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  1. i really want to see Haruna 1944-1945 config in the game


    (BTW the kongou in game is not kongou, but actually Hiei, in case you didn't know)

    1. Robber_Baron


      It would make for an interesting skin with the striped turrets.

  2. Aircraft carriers are fun :D Just got the T10 Carrier Hakuryu

  3. Ranked T7 isn't fun :/

    1. Fiery_Kathy


      I agree, that's why I didn't bother with this season.

  4. the next ranked season is T7. Im okay with that, but then it says it Epicenter. Which i am not a fan of ,and hate more then the op Forts on bastion

  5. i remember that i hated minekaze, and 1 month ago i started wanting kamikaze. Now that i have kamikaze and she is almost the same as minekaze back in the day, i start asking myself "why did i have a hard time with minekaze. what didnt i like about it?"

  6. I like akizuki. when the T9 for that line comes ill be ready.

  7. I say im alright but im crying on the inside.

  8. So there may be others who have made topics about this but i noticed a lot of people playing World of Warships have watched kantai collection or played the game kancolle (same thing) and or watched Arpeggio of blue steel. So what i wanna know is Who is your favorite ShipGirl from kancolle or Arpeggio of blue steel? You can pick more then one. My favorites are the Kongou sisters 1st: Kongou (Kancolle) <---- waifu. (Im allowed to have one. i know they arent real take it easy) 2nd: Prinz Eugen(Kancolle) 3th: Ark royal (Kancolle) 4th Ajax (Azur lane) 5th Haruna (Kancolle) Laiter added: Suzuya (kancolle) Shoukaku (kancolle) Shimakaze (kancolle) Amatsukaze (kancolle) Hibiki (kancolle)
  9. My Favorite Ship inn World of warships is IJN Kongo and my anime waifu is Kongou (Kantai Collection/Kancolle)

  10. If there is 1 ship i would like to see as a premium ship it would be the Graf Zeppelin

  11. Tirpitz is my Favorite Premium ship.

  12. Yamato is my favorite T10 ship.

  13. Kongo is the Best Low Tier Battleship <3