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  1. Kleber no smoke, once spotted by several ships your hp drops to 50% instantly that speed won't save your hp, very Bad concealment , awful guns , cannot contest cap , awful AA, Do not make the same mistake avoid this ship at all costs. This French DD tier X is only good at hunting a lone Battleship it might as well be a vulture and a kill stealer picking on weak opponent who have barely any HP left. They are far more superior Destroyers which will contribute 10x more to the team than this shipWTF was WG thinking....... A destroyer with no smoke and bad concealment ...
  2. They couldn't even make something unique this pack is awful, spend your money elsewhere.
  3. For all the newbies do not waste your money buying those packs , the ships are mediocre . And you going to face tierIX and Tier X most the times in random battle. You have been warned, do not waste your hard earned cash
  4. Goktsu

    Update 0.9.4: Soviet Cruisers

    They killing this game slowly this might be the final blow....
  5. Goktsu


    How do you acquire Smolensk cannot see it in the armory anymore?
  6. Goktsu

    Shimakaze Legendary module Junk

    Why does this company screw up everything?
  7. Goktsu

    Shimakaze Legendary module Junk

    i disagree they are lot who are actually worth getting,specifically this one is just bad
  8. Goktsu

    Shimakaze Legendary module Junk

    No sh.ieatt but feels like WG they crapping on IJN line.
  9. Got the legendary upgrade and frankly speaking is the shimakaze not passive enough? -80% traverse speed just feel like this upgrade is actually a handicap I stopped using it its way too penalising, they could have done a better job with the legendary upgrade instead they screwed it up real good....
  10. Goktsu

    Tier battle Random rework

    Perhaps Wargaming does not want to change this matchmaking system ,they purposely want people to feel the need to acquire higher tier ships in order to make more money from them. Its a marketing strategy , put lower tier with higher tier ships so some of those lower tier player feel the need to purchase higher tier ships. Its sad :/
  11. Goktsu

    Tier battle Random rework

    I agree , i feel sorry for some of those new players who are just cannon fodder and who are trying to have fun with their low tier ships only to face enemy ships that are 2 tier higher... I have a feeling wargaming does not listen to its community it's like talking to wall. People talk and wants some type of improvement down the line but instead they met with dead silence.
  12. Was thinking why not class tier battle in this category to avoid having battle where ships are out classed by 2 tier: Tier battle system: I, II III, IV V, VI VII, VIII IX, X I am sure a lot of people realised fast that some of their favored low tier ships became a punching bag when they joined random battle and having to face off ships that are 2 tier higher. Why does Wargaming insist on this type of system which handicaps any low class ships in random battle?
  13. Since i have been playing this game the most enjoyable game mode has been ranked battle. What i liked about it, is the number of players just feels right 7v7 random ranked. I absolutely do not like 12v2 in random battle there is way too many people and it promotes a lot of camping and just people sitting in the back waiting + if you end up with 3 people who are just soloing and playing alone it tends to be an auto loss right off the bat regardless if you good. Also in 12v12 the playstyle changes enormously from 7v7 it's not the same and most ships can be deleted within a couple of seconds. 12v12 way too much radar , way too much fire for , way too much damage overall , in 7v7 you feels like there is breathing room and even if one or two of your team mate are not good you can still make a difference if you good. I wonder why in the near future wargaming does not just release a 7v7 Random battle mode , i am sure it has been suggested before several time during these last years. Another thing will be nice to have the option to map vote , i have had months where a few of the map never came up.
  14. Goktsu

    Steel vs coal

    Indeed i see only minor difference in steel required ships such as unique permanent camouflage with economic and xp bonuses + cheaper repair apart from that nothing else that i could say is advantageous than other ships. I can only assume they require steel due to those 2 things i just mentioned. I wanted a good reason to save steel but the steel required ships are not that particularly spectacular. Perhaps keep the steel for the future.
  15. Goktsu

    Steel vs coal

    I just checked some stuff in regards to steel and coal. Seem coal and steel are primarily used to acquire ships. But why is steel harder to get than coal? Most ship are sold in exchange for coal and only a few sold in exchange for steel. What else could make it that steel is more valuable than coal in this game?