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  1. Because: WG: Hmm, we've buffed New York and as Texas is based on the same hull etc we should buff those same stats on Texas to keep them both in line. WoWS Players: Yay! Texas has been buffed! Later.... WG: New York and Texas are slightly overperforming, we should return the stats back to how they were before the last buff. WoES Players: Reeeeeee! I have Texas, you can't change the stats of something we paid real money for! I will sue you and then burn down your house!
  2. SirDixie


    But you didn't pay for the ship the 2nd time. If you'd bought the crate which was specifically advertised as containing the ship then I'd agree with you. But it didn't, so I don't.
  3. SirDixie


    Why would you get doubloons for completing the mission though?
  4. SirDixie

    What Were Your Greatest Gaming Achievements Today ?

    I got my first Kraken. Only tier 4 but it still counts! Looks like dropping downa couple of tiers is paying off.
  5. SirDixie

    What Were Your Greatest Gaming Achievements Today ?

    It's not great by the standards of most of you chaps, and I didn't actually mean to go into a real battle with her just yet. But even so a 2nd place on my first tier 8 game. Obviously got massively carried by the Yamato but it'll do. It won't happen again any time soon, so the rest of you can relax safe in the knowledge I won't be along to bugger up your games
  6. SirDixie

    Santa's gifts are here! Please, share your loot.

    10 x Mega Crates bought on day 1 and 20 big boxes on Saturday. Mutsu was a Super Container (already had Perth/Atlanta).
  7. SirDixie

    Xmas crates nerfed and reward basis has been changed

    Quite possibly the most intelligent thing ever said about WG loot boxes.
  8. SirDixie

    Captain Skills vs Crew Skills

    The WoT skills work for WoT. The WoWS skills work for WoWS. This isn'y just tanks on the water and I don't see what changing the crew skill arrangement would actually bring to the game. Where do you draw the line? All two and a half thousand men on board an Iowa? It works for tanks as it's only small groups.
  9. SirDixie

    Santa's gifts are here! Please, share your loot.

    Don't do it! You won't be happy...
  10. SirDixie

    Santa's gifts are here! Please, share your loot.

    As much as I'd love Belfast I couldn't justify spending that much! But I'm happy for you that you got what you were after, hope it lives up to your dreams If I'm spending that much I'd expect a happy ending as well. Or at least a new GFX card (or a slap round the ear from my wife).
  11. SirDixie

    Santa's gifts are here! Please, share your loot.

    I'm happy with what I got, from 10 mega boxes and the 2 free ones I got Prinz Eugen, T-61 and Dunkerque (free box) plus 12,500 coal and a stack of flags and camo. We can argue whether we're getting value for money, but according to the value that WG assign to things the worst you can do is break even (although most people wouldn't actually buy a lot of the stuff in the boxes). Leaglly it (probably) isn't gambling, but morally is another matter. If I remove the free boxes from the discussion then (from a small sample) I got one ship from every 5 mega boxes, a drop rate which I very much doubt would continue. I'm happy with what I got (although something more Belfast-y would have been preffered over the Eugen..), mostly through getting Eugen which pushed the returns into the "profit" side of things. Personally I don't think I'd get the same return from buying any more boxes and if I'm honest with myself it'd just be in the hope of getting Belfast and I probably wouldn't have bought any of the ships I received. The chance of getting something I actually want (as apposed to being happy to get) is obviously low and I have no plans to spend any more money right now (so stop showing me pictures of Belfast you buggers).
  12. SirDixie

    PSA: Free santa containers

    50x Zulu and a Dunkerque Happy with that
  13. SirDixie

    Santa's gifts are here! Please, share your loot.

    10 Mega Gifts (in 2x 5 bundle) 30 Dragon Flags 5 Asian Lantern Camo 30 Hydra Flags 12,500 Coal (must have been a bad boy) T-61 30 Red Dragon Flag 40 New Year Streamer Camo Prinz Eugen 30 Ouroborous Flags So in terms of ships (according to WG store value) I'm ahead by some distance with the other stuff a nice bonus.
  14. SirDixie


    Pretty much. But we all know how WG loves paper projects
  15. SirDixie

    Holiday Lottery 2018 - Try your luck !

    I would like to join please. Top idea chaps.