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  1. LoliWolf

    Yukon in the Armory and Premium Shop

    I'm surprised you actually managed to create worse T7 premium Battleship than Duke of York... not to mention have the audacity to charge 10k dubs for it. I congratulate you Wargaming, can 't wait what you come out with next time
  2. LoliWolf

    Yūdachi in the Armory and Premium Shop

    No they shouldn't, for the sake of optimal balance they should be comparable to silver ships, just have better economy and captain training potential. But alas WarGaming and Gaijin both threw this mentality away in their respective games a long time ago as properly balanced premium ships/tanks/vehicles don't make as much money as the ships stronger than others of similar roles or classes. Sometimes tho, WG releases ships like Yudachi and Leone, which are outright worse then the ships of same class and tier. Why I have no idea as its waste of all the man-hours that went into making them...
  3. LoliWolf

    [0.9.6] Modifications folder issue

    You can already say you want everyone to use WoWs ModStation.....
  4. LoliWolf

    The CC problem

    Problem is that average WoWs player is not really (I really don't want to sound like an [edited] but well..) not really good. We've seen the same opinion on player-base take by WG with their: introduction of intelligent bots to CooP which lowered global win rate by more than 20% and removal of said bots introduction of 5 second fires and automatic DMGcon to CVs adding RNG aspect to majority of game-play. unwillingness to introduce slightly more demanding and challenging game mechanics When you said average player to position centrally, he will 9/10 times overextend and die. You can't blame CCs for that. Flolo might be hard on teammates but honestly, who wouldn't be if your team has to win harder, throws a perfect win or just plain ignores everything around them...
  5. LoliWolf

    Armada: Gascogne

    Quick Look GASCOGNE (aka Squishy Frenchman...) Armor Scheme 63 200 hitpoints Gascogne armor can be best described as "DMG pinata with French flavor" She's completely covered with 32mm externals that provides inadequate protection in her match making range. Ship falls apart against anything armed with: IFHE 152mm guns or larger calibers without IFHE IJN 100mm with 1/4 pen German 105mm BB secondary guns (expected to come in next patch based on DevBlog) Her citadel is BIG but is protected with a turtleback and sits slightly above the waterline, broadside in the ship is still ill advised. Why you ask? Great question! !!! Don't let the turtleback fool you, this is a French version not German !!! It can be easily punched through by shells with high penetration! She comes with faster version of repair party that reloads in half the effective time: 60 seconds for non-premium version 40 seconds for premium version This somewhat balances her weak armor scheme. Otherwise she got nice torpedo protection of 32%... Guns Are 380mm with 26 second reload. They rotate in 36 seconds. Shells have little air drag and are fast... Penetration values are nice as the guns are the same as ones used on Richelieu, Alsace and Bourgogne. Problem is with their consistency, for 8 guns in 2 quadruple turrets 28 seconds feels anemic, considering Monarch has 25 seconds on 3 turrets and 9 guns and Germans sisters share 26 seconds reload. The dispersion is nothing to write songs about and firing angles are pretty mediocre... unmasking rear gun forward will make her susceptible to Full Penetrations from any ship (remember, 32mm armor all over) Least rear facing firing angles are better, kiting in this ship is less risky than facing opponents to the front. AA Defense She won't win any awards. She's on par than Roma and Tirpitz, those ships are not any AA monsters. But unlike those two Axis friends, she has effective range of 5.8km. That's all... really. Don't build this ship for AA, it'll be ineffective. Go for Dispersion module instead Maneuverability Here comes the gimmick... She's capable of 32kts but is equipped with speed boost that gives her maximum speed of 36.3 knots (keep in mind equipping Sierra Mike signal) Turning radius is 850 meters. Rudder shift is ticked at 15.3 seconds. CONCEALMENT Stock concealment is 16.74km Minimum concealment is 12.57km Detection from smoke is 15.4km Air detection is 13.775km For battleship her size she's doing pretty good. Conclusion If you like French battleships she's a nice trainer. Can't recommend her for Competitive Gaming, she was never build in steel and has no history behind her. But.. She's an interesting design and if you want to experience Republique at T8, go ahead. For better, more detailed review please visit one made by LWM GASCOGNE
  6. LoliWolf

    Update 0.8.5: Rogue Wave

    If AA is gonna DMG only a single plane how's Plane Heal gonna work? - Will it heal only only one plane? - Immunity to DMG? - Will it now only be usefull if you catch a flak bubble? - What about CVs with small plane reserves? (Saipan for example) Or CVs with low plane hitpoints? (Kaga, GZ for example) TALK WITH US WG!!! We need INFORMATION not a small 218 word paragraph and that's all... GOD DAMN IT Wargaming!....
  7. LoliWolf

