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  1. Tilly042

    General CV related discussions.

    As a new player, 3 CVs per game and I can't do anything. Not good for new players. Frustrating, no fun and puts newbies (like me) off. I know WG knows that and doesn't care and they don't like new threads as ignoring just one is much easier.
  2. Tilly042

    Support Tickets

    I'm a newish player and already sent a ticket. I was given 2 in game violations for leaving the game early in a row despite being dead. Player support was essentially said you are lying and must be AFK. Rgr that. They didn't even bother to check. Rubbish but then that's what to expect from a firm like WG.
  3. Tilly042

    Cruiser Advice

    Thats great. Thank you
  4. Tilly042

    Cruiser Advice

    Thank you very much. That's very clear. May I ask, what you would recommend for a newbie as a line. Would BBs be better until I've got a few more games under my belt would you say or just another nation? Thank you again
  5. Tilly042

    Cruiser Advice

    Hi there, I've not played that many games but came back as I couldn't resist getting the Royal Navy Line. Anyway, as a relatively new player, I'm going down the British cruisers line. I've had a few games in the Tier 4 over the weekend and noticed that at whatever distance all I seem to get is 'ricochet, ricochet, ricochet, etc' and clocked up around 40 hits (AP) for less than 7k damage and on at least two occasions, I went from full hp to nothing on one hit! I've watched a couple of Jingles videos and hitting enemy ships isn't the problem but damaging the buggers really is. If I may, what can I do better? Closer? Use Torps more? maintain distance? Like I said, sorry for the seemingly bone question but any advice on playing cruisers would be most welcome.
  6. Tilly042

    Tired of playing game

    I don't understand with 16,000 plus players why it takes 5 mins to enter a battle! It said there were 30+ players in my range and still the clock continues. WOW has about 2 people playing at any one time and 1min 20 is the max you have to wait.
  7. Tilly042

    Will I lose my ships?

    Are you sure? Just kidding.
  8. Tilly042

    say no to racism

    To be brutally honest, none of the names or insults bother me and I just ignore them but maybe that's because I'm just less sensitive than some. A random person name calling is irrelevant not to mention immature so it really isn't worth bothering with in my view. I'm more concerned with the restriction of free speech because everyone is different, with different views and where does any restriction in what you can and can't say end? I would argue that it would be quite a draconian world indeed.
  9. Tilly042

    Team Damage - Penalties enough/not enough

    If I'd got an apology I expect I wouldn't have ranted but I didn't. It was silence from him followed by rant from me followed by being called a **** by him. I no doubt responded to a troll in the heat of the moment.
  10. Tilly042

    Team Damage - Penalties enough/not enough

    I've got to be honest, I had a rant as well so I don't blame you. Sounds like your situation was pretty much the same as mine. I wish I'd bought the Warspite.
  11. Tilly042

    Team Damage - Penalties enough/not enough

    Thank you for the comments. I've played WoT quite a bit but I'm still pretty new to this (up to Tier IV) so learning the ropes. Thank you again, it really is appreciated.
  12. I was in a game earlier in a T3 Battleship (South Carolina) I still had full hp at this point. I was a couple of kms away from an enemy battleship (T5) on my right which I had hit several times. A Murmansk (my team) travelling in the same as me less than 1 km away on my left then launched a full torpedo salvo directly into my side taking virtually all my hp. I then died on my first hit from the enemy team. He must have seen me being so close and because of the view when firing torpedoes. Deliberate (if it wasn't I'd be surprised) or not I was rewarded with just 3111 silver for the team damage for pretty much my whole hp. My question is, is compensation the only punishment you get in this game for team damage or do you risk bans like in WoT? I'm sure mistakes happen but in my view 3111 silver for effectively taking 28000+ hp or thereabouts of 29000 seems insufficient. Clearly XP is also affected as when it happens you can't finish the game. Opinions/comments welcome.