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  1. LoliWolf

    Update 0.8.5: Rogue Wave

    If AA is gonna DMG only a single plane how's Plane Heal gonna work? - Will it heal only only one plane? - Immunity to DMG? - Will it now only be usefull if you catch a flak bubble? - What about CVs with small plane reserves? (Saipan for example) Or CVs with low plane hitpoints? (Kaga, GZ for example) TALK WITH US WG!!! We need INFORMATION not a small 218 word paragraph and that's all... GOD DAMN IT Wargaming!....
  2. LoliWolf

    Armada: Georgia

    Only Armada video... maaaan I was hoping for her to get into Naval Legends. You know if Soyuz can, why not Georgia... "They were designed to be the best, they met enemies face to face, endured tragedies and enjoyed victories. They went down in history due to bravery of their crews... they are the ships that deserve to be called "NAVAL LEGENDS"" USS Georgia (sounds nice...)
  3. LoliWolf

    Developer Diaries: Update 0.8.5

    How about take the team that makes these GREAT game modes and place them into "BALANCING" department... 1. Port UI is still absolute crap if you have game on for more than a hour.. 2. Carriers are still a god damn Cancer (And I play CVs, still think they're cancer...) not to mention questionable balancing of T8 premium CVs... 3. Low tier CV hard-cap still wasn't put to 1 and playing T4 ship with no AA against 2 T4 CVs is as enjoyable as fisting my [edited]with sandpaper...