    Armada: Georgia

    Only Armada video... maaaan I was hoping for her to get into Naval Legends. You know if Soyuz can, why not Georgia... "They were designed to be the best, they met enemies face to face, endured tragedies and enjoyed victories. They went down in history due to bravery of their crews... they are the ships that deserve to be called "NAVAL LEGENDS"" USS Georgia (sounds nice...)
  8. LoliWolf

    Developer Diaries: Update 0.8.5

    How about take the team that makes these GREAT game modes and place them into "BALANCING" department... 1. Port UI is still absolute crap if you have game on for more than a hour.. 2. Carriers are still a god damn Cancer (And I play CVs, still think they're cancer...) not to mention questionable balancing of T8 premium CVs... 3. Low tier CV hard-cap still wasn't put to 1 and playing T4 ship with no AA against 2 T4 CVs is as enjoyable as fisting my [edited]with sandpaper...
  9. LoliWolf

    Developer Bulletin 0.8.5

    Wouldn't be surprised if they gave out Yahagi for free... That thing is such a dumpster fire a very few people would pay for it...
  10. LoliWolf

    Update 0.8.4: Soviet Battleships!

    So far what I noticed in new Carrier gameplay Dunno why were Graf Zeppelin planes nerfed when only thing those planes had was speed. Torpedo bombers do less DMG than T6 planes, and are as fragile as T6 planes in T8-10MM. Dive bombers now overpen everything they touch. She went from 250kts to 220kts, that's 30kts nerf and with health pool those planes have... Sigh... If you want to nerf spotting fine by me (even tho that wasn't as big of a problem as the fact CVs are still able to Dev Strike DDs with one squad of rocket planes...) priorities... go figure WG. (No to mention AA is still unreliable AF) "NERF" on US Dive Bombers, not only BBs and Cruisers now get chunked by 15k drops, they now get chunked by 30k drops because you made aiming reticle smaller even tho the dispersion of bombs is larger, they now hit everything on large targets and any competent player in game is able to adjust the play-style. Had a nice view on Grose Kurfurst getting blown to pieces by 25k HE drops, great nerf... Well done WG... even if you nerfed all CVs across the board you still buffed the US HE Bombers against larger targets...
  11. LoliWolf

    Armada: Roma

    BATTLESHIP ROMA (aka badly implemented design...) Armor Scheme 65 400 hitpoints Roma armor holds up really well when angled but so does Tirpitz/Bismarck sisters, Lenin and Vladivostok and even Amagi. Where she falls apart is when you show the broadside... The citadel is MASSIVE and extends high above the waterline, any broadside in the ship is ill advised. Also, magazine is modeled as part of the citadel so you get a nice rounded citadel front that is asking to receive massive punishing to any ship that manages to pen 130mm of extended belt armor in front of it (this happened to me multiple times) She also shares the same problem as German BBs with having enough armor to arm AP bombs but not enough to bounce them. Least she got somewhat decent torpedo protection. Guns Are only 380mm with 30 second reload Shells have very little air drag and are really fast... and that makes quite a lot of problems... She OVERPENS everything, shooting cruiser at 15km? Have some overpens (if you manage to hit him at all) She uses same dispersion formula as German ships, and it's horrible with high velocity guns. It's not uncommon to shoot at BB that's 10km away from you and land only a single shell (bonus point if it's an overpen) Not to mention she got only a modest range of 18km. AA Defense Roma won't get any praising points from me in this sector either. Her maximum AA range is 4.6km, that is so pitiful it's laughable. Torpedo bombers can already launch a strike group before they enter your AA range and AP bombers don't give her easy time either. We're talking about reliable AP bomb DMG for any CV player that is against you, she's desperately bad against planes and that holds her back quite a lot in current meta. Least she got enough armor to hold back Rocket planes. Maneuverability She's capable of 30kts Turning radius is 810 meters Rudder shift is ticked at 15.6 seconds Conclusion I wasn't aiming on full review, and I'm not gonna play anything on you. I don't say she is a garbage ship, not at all but in current META full of CV or Double CV games, she's frustrating to play. After 118 battles in Roma I must regretfully say that I don't recommend this ship to anyone who wishes not to tear his hair out after most of the games or novice players. (She's nice to look at tho so she can be use as a port queen...)
  12. Why are Graf Zeppelin renders featuring Stuka aircrafts in the first place? It can be easily categorized as false advertising and that is god damn illegal in most countries....
  13. LoliWolf

    Wichita: Bruiser Cruiser

    Nice AA values... (WG please do a check before advertising your products...)
  14. We're not running 0.8.0 We're running version What you're looking at are stats from old version...
  15. Flint AA (mid range AA) (long range AA) I chose Flint as the ship is specialized AA ship (but at least was until this rework) ...... WG you gotta work on another hotfix ASAP!