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    New Boo Emblem

    After the sad loss of Jingles dog Boo would anyone support a request to WG for a Mighty Boo Emblem to be included in World of Warships? Little Boo is a legend and will always be the one and only Mighty Boo Guardian of the Salt mines.

    LittleWhiteMouse leaves the CC program

    To little White Mouse and all the other CC's - Thank you for all your hard work and passion in this game. it is insulting how WG treats you and the player base, Your integrity is to be applauded, good luck for the future.

    Cinematic screenshots

    Thanks for the help, sorry no screen, I is an old fart and not sure how to does that. invicta2012 got the picture and answered the question, but thanks again to all

    Cinematic screenshots

    In one of the Cinematic screenshots there looks like a german style cruiser shooting at a British Light cruiser but I can't identify it, can anyone help, please.
  5. I would like to take this opportunity to apologise for any miss understanding I may have caused with my topic "The Battleship Scharnhorst is here". I don't work for WG, I am retired and a ship collector, I don't drink or smoke and live my very sad life next to the computer. I don't go on the forum all that often and had clearly missed the fact that the Scharnhorst was already being play tested. To set the record straight I don't have this ship and only saw it in game. Once again I apologise to the community. Regards to all and continue to have fun playing this great game.

    The Battleship Scharnhorst is here

    Just played a game with the Scharhorst, what a sexy beast she is, WG hats off to you she is great. Cant say anymore too gob-smacked

    It's Release! And we haaave... nothing

    Game Release: nothing to buy Spoilers with only troll face Peps hating Jingles We all like gifts, may be they will come in time for Santa to drop them off. The game is for players to have fun...it is what it is, for good or bad, play it or don't, spend money or don't, just try to enjoy it.

    Drop short

    Thanks for the replies, glad its not just me.

    Drop short

    Don't know if this is a bug or due to changes in game. Since 3.1 often when firing at 10km + my shots are falling short even when I over compensate eg target at 10km lifting firing reticule to max 11.2 km using the Aurora. I don't have the soft-ware or the knowledge to record these events but was hoping someone out there could advise me whether I'm pants at shooting, there is a bug or this is just part of the update. Thanks Tankie
  10. Players want in on the CBT they will do anything they can to get in, I would have done the same myself. Players can be [edited] loosing off torps early or just new, either way its still going to happen, Spamming WG with poor player skill / team kill which is only in your opinion done because they are [edited] or noobs is not going to help. How about swallow your pride and try some helpful advice? The players who should be reported and as often as possible are the one's leaving toxic messages. Finally players seem to forget all progress is going to be wiped and when game is open watch those torps fly Best wishes and good hunting to all

    Space the Final Frontier

    Grimdorf, sir or madam, it was about choice not hating or ranting, In my case and others you had to delete all the space captains before you could play the normal game. Something appeared broken, that was the problem!!! I can play the normal game now and like others am very happy. I never wanted others to stop playing the space mode, I just preferred the normal mode. I feel very honoured to be a Beta tester but am it appears unable to criticise the game. I love World of Warships its the best thing since sliced bread, I do not enjoy World of Starships does that make me a bad beta tester or player?

    Space the Final Frontier

    Its not hate, its the inability to play a beloved game. at present in my case until I deleted the space captains I could only play XXX. If you wish to play that mode enjoy it, its not about stopping fun it's about having fun in a game mode of your choice.

    Space the Final Frontier

    Delete all your space captains seems to work

    Space the Final Frontier

    As a standalone fun game yes nice, but I had to delete all my Space captains to stop being thrown into these games. If you like space enjoy. Again sorry for being old stick in the mud.

    Space the Final Frontier

    Logged in today to find I have entered Star Trek Wars, nice as a add on for one ship but when you cant play any normal games? I know I'm an old stick in the mud and this is a fun weekend. Fun no, I played world of warships (sea and land) because that to me was fun. Sorry to moan but now I'm off to play another game for fun.