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  1. Marducas91

    Which US Cruiser Line?

    In the current meta dm is the way to go since light cruisers do not really have a place They are both good with differences in play style ofc
  2. No team dmg means people do not need to care for teammates being in front of them ence they will never learn which is a good position to torp and which not. Apply that to the class that depends on torps and positioning to deal dmg and you get dds camping behind BBS and cruisers, dropping torps that will never be a real threat to anyone exept they own ability to l2p
  3. Marducas91

    Christopher Columbo the best Italian BB?

    Its Cristoforo Colombo not christopher columbo...as for the rest its the bb i have the most fun with and i think i have something like 90% win rate in it. It has weaknesses of course, mainly dispersion is trolly as hell and cit is quite vulnerable I also find the handling not to be the best But for me it brings fun, so yeah , a good ship
  4. Marducas91

    WG its time you fix the "shells are landing short" bug

    Yesterday, me in the bourgogne Enemy Yama flat broadside at 9 km...1 shatter rest of the shells went into water. Stopped playing after that...
  5. Marducas91


    I was just referring at the simple +2 /-2 rule. Rest is still a mistery evenfor wg itself
  6. Marducas91


    Tbh after all the years this game has been around the only way to remove fail div is to remove dumb people who still do not understad a simple mechanic as how the mm works...
  7. Marducas91

    Idea for German DD:s - old and new

    @ForlornSailor map was northern lights i think , on the C cap ( the one on the right side starting from south spawn) i entered the cap from the bottom left and parcked nose in close to the island and ad sono as cap got contested i popped hydro The daring entered from behind the island so he was already closer than 6 km to me and when he cleared the turn i was in his hydro range Add to his dpm the dpm of his teammates and i coudn't escape Tried to accelerate and turn out to get away and that exposed me to his teammates fire and i coudn't retaliate with all guns. I might have played it badly but i didn't expect anyone to just charge in all guns blazing.
  8. Marducas91

    Idea for German DD:s - old and new

    @Humorpalanta i got your point but u totally missed the part in which i said "and he can drive them" which ment that the opinion of someone that does not have a true experience is not compareble to the one of someone who actually has it, that was my poit, sorry if u didn't got it
  9. Marducas91

    Idea for German DD:s - old and new

    @fumtu avg dmg can be improved also by surviving longer. Thats where my idea of a heal come from, since giving more gun power without the effective time to use it wont be much of a benefit
  10. Marducas91

    Idea for German DD:s - old and new

    @DFens_666 true that but even the AP dpm with the inproved pen angles to me was enough of a reason not to give daring a heal Also it being the slowest is kinda compensated imho by the built in acc module which in cose combat fights could mean eating a torp or not and also helps a lot in dodging incoming fire.
  11. Marducas91

    Idea for German DD:s - old and new

    @Humorpalanta considering that neither me, Bear or fumtu are bad players you can understand that we are not talking out of our butt and since z52 is my second most played ship i have quote a lot of experience behind what i say @DFens_666 never said his analisis was wrong but saying that daring needs a heal just because its slow is not a "good" arguement @fumtu didn't saw z in your stats thats why i said that but if u say u own them i believe you. i know that giving a heal is a big buff but imho simply giving z more dakka or better pen angles wont help it getting out of the powercreep zone. If not a heal a conceilment buff could work well with the smoke hydro combo since 100 meter difference is not much... I do not want to bring z to daring lvls but giving it a push is not a bad idea
  12. Marducas91

    Idea for German DD:s - old and new

    And someone who has both of them and can actually drive them would be for sure a lot more reliable than u in giving advices about those cars. Get the point now?
  13. Marducas91

    Idea for German DD:s - old and new

    Yeah it plays differently indeed. A dd that can smoke up everywhere and does not have to wait 3 minutes for the next smoke,has the dpm to outgun a z everyday of the week and it is not ment to cap contest as its "main role " needs a heal more than a dd that is supposed to cap contest just because its slower? Come on guys... @Bear__Necessities on the you problem part, man i'm not a potato in this game and u can check it even on my stats and even looking at yours your daring stats are way batter than your z ones. Mine Was just an idea to help a dd that is struggling in almost every aspect to survive longer ence dealing more dmg and so on. @fumtu i respect you as a player but how can u compare 2 ships if u have one game in one and not even own the other?
  14. Marducas91

    Idea for German DD:s - old and new

    Than explain me why a daring has it. Sure hydro is not 6 km but considering the amount of radars around and the true effectiveness of smoke +hydro combo in a cap a heal is not such a big deal I had a daring charging me in that supposed super strong consumables combo and guess what once he reched 3km he just melted me. And good luck torping him while he is nose in shoting u and is running hydro...
  15. Marducas91

    Idea for German DD:s - old and new

    Z52 Was my fav dd than super dmp dds came out...haru full c.e has the same conceilment as u do and double if not more HE dpm. Daring straight up melts u and has a heal...should we really talk about halland and smaland? last one having radar completely denies smoke hydro combo. Torps are outclassed in dmg by everything exept eu dds but their reload is similar and both range and speed are much better. So you end up with a mediocre dd with no real strenght. A possible buff to the old line could be a simple heal So u can trade while trying to contest caps As for the new line haven't played them yet but just looking at stats...well not impressed