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    History, Drawing, Archery, Photography.
  1. XP1500Monster

    German Alpha-Tester

    It seems like we are gathering some people here, I hope the language-sections comes with closed beta. Or earlier.
  2. XP1500Monster

    Monsters, built of steel. But what kind of steel?

    Pretty much what I had in mind. The Kriegsmarine (and German economy in general) did not have a widow´s cruse (inexhaustible amount) of Molybdenium and other resources used for steel. Though when you think about the battles fought on sea, your ship either sinks or wins. I don´t think the Kriegsmarine would have lost less ships if they would have used better steel - more molybdenium would not have prevented the Bismarck from sinking, for example.
  3. XP1500Monster

    German Alpha-Tester

    The German community in WoT is one of the biggest communities of all; therefore I´m pretty confident. But in order to get it going, we (all future German players) should create topics and discussions in German as soon as possible (when the german forum part is available). If we get a solid start, we can hope on a solid community.
  4. XP1500Monster

    we need hms hood/ pride of the royal navy

    It is still in alpha stage. Currently, only two nations are available for alpha testers, those 2 are Japan and the US. There is no HMS Hood yet, because the Royal Navy/UK isn´t available yet. We just have to be patient. I´m pretty sure it will appear as soon as the UK is playable.
  5. XP1500Monster

    USS Houston found

    Thank you for the share, interesting news!
  6. Hello you guys out there! I enjoy reading of tanks and stuff. One thing with tanks is the quality of the steel. Now, I really love reading about WW 2. Here in Germany, I see some problems with that topic. Some people do not care about the crimes the third reich did, and others try to hide from it. Some do actually care, some are just not interested. I, for my part, think that, in order to prevent such things from happening again, you have to understand what was going on, and (by god) not hide from it. But back to topic: As a guy interested in history, I would like to know more about details from ships that were used in fighting. The quality of the steel is, in my eyes, pretty interesting. Since ships (especially big battleships) weigh a lot, I´m asking myself: "They used steel in big quantities, so what about the quality?" I hope there are some experts here that know something about this. Greetings from Germany
  7. XP1500Monster

    Gameplay Videos

    I think the NDA from alpha and closed beta is much different, less extreme. I was WoWp beta tester, and we did not have to show our passports and stuff, which must be done for WoWs apparently (read that in forum). But I don´t think you are going to see much footage from WoWs until open beta, unless you can get the hands on a bet key. Although, as far as I know, closed beta testers can ask guys from WG if they can show/publish a screenshot or such, and if it gets approved, he is allowed to show it around everywhere.
  8. XP1500Monster

    German Alpha-Tester

    My boss is on the Gamescom, I´m not :( Mein Chef ist auf der Gamescom, ich nicht :( Is that ok? Well I´m just going to post in english and in german in my posts, guess it should be ok.
  9. XP1500Monster

    Yamato function of stern lights?

    I would go with the other guys concerning the yellow one, probably for towing. The other ones could have been a lights to message your allies during towing, like, if something goes really wrong or such. Seen that on some ships, very, very rare though. Unlikely, but possible. Usually, the messaging lights are not just for towing. Maybe just general messaging lights. But if you look at the shapes or versions of the lights, they all look very similar. I think they were all used for the same purpose, but which?
  10. XP1500Monster

    German Alpha-Tester

    Ich bin zwar kein Alpha-Tester, trotzdem möchte ich mich melden. Ich bin Übersetzer für die deutsche Seite www.wg-news.com, wir schreiben/posten generell Sachen über WG und über die Spiele von WG. Mein Chef (EiKarrRamba) ist ein (WoWs) Alpha-Tester. World of Warships taucht mittlerweile mehr und mehr auf, wie die nicht vorhandenen U-Boote es tun würden ^^ Momentan übersetze ich den neuesten Blog-Post ins deutsche. Als Alpha-Tester dürfte der euch relativ wenig interessieren. Falls irgendjemand einen Post übersetzt haben möchte (egal ob Forum oder Blog), schreibt mich einfach an, ich helfe gerne. Grüße aus Nordrhein-Westfalen