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  1. i really want to see Haruna 1944-1945 config in the game


    (BTW the kongou in game is not kongou, but actually Hiei, in case you didn't know)

    1. Robber_Baron


      It would make for an interesting skin with the striped turrets.

  2. Now i dont need to be jealous of the NA forum any longer

  3. Aircraft carriers are fun :D Just got the T10 Carrier Hakuryu

  4. Ranked T7 isn't fun :/

    1. Fiery_Kathy


      I agree, that's why I didn't bother with this season.

  5. the next ranked season is T7. Im okay with that, but then it says it Epicenter. Which i am not a fan of ,and hate more then the op Forts on bastion

  6. i remember that i hated minekaze, and 1 month ago i started wanting kamikaze. Now that i have kamikaze and she is almost the same as minekaze back in the day, i start asking myself "why did i have a hard time with minekaze. what didnt i like about it?"

  7. Kancolle_Kongou

    Ocean why.....

    So since Ocean is back i made a poll. i would like to know what people thinks about ocean and that its back for Tier 8- tier 10 this kind of post might be out there somewhere else. if so please link it and close this one. I didnt mind it at first, but over the last days i get it 6-13 times a day. Thats going to far. But feel free to tell me what do you think.
  8. I like akizuki. when the T9 for that line comes ill be ready.

  9. I say im alright but im crying on the inside.

  10. So there may be others who have made topics about this but i noticed a lot of people playing World of Warships have watched kantai collection or played the game kancolle (same thing) and or watched Arpeggio of blue steel. So what i wanna know is Who is your favorite ShipGirl from kancolle or Arpeggio of blue steel? You can pick more then one. My favorites are the Kongou sisters 1st: Kongou (Kancolle) <---- waifu. (Im allowed to have one. i know they arent real take it easy) 2nd: Prinz Eugen(Kancolle) 3th: Ark royal (Kancolle) 4th Ajax (Azur lane) 5th Haruna (Kancolle) Laiter added: Suzuya (kancolle) Shoukaku (kancolle) Shimakaze (kancolle) Amatsukaze (kancolle) Hibiki (kancolle) Zuikaku (kancolle, and azur lane) Akagi (kancolle, and azur lane, and the loli azur lane akagi) Kaga (kancolle) Zara (Kancolle) Have EN and JP azur lane, but mainly use EN, if u feel like adding me on it, im on Lexington server, and name is AdmiralKongou
  11. My Favorite Ship inn World of warships is IJN Kongo and my anime waifu is Kongou (Kantai Collection/Kancolle)

  12. If there is 1 ship i would like to see as a premium ship it would be the Graf Zeppelin

  13. Tirpitz is my Favorite Premium ship.

  14. Yamato is my favorite T10 ship.

  15. Kongo is the Best Low Tier Battleship <3