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  1. M4R4Z

    Limit "Light Cruiser" DD's please

    Problem is when even Shimakaze guys think they are tactical geniuses, go flanking and refuse to fight for the cap.
  2. M4R4Z

    Italian cruisers are intentionally that bad?

    I tried Zara, and SAP against BBs is erratic. I got a 10K dmg salvo against a broadside FdG, some 6.5 - 7K dmg salvoes on a bow tanking Musashi, then a couple of 0 dmg salvoes against a broadsiding Soyuz (then I switched to AP and got one overpen!). The ship seems not bad, though I do not feel her as good as Schors or Yorck. But, with only 12 battles, I am still adapting to the gameplay and understanding the best use of smoke (smoke plus a plane is a very good combination). Genova feels rather weak, as a comparison Exeter is a monster. They will not change the reload I am afraid (it's balanced with Furutaka and Exeter who have only 6 guns), they might add smoke or hydro and perhaps some speed. But it's still possible to get some good games when not bottom tier (max damage I got is 70K with 2 kills).
  3. M4R4Z

    Next free XP ship?

    Thanks for replies. I got Alaska by free XP already. But I had missed Friesland (thought it was a coal or steel ship), yet I do not like that type of gameplay (I likeDDs with low detection like Japanese and British). Coal-wise, I do not like Smolensk gameplay, I could perhaps get Thunderer (instead of Yoshino) and get Azuma for free XP.... well, I have still a week or more to decide :)
  4. M4R4Z

    Next free XP ship?

    Hi, I am close to one million free XP, but Azuma seems to be an underwhelming ship (moreover I will probably get her bigger sister, Yoshino, as a coal ship). I have got all other available Free XP ships. Are there any rumours about other free XP ships to be available within some months? Thanks
  5. M4R4Z

    Arizona or W. Virginia 1941 ?

    Arizona. My first salvo with Arizona was a devastating strike, and that first match was a kraken :) West Virginia '41 overpens everything. At some time, in one of my first matches, I was so frustrated that I switched to HE, and at that point I got eventually a HE citadel (against a British cruiser) !! I got Wv '41 in the tier 6 premium container, what a bad gift it was.
  6. M4R4Z

    Frozen bots in Aegis

    I just played one of these operations now, all went normally during the battle, but at the end the score was not displayed, no XP was awarded and the ship became immediately available for a new operations battle. Just like I had not played that battle. Annoying.
  7. M4R4Z

    Research Bureau - Exp go to T1 ship and then???

    Well, XP sitting on an elite ship of whichever tier is already useless, unless you want to spend money. WG simply moves it to one ship to another.
  8. M4R4Z

    Join Battle bug

    Now I am connected
  9. M4R4Z

    Join Battle bug

    I still cannot login.
  10. M4R4Z

    Join Battle bug