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    How come it seems i always get the rubbish team?

    I do understand how the ships play how to angle away etc when i first started i was terrible now i am in a clan and have been for 2 years just about i am learning more every day and at some point i would love to be a great player i guess only time will tell. I will continue to play this game i have got 120 ships at the moment i have got some good player's in the clan i am in and we are doing training together which is helping. Thanks for your reply.
  2. I know i still need to learn more and i am getting better at this game my average damage is going up every day i play it just seems unfair when most of the time i am on the team that have no idea what they are doing.

    I love playing this game and am online every day to try and improve but i must say it can fill like what's the point if most battles are a lose.

  3. Can anyone tell me why it seems i get more battles with player's that have no idea what they are doing in this game. Even player's at tier 10?


    Hi all me and my bro are looking for a team or people to join my team THE BRITISH BULLDOGS. must use headset and speak good English please. Me and my brother are English and play mainly British Ships if your interested then reply here THANK YOU.

    Whats WRONG with people

    When you are the player on portside and leading the push surely the other player should watch what they are doing, I understand it's easy to loss track when firing at a enemy we all do it at some point. I also think there are so many people who play WOWS that don't know how a fleet should operate.

    Whats WRONG with people

    ​Why can't Players watch what there doing as I have just been broadsided by a team player as he was scrapping my hull. It's about time people learned how ships work and how to play them properly. What do you all think?