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  1. Aldramelech

    [POLL] Will you buy the "Premium Battle Pass"?

    I'm trying it, I play a lot so it should be doable but It does look like a bad deal for more casual players with less time.
  2. Because I don't have time to waste pissing about like that
  3. Am I the only one slightly irritated that normal OPs for single players have been taken away? The Halloween game mode should not replace the regular OP's but should be a separate mode of it's own, I for one do not enjoy or want to play it and don't see why I should be deprived of an entire game mode for a whole patch
  4. I haven't lost a game of either yet, so no, not too hard imo. There is a problem with the new format in general however, not being able to know which map your going to get means I often get a game in a ship I wouldn't normally take for that OP and that's frustrating some times. Also there now seems to be little point in taking anything but T8's in, I have managed to play 6's and 7s with success but it's basically like playing random's knowing your always going to be bottom tier.
  5. WG: This is not where I parked my car....... I'm not sure what everyone was expecting but the response is pretty unsurprising and predictably underwhelming What we have here is classic duck and cover, head down the Winchester for a pint and wait for it to blow over
  6. Aldramelech

    Items charged to Paypal without permission

    But there isn't one to cancel, I never bought it. Open a Paypal dispute and watch how quickly WG ban you
  7. Aldramelech

    Items charged to Paypal without permission

    But I never bought it
  8. Aldramelech

    Items charged to Paypal without permission

    Well the 2nd ticket has been answered and again quite quickly, so that's good. A refund has been issued. The wording of the answer to the ticket was strange, but basically this member of the support dept. ended with "The subscription has been cancelled", well gee, thanks very much, as I didn't subscribe in the first place, but while we're on the subject, why didn't that happen the last time? So tbc, lets see what happens on June 30th........
  9. Aldramelech

    Items charged to Paypal without permission

    That does seem like a logical explanation, I am surprised though if that is the case that nothing seems to have been said
  10. Aldramelech

    Items charged to Paypal without permission

    I'm not suggesting that they are doing it deliberately but by they're own admission they do know it's happening, so I would have thought this would be a priority to be fixed, within days, not over a month.
  11. At the end of April I was quite surprised to open my emails and find a receipt from Paypal telling me that £7.01 had been withdrawn from my account for a subscription, 30 days of World of Warships premium account. At no point have I signed up to or asked for any such subscription. My initial thought was "God, have I been hacked or something" I was quite worried. I put in a ticket and to WG's credit it was dealt with quickly, a refund was immediately issued. The explanation included the sentence, "This is a known issue and we are working now to fix this". OK I thought, no harm, no foul. That is until today, again I open my emails only to discover they have done exactly the same thing again...... So, WG are taking money from people's accounts, they know they are doing this and yet I see no warning or announcement. Is anyone else experiencing this?
  12. Aldramelech

    German CV tokens such a joke

    Total joke event..........again. But why is anyone surprised anymore, clearly WG could care less, it appears for every sensible person that instantly sees through these "events" there are ten others screaming "take my money". WG will just continue to do what they do and that won't change till the majority close their wallets and that ain't gonna happen any time soon.
  13. Aldramelech

    Dockyard not loading

    Yep same here, endless loading wheel
  14. Aldramelech

    points gained from your first soviet containers

    Completed the first directive plus the daily shipment one and got 95 tokens........OooooKay won't be bothering with this, I'm not wasting my time on yet another "Early access event" that doesn't grant early access despite completing all the tasks.
  15. Aldramelech

    ‘Operation in progress’ when I try to reset captain skills

    Yep same here too