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  1. Marducas91

    Anybody else hard time sniping petro - resolved

    Tbh i'm having no issues citadelling petros in my Venezia at 12km or so Not playing bbs that much but it being so low in the water means plunging fire is more effective than faster shells
  2. Marducas91

    CV: Always blamed for the loss of a game

    Tbh games can be lost and won only thx to players of which anyone has its on class in which does better (yeah i suck in carriers) Every class has its own impact but if u think of cvs...well...how can i put it... They can scout better than dds can dealing dmg, AP bombers anyone? The only thing they can't do is tanking but for some reason they are immune to fires and flooding Not to talk about doing all this by being in the safety of distance. Sure a bad dd dying in the first minutes of the game is a burden but a cv that sucks for the entire part of the match is an even bigger pain
  3. Marducas91

    Italian Cruisers - One Month On (and a bit)

    Got to play the zara before the release ans I kinda liked it and I was performing quite well. When the line got released i bad enogh so to get the brindisi right away. Struggle as hell in that ship , not dmg wise but all the rest just sucked for me...guns seemed to be cursed. Broadside dds at 9 km one hit and nothing more. Dds on the team refusing to contest caps even if i was right behind them to blap the enemy ones (useless to say that this kind of playstyle got me blapped more than once) Last night i unlocked the Venezia and oh boy that thing is Made for me! Only 2 games, one with 6 kills and 180+k dmg the second one 4 kills and 160k The line is very hit or miss and not potato friendly. Easy to kill, smoke firing penalty is quite huge for dedicated dd hunters cruisers , gun arcs is not like american one so no Island huggin and sap needs to hit the right spot to do the dmg it is supposed to
  4. Marducas91

    Italian cruisers are incomplete

    Well i'm italian and i find it funny but not really enuf to justify a forum post
  5. Marducas91

    Secondary Build German IFHE or DE?

    @killerkeks5507 Get the legendary and the Real fun begins
  6. Marducas91

    Rentals in ranked - discussion thread

    The thing is I Think noone hates the players with rental but the fact that those players do not listen to people that know a lot more than them and than proceed to insult or just do their utmost do screw things up for the teams that have them in it is what makes people rather pissed off... not all players with rental ships are bad, hell i have even had some of those guys that were far better than regular t10 players but the fact that those ships come with huge disadvantages such as no Camo and a good captain and than usually those who use them do not know anything about how to sail such ships makes the team with them in it weaker even before the start of the match and in a competitive game mode this should not be allowed Not saying that there should be a skill base mm but neither an unbalanced way of putting those rentals in teams They should be mirrored in numbers and ship types (i can live with a rental bb but not with a dd )
  7. Marducas91

    Secondary Build German IFHE or DE?

    Yes u would Just switch out DE for SI Both are 3 points skill And u can keep ifhe
  8. Marducas91

    Secondary Build German IFHE or DE?

    Just use ifhe With the amout of shells they fire fire are almost guaranteed and with the already improved german he pen ù can pen even bbs plating Also i'd use the 3 poits of DE for SI More heal more hydro are more usefull than DE Ù wont be in secondary ranges all the time and having more potential hp is always good
  9. Marducas91

    Ranked Hell

    Sorry double post Cell Phone with low signal Made me post twice
  10. Marducas91

    Ranked Hell

    Ranked hell easily explained: carriers and muppets in rental ships, more so rental dds...how the [edited]can u win games when ù have a rental shima with 20 km torps that has the same conceilment of a full stealth harugumo? Also it doesn't matter if u get 1 solo cap 2 assisted one 2 kills and 74k dmg the skyclicker on the team Will just get more xp than u even if he spent the entire game wasting planes of a damn kreml... This season is going to be even worse than the last one
  11. Hinden reload nerf happened quite before the rework same goes for the zao torps Henry got into the meta due to the presence of stalingrads in cb Than carrier rework happened and hindy aa got a lot worse but its combat ability stayed the same, little exception was the conceilment nerf but that happened to all cruisers
  12. @thiextar I hasn't changed my way to play the hindy and u can look up at my stats They are good Any cruiser being too aggressive is a suicide being it a brawler or not Buffing something that only has one weakpoint and eliminate it Will just make it overperform and than get needed again Ad someone sayd the zao relies on stealth and the cv deny that but u are not asking for a buff to it
  13. @thiextar Yeah obviously, mine was just sarcasm... The only thing that has changed for the hindy after the rework is the aa values Thats the only difference Demanding a buff on anything else rather than the aa is illogical
  14. @thiextar Than ù should be buffing every ship in the game
  15. @thiextar Man be logical Ù cannot have a ship that can be strong in any situation U can't buff a ship because an entire other class is shitting on anything else @Cagliostro_chan that is true