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  1. Viribus Unitis shows her fang :) The end was hairy I failed to pen the Hermes, so had to switch to the further away Coal Ferry and since this lady has "great" AAA she was almost sunk (hence the dreadnought)
  2. I still have 44 even tho I got worse with this new update... I miss the lovely Slingshot :'(
  3. If their ship has a flat deck with aircraft on it I instantly report REEEEEEE!
  4. E4GLEyE

    Flambass playing RTS CVs today!

    a voice of reason on the forums??? Wait, that is illegal!
  5. E4GLEyE

    shooting unspotted targets behind islands?

    I always wonder if "sector lock"ing the guns would help... Never had the opportunity to try. I always forget to do so. It would be neat to have the ability to aim behind an island if the arc of the shells can pass over it.
  6. How to counter CV: -Log in -Buy Friesland for 1 Mil free XP -Build AA (or not, it will still melt them planes like crazy) -park in cap circle -engage AA boost and sector -smile at the fireworks -??? -profit!
  7. E4GLEyE

    Will removing slingshot actually do anything?

    I personally slingshot and it works wonders, to be able to extract 3 planes and send them home before the inevitable melt of the rest is by itself a + and on top of that as my bombers move up and down they evade puffs of flak, and can initiate the actual drop right on target, so more puffs and annoyance to be evaded... Then you land the hit and the rest depends on whether you walked into a trap of a blob or if you are sheering down a singular ship. I would hate to lose it, since I feel it works better to send home that wing instead of sacrificing it to flak (cont or random puff) and thus prevent deplaning my CV in a long game. Its not rocket science, easy to learn actually, and the reward is decent enough to do it. then again, I might be wrong, I am just a casual after all.
  8. When you are top of your team, but still get reported for winning the game with them... YAY CV Life!
  9. Just finished the directive, 10 points remain, but the next "visible" slot is also just BS... not a single boat lol.
  10. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=GWL4GCaiwrM Be like me: >Buy Lenin with 25% discount >Fire your Lenin's first ever AP salvo >Score 5 citadels...
  11. E4GLEyE

    How to lose Karma

    how to lose karma? Hehe pop on as a CV, that will make people, both friend and foe report you left and right... And your karma will nosedive like crazy
  12. E4GLEyE

    Alternative CV treatment

    have to agree, with how ineffective fighters are at intercepting if they are not plopped down well in advance and the enemy CV is not desperate enough to fly into them... They cannot be used to save a DDs or other ships which comes under attack for example. Spotting is yes, at the beginning of the round its wise to fly around exploring enemy positions, unless you bump into a DD and strike his health down... I personally would not change the way they are acquired (CVs) as once you are on T4 CV you face that their playstyle is tho closer to regular ships than in RTS but is still very different from any other ship classes. We can hate on them all day long, CVs are a part, and the best defense against them is to stay in formation and aid DDs with CL and CA. (smolensk loves to melt planes)
  13. E4GLEyE

    Ranked sprint - "any non-cv" vs CV

    played vs CV 2 times in normal boats, first was Irian, got close but obliterated by the time I could cause actual damage (+potatoed my torps when he showed up) the other in my Harekaze... Lets just say that was "fun" Played one in CV beat a GZ in my Shokaku with torps and running around not caring for caps.
  14. 158. Massachussets is my choice. Thank you for hosting a lottery :)
  15. After not playing WoWs since RDR2 got released This Morn ig! I went on... clicked on my lovely Alaska and took it into battle... and this was the result :D (The blurred out stats are 5 citadels and 3 "Defended" ribbons)