and in line with Wargamings "realism" policy :)
  15. stormguard

    Yolo Emilio AA nerfed HARD