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  1. Did it with Arp Kongo. We have to give glory to the fog fleet
  2. that moment whan you notice that Tenryuu's sword resamble her Hull. SO COOL
  3. I'm watching Re:creators from the last season , an anime with high claims but not very good in my opinion. New game for the fanservice , Koi to uso only becouse i like the manga.
  4. nope. as I said it look like a normal anime with cute girls doing cute thing. then the end comes. really nice i watch the next episode now
  5. Just watched Episode 1 here my first impression: Wow a early 20th century anime setting nice!Girls and spy? Oh ok cute girls doing cute thing like gup.....wait WHAT? Mh Touchè...this anime is not bad.
  6. Mh i will give him a try.
  7. Usually i make division with a friend that hate that Poi thing (he hate all the japanese thing) so i spam poi like there is no a tomorrow.
  8. well some foreign ships in the S2 would be nice (Pola Intensifing)
  9. I really miss some quotes like "let's have an amazing party" or "i'll show you the nightmare of solomon" i liked Tiger and Is2 in that game, IS2 is so commie
  10. a suggestion. there are also way to play it free...shhh there is Kitakami if you want
  11. Not a recap, new story! maybe that connect the 2 season (yes in theory there should be a season 2) yes is not a masterpeace. ok is on the Bad side of the VN (i've played some) but have tanks...
  12. Agree, the anime is nice but i prefere this film with some plot other than "fubuki will do her best" Personally I liked the fact that there are some new kanmusu like Tenryuu , Chokai or Aoba and naka ,sendai and jintsu are Kai Ni now.
  13. guys if you are into tanks and stuff like kancolle you must "play" Panzermadels; ok the art style is not very good, the plot is not original but you should play it. ah yes if somone say "is for weebo" or "Edited" yes i completly agree but somethimes you must go deep in the Edited to have a full life This post has been edited by the moderation team due to swearing.