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  1. For me it's a single con: Unified accounts. I haven't stayed up to speed on what the status is on that, or what excuses may have been presented to justify it's absence. All I know is that it isn't here, it was indicated from the start that it would, and I am not touching WoWS again until it happens. Not logging into the game. Not buying ships, bundles or "doubloons". Enjoyed the game in alpha. Enjoyed it more in beta. Bought some bundles, with the reasonable expectation that they weren't lying when they said "doubloons" were just placeholders for a future unified gold and account system. I can't be bothered to petition Wargaming for refunds or answers to when it's happening. I know this company well enough by now. The only thing that will get their attention is no further sales and a dwindling playerbase. Hence I won't argue, listen to excuses or humour attemps at justifying anything, but rather just not touch the game out of pure principle. Communication and customer service can't possibly be as hard as this company makes it seem sometimes...
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    Bit painful though. I didn't run into that problem with World of Warplanes. (Did anyone? ) But I can see it becoming an issue with this game. I'll definitely want to play organized Warships, and I doubt my Tanks clan will be focusing on that any time soon. Oh well, deal with that obstacle when I get to it I guess. But I really do hope Wargaming will consider allowing split clan membership at some point, despite the unified account system.