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  1. stormguard

    I had enough!

    This game can be frustrating at times. There are no cv's or subs in clan battles. Feel free to pm me or join our Discord if you would like to have a go: https://discord.gg/aZrAW8gS Also no subs in ranked and you will get matched more evenly in tiers. Ofc if you are not enjoying the game atm one should not play. Nothing wrong with taking a break then.
  2. stormguard

    Holiday Lottery 2022 - Try your luck !

    I would like to join. Merry Shipmas captains & captainesses!
  3. stormguard

    Suggestions thread

    several clans are struggling with getting enough people for cbs. (we are one and I noticed this while mercing aswell.) I can see that lower ranked people get turned off by just loosing games and not earning anything since it requires you to win. change it so that you earn steel from cbs every second win just like ranked. if you play 3 games you also get one steel portion no matter if win or loose. also maybe add a ship exclusive to clan battles that can be exchanged for tokens or something that hypes people up. I know the "just get better" argument but if these people don't play cbs in the first place I doubt they will get much better anyway xd
  4. stormguard

    Clan Battles: Barracuda Season

    please increase clan sizes. we are a 50 ppl clan. everyone is active. we are casual so not everyone wanna play cbs. feels kinda bad if you have to kick ppl just to get enough for cbs. have tried recruiting ppl ingame channels, forums and discord.... it's not really easy to rotate people out either since some then never comes back both to game and clan... also please add some kindoff signup mechanic so you can get a grasp of how many will show up.
  5. stormguard

    [CFCUK] - Recruiting CB players

    hmm, I made the text bigger and paragraphed it. not sure if it should be written in more simple english it's already pretty simple :) just ask if you wonder about anything specific. apparently the text was white in the default theme. changed it to limegreen so it works in both default and dark theme 🤣
  6. stormguard

    Ranked - Leaderboards #MakeRankedGreatAgain

    Yea I agree with this aswell. The problem with divs though is that if you make a tripple unicum div you will basicly not loose games i've seen Penta divs get 94%+ WR sessions XD. Also this will lead to pure boosting of some players. Also messes with a potentional leaderboard. You would need to make two separate ranked queues which I don't think we have the playernumbers for atm. Could technically allow it in the lower divisions I guess.
  7. stormguard

    Ranked - Leaderboards #MakeRankedGreatAgain

    I agree the current xp system needs to be adjusted aswell. My change was aimed to try and filter out some people getting "carried" into gold. For gold we probably should keep the +1 for the last finish exp player aswell . With a full MMR system xp won't matter and we won't have stars. I was kinda thinking how to improve it in the shortterm before we get MMR in place. In the end the star mechanic isn't the most important here since good players will win anyway and earn stars it's more about who else earns it and at what rate.
  8. sidenote: Next ranked season star saving is back. Gold ranked is in a pretty terrible state atm. Some people are semiafk (they will cap one circle or shot one volley to avoid detection), some are memeing in shitty ships with trollbuilds. Because of supershits which acts as force multipliers if you get a carried potatoe vs a unicum in those supers game is pretty much over. This leads to very onesided victories in a lot of games it also doesn't feel rewarding when you win. Ranked have been crap for a while and there is a reason a lot of top players and CC's don't play it and many people complain. They preferred the old system which was more skillbased. (I didn't play the old system so if someone wanna clarify go ahead.) I feel like WG is missing the mark with ranked and not utilizing it's potentional. To me ranked should be a competetive mode for soloplay not the fiesta we have now. Some proposed adjustments: Stars: +2 stars to the top two players in exp in winning team. 0 star to lowest exp in winning team. +1 to the rest in winning team. -1 star to all on loosing team. (This encourges active play and will promote the best players faster.) MMR: Introduce an MMR system so we can have proper skillbased matchmaking. (many matches in gold are super onesided and weather you win or loose feels very unrewarding.) Leaderboard/rewards: Introduce a leaderboard where you can see top players in ranked. Increase the rewards for reaching rank 1. (with MMR introduced games will be closer and hopefully there will be more to play for so people just dont meme around.) Supers/CV's: These rules should be similar to the ones used for CB's/tournaments in my opinion. If they aren't allowed in other competetive modes they shouldn't be in ranked either. #MakeRankedGreatAgain
  9. stormguard

    Collectors Emblems

    I have the same issue. Opened a ticket with support.
  10. stormguard

    Mouse goes out of game window

    Set the ingame graphic setting to "Fullscreen". If you have it on fullscreen try changing it to Windowed. Mouse lock only works in battle and not in port. You can also force mouselock in Windows: Right-click on your desktop and select “Display settings.” Go to screen resolution settings to see the alignment of your monitors. Choose where you want to lock the mouse. Click on the monitor you want to lock your mouse in and drag it higher or lower, so it stands diagonally.
  11. stormguard

    Download stops midway.

    If you can't even download the checkup program it sounds more like an ISP issue to me. Have you tried downloading things not related to WG? Also probably should try download with a cable instead of Wi-Fi. All info should be in this article how to proceed: https://eu.wargaming.net/support/en/products/wows/category/25306/#category_25799
  12. stormguard

    Collector's Club Launch

    why am I not getting the collector emblem? have had over 100 ships for a while now. played games after I got it. I even get the option to get festive rewards from 2 ships at once.
  13. stormguard

    Matchmaker Discussion Thread & MM Balance

    please add skillbased matchmaking to ranked. the technology is already there as it is used in brawls (to a lower extent). also a leaderboard for ranked would be cool. #MakeRankedGreatAgain
  14. stormguard

    I'm so tired of losing...

    this is why we need skillbased mmr matchmaking in ranked. randoms will always be a cesspool nothing will change ever.