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  1. Aldramelech

    A small psychological insight for you WG

    I have a personal connection to the Devonshire and I would have liked to have it with the special camo, so please explain to me how I now acquire that for free? Oh that's right, you can't.
  2. Aldramelech

    British Cruisers Part 1 Random bundles

    No more tokens to earn and no ship's at all, every stage completed, every requirement met, a total farce of an event.
  3. Aldramelech

    A small psychological insight for you WG

    No more tokens to earn and not a single ship........... An early access event that grants no access despite fulfilling all conditions............. So not an early access event at all then. No more money for you WG, ever, You've mugged me off for the last time.
  4. Aldramelech

    British Cruisers Part 1 Random bundles

    Well here we are All daily Shipments collected All Daily missions completed All 4 directives completed Not one single ship An "Early Access Event" that does not grant early access despite completing every possible stage and collecting the maximum amount of tokens. Now I'll just wait a min for the inevitable........ person......... to come on and justify this farce of an event. Disgusting.
  5. Aldramelech

    British Cruisers Part 1 Random bundles

    Then frankly there is something wrong with you. The point of the early access event is if you put in the work and complete the tasks assigned you are rewarded with early access, those that do not don't get it. I have completed every stage, done every mission, collected all the possible tokens, if doing so does not get you early access then the event is totally pointless and a waste of time.
  6. Aldramelech

    British Cruisers Part 1 Random bundles

    This is an early access event, the clue is in the bloody title, what is the point of an early access event with no bloody early access???????
  7. Aldramelech

    A small psychological insight for you WG

    Ridiculous stupid event...... Early access with no early access, not much point is there? Anyone want to take a bet that by the end of next week after earning maximum possible tokens I still wont have "early access"?
  8. Aldramelech

    British Cruisers Part 1 Random bundles

    All daily shipments collected All Daily missions to this point completed 3 directives completed, only one left in 7 days Maximum tokens collected to this point And not ONE ship. This is beyond a joke, the whole point of this "event" is early access to British cruisers, not much point to it with NO EARLY ACCESS is there???? This is even worse then the PR event imo.
  9. Aldramelech

    A small psychological insight for you WG

    You can go ahead and drink that with your fanboy cheese
  10. Aldramelech

    A small psychological insight for you WG

    Nothing in this game is free or effortless.
  11. Today I have opened my 12th bundle for tokens and obviously I can see what bundle 13 contains. In 13 bundles not one early access ship. So (speaking personally and for no one else obviously) this is what you have achieved WG. After the disaster of the PR event and feeling mugged off totally I was ready for yet another year long break from this game (and yes I have done that before) but when I saw the RN event I thought no, maybe they've actually learned something, the directives are comfortably possible even with a real life, it shouldn't be too hard to play and get the ships/s a little early, it could be fun so I'll stick with it. I should have known better. Now with every bundle opened I became more determined I wasn't spending a penny, with every milestone and mission completed for no early access (and this is an early access event, not much point with NO access is there?) I become more frustrated and fed up with having my time wasted which in turn just further increases my determination not to give you any money for this event. In fact after today my desire to play the game at all is greatly diminished. Is that the effect you were hoping for? Is that what you really want, to frustrate players to the point they just give up on the game totally? Clearly someone in your organisation is laboring under the impression that trolling players with the token bundles will make them give up and spend to get those ships early, well your very, very wrong. I doubt I'm the only one.
  12. Aldramelech

    Poll: Royal (token) Bundle drop chance

    Just opened number 7 and can see number eight......annnnnnnd NOTHING. Early access? Yeah? This is getting as silly as the bloody PR event. Apparently everyone gets a bloody ship except me judging by the number I'm seeing.
  13. Aldramelech

    New Ship. Australian Bush Fire Appeal

    Meh, if it means anything to you then go ahead and donate some money.
  14. Aldramelech

    Poll: Royal (token) Bundle drop chance

    Just opened the 6th and can see number 7, Oh look surprise surprise still no ship, anyone wanna bet how far I can go without seeing a single one?
  15. Aldramelech

    Spend 1k doubloons for guaranteed UK CA?

    My first bundle contains the T5, and I'm not buying it.