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    You know the guy mugging you? He's me.
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    Appearing in the background on TV

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  1. _DeathWing_

    I really enjoy being shot by 3 invisible ships!

    I had a scary dream last night. I was a peanut.
  2. _DeathWing_

    Azuma, Alaska or Agir?

  3. _DeathWing_

    Just a taste of what is coming >_<

    Ahhh good old memories from alpha testing.
  4. _DeathWing_

    Fun is over, time for a long break

    Send a replay.
  5. _DeathWing_

    Fun is over, time for a long break

    Shooting HE on broadside targets, poor aim, poor positioning, showing broadside to Amagi, typical BB mentality - one fire let's put it out... l2p issue defo.
  6. _DeathWing_

    Pommern - another joke

    You should waste more time to look for stats of the ship than money.