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  1. Kancolle_Kongou

    Favorite shipgirl (Kancolle,Azur lane, Arpeggio of blue steel,Haifuri)

    i love how even almost 2 years after this post was created, its still active, and when i look for pictures on google, it comes up often xD
  2. Kancolle_Kongou

    Let's Have Fun: What is This?

    my collection of kongou pictures roled up
  3. Kancolle_Kongou

    Favorite shipgirl (Kancolle,Azur lane, Arpeggio of blue steel,Haifuri)

    So much is happening here all the time everytime i check my e-mail most of them are from here
  4. Kancolle_Kongou

    WoWs EU forum discord server

    not much posted to refresh this post lets change that :P
  5. Kancolle_Kongou

    New Moderator in English Section

  6. i really want to see Haruna 1944-1945 config in the game


    (BTW the kongou in game is not kongou, but actually Hiei, in case you didn't know)

    1. Zeg_makker


      It would make for an interesting skin with the striped turrets.

  7. Kancolle_Kongou

    New smoke upcoming changes very bad idea

    you saying we have not done are role good enough? (not intending to be ruid. and i know im kinda twisting the words here )
  8. Kancolle_Kongou

    New ship preview: Monarch

    okay.... now zaffy is just making fun of me
  9. Kancolle_Kongou

    New ship preview: Monarch

    im just here in my sofa reading all of this.....man.....everyone can't get it how they want. You either deal with how WG plans to do stuff and what they think is best, or you make your own game where YOU pick how stuff will be and then have people disagree with you on stuff and want other stuff. (no disrespect to some of you guys wanting other stuff then what WG gives) I for one kinda like that they put some paper ships in too. It makes me think, it makes me want to know how they would have preformed, and what the thinking behind the design was. How would it have looked? what would it be equipped with? (caliber guns, amount of aa, mabye a plane or a few, etc) What im trying to say is, theres to much salt. im sorry if i seem mean, i just a bit anoyed and let it out. Good day
  10. I think you might have meant me mate. i did say it was a cargo ship, but it has guns to fight pirates you did add "re" to my name but you almost made my real life name with that :P (Andreas)
  11. Kancolle_Kongou

    Update 0.6.7 Bug Reports

    1. Description The cruiser Mogami's 5th turret going 360 around it self (155mm) 2. Reproduction steps 1. Enter battle with 155mm guns. 2. target enemy 3. enemy disappers from vision 4. hold RMB down and look around 5. release RMB 3. Result 5th turret starts clipping in to the 4th turret as it is doing a 360 rotation to get back where you were aiming. 4. Expected result The 5th turret stays on Target and doesn't move until you move your aim
  12. Now i dont need to be jealous of the NA forum any longer