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  1. Great mod, thanks!
  2. Tier IV was unplayable due to CV infestation even before this new BB came. I played one battle, went well (high caliber and two kills) now this ship will sit in port like my beloved Ishizuchi.
  3. M4R4Z

    Dead Eye

    Of course you are right, also, the skill works even if the enemy is 100m out of your concealment range, you don't need to be 20km away. Now please explain that to former SE Yamato players...
  4. M4R4Z

    Why no GUI indicators for active new skills?

    Might be an idea for a mod...
  5. OK, I understand. But it's just few clicks, and as a bonus you can see the effect/relevance of chosen skill on that ship's stat while setting the skill (before confirmation).
  6. I do not see that as a problem... why would you want to set the skill for a ship class you do not own? I like the fact you can see the effect of a skill on ship stats before confirming it. And the fact you can recall on a ship the last captain used. And that you can see captains in reserve and in other ships at the same time. The problems of this skill rework are others (*), and more serious... but the GUI is good, IMHO. Much more appealing than before. (*) outrageous amount of XP needed for last two skills nerf of secondaries for some BBs no more secondary skills for battlecruisers skill that promotes BB camping (DeadEye) no more survivability skills for cruisers some skills work like before, but are more costly ...
  7. M4R4Z

    Dead Eye

    I do not think WG wanted this type of sniping gameplay. They want quick battles where everyone brawls, battles that come to a quick end, because this way their servers are loaded less for each battle, but the amount of credits, flags, camos, etc. consumed are anyway the same. I believe they simply did not understand what they were doing with these skills. Which is much worse.
  8. M4R4Z

    Best playing day ever

    I have lots of 19 points captains, I used them to play not only top tiers but also other tech tree ships I liked (Fuso, Helena, Cleveland, Bismarck, Zara) but this is now a luxury WG does not allow us anymore. I only have free captain XP to bring 4 of them to 21 points, so not even one per nation. This including free Xp obtained dismissing unused captains (about 16 million credits for that, no doubloons). So I will play mostly premiums with these four captains, while 19 pointers will mostly remain in port while free XP is slowly being grinded for them Thanks WG!!!!
  9. Ehm, let me think about it ........
  10. M4R4Z

    DevBlog stupid changes

    In other words, "We'll use players as guinea pigs for our live tests",
  11. M4R4Z

    DevBlog stupid changes

    As I did when the carrier rework came, I will probably stop playing for some months and just come on the forum to enjoy the mayhem caused by WG trying to fix things that are already working and to ruin their own game.
  12. M4R4Z


    Will the Captain REEEwork have a big impact at this tier? How many players do have a 19-points captain at tier 6? Guys, I often see tier 6 to 8 destroyers without Last Stand... either they have a 2-point captain at tier 8, or they have no idea about how to set captain skills... in both cases, captain rework will have no impact on these players. Anyway, Molotov is good, hard hitting guns with good AP, and works well in Operations. Can be blapped by BBs like any other tier 6 cruiser.
  13. M4R4Z

    Devastating Strike Broken?

    Perhaps you had hit him before in the battle, and nobody else had hit him later, before you killed him. Once, few weeks ago, I got a devastating strike for hitting a < 1000 hp cruiser. But some minutes before I had hit the same cruiser for a large chunk of HP, and nobody else had hit him after before I gave him the final blow.
  14. Hi all, I looked at the spreadsheet describing upcoming new skills, and about the skill "Straight-A Artillerist" it says: "Reduces the main battery reload time when an enemy is detected within the base detectability range of a ship". Is "Base detectability range" the range before considering ship concealment module and captain's concealment skill? Or does it mean the detectability range before firing the guns? Thanks
  15. You mean, they are OP because you can take a nap between one salvo and another?