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  1. M4R4Z

    Mid tier RN CAs are unplayable - help!

    Devonshire is very good. My avg. damage in her is 59K, much higher than in my Trento. I had a couple of 100k dmg games in her. Range does not feel short after having played Italian cruisers. Yes it can be obliterated by BB salvo, but which cruiser cannot? Having a heal is a huge bonus. Hawkins looked OKish but a bit slow when turning. Cannot tell about upper tiers.
  2. And then who would freexp the new European tree with super fast torpedoes and, guess what, 1.8 km detection?
  3. M4R4Z

    Here we go again

  4. M4R4Z

    Venezia current state and legendary upgrade

    Probably many players have given up grinding the Italian tree, so only the most skilled and dedicated players have got it and are actually playing it. It's not an easy ship. With Sansonetti it's a strong ship, does not seem OP to me though, I have slightly better damage with Hindenburg (mostly played pre-buff and with a generic captain).
  5. M4R4Z

    Giulio Cesare

    BTW, it's Giulio Cesare, the ship is named after a great Roman general and political leader.
  6. I think we should have all operations back. It's a very nice game mode.
  7. M4R4Z

    Tips on playing the Emile Bertin

    Learn how to kite BBs, i.e. shooting at them while running away at medium speed, showing your stern, turning and changing speed. When you spot a BB that is in range, if you are not spotted yet, do not shoot immediately. Go a bit closer, start turning away and when you are at half the turn or more, shoot. Then start kiting as explained above. Most cruiser players start shooting when they are still closing range, so sooner or later they have to turn and show their broadside, and risk taking some citadel hits. Use the Priority Target skill, so you can know how many ships are targeting you. If it's just one BB, it's easy timing your shots, so that you can turn and show a bit of your broadside andshoot your front guns when she is reloaidng her guns. Be a bit cautious at the start, when there are many enemies that can obliterate you. Cruiser tend to shine in the latest part of the battle. EDIT: also, do not play tier 5 until you have at least 400-500 battles at lower tiers. Play all classes (except maybe CV) so you learn the pros and cons of each class and you can fight them better.
  8. M4R4Z

    Port UI becoming unresponsive

    ALT+TAB solves the issue for me.
  9. M4R4Z

    ★World of Coldwarships☆

    Did WG ever say "there will be no missiles in WOWs" ?
  10. M4R4Z

    Huge DD nerf might be coming for patch 0.9.1

    Because it would have affected then new DD line whicìch has superfast torpedoes with just 1.8 km detection range. Yes, the DD line that many players will freeexp spending a lot of $$$.
  11. M4R4Z

    Official WG guide seems ever so slightly off

    I just jump in, sorry... so what could be a good guide (on youtube or elsewhere) to learn playing CVs? I am not a CV player (either now or before reee-work), but I got Ark Royal in some container and could use her in Operations. Thanks
  12. M4R4Z

    Huge DD nerf might be coming for patch 0.9.1

    So the Italian torpedoes will be ridicolously useless... with their slow speed and 1.8km detection range, the enemy player will have enough time to get a cup of coffee before he starts thinking how to avoid them. Although not the main weapon of these ships, for me torpedoes are an important part of the damage I do (roughly one torpedo hit per game on average, I think). Well, perhaps time to take another long break from WoWS has come.
  13. No Aslain's ship icons in the modpack ?
  14. M4R4Z

    To give away: A CLAN!

    Good luck with your medical treatment !
  15. M4R4Z

    Huge DD nerf might be coming for patch 0.9.1

    Upgrades rework? WG often wants to fix what does not need to be fixed. And has a tendency to ruin its own games by doing so (see the current state of WoT).