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  1. Jean Bart Flash

    That's North Carolina. No idea... don't give a fu** when the twin brothers pop out with popcorn.
  2. Directive bug?

    Well, when I read it last night (three times cuz I couldn't believe what shenanigans they made there) my face was exactly as that one you put at the end. Basically your team needs to win or you won't get it.
  3. Jean Bart Flash

    Oh I forgot. It's the twin brothers that like popcorn a lot but don't like the new Moskva even though they were asking for that buff Shouldn't consider this as debate. Same advice for you @HMS_Argosax P.S. God help us when they get that tier IX. Don't be on my team.
  4. Musashi Lovers Appreciation Thread

    Regret buying this ship for free exp and that was by spending doubloons. If you have Yamato don't go for her. That is my advice. Better wait for smth better.
  5. LWM Cossack Review

  6. Directive bug?

    Reading issues...
  7. Offtopical Disco

  8. Think she will be available for coal like Salem but far more expensive.
  9. Arms Race feedback

    Still need some balancing to be done here. Last night enemy team had only concealment buffs on their side while we were getting reload boost and heal. Don't even know how we managed to win that match as they had only shima destroyers plus that crazy stealth.
  10. Jean Bart Flash

    It's Richelieu class and I hate Richelieu just because she burns good, gun positioning is shite... Bourgogne is what I would like to see in my port. And no, you can not be aggressive with this ship as you'll be dead before you know you made a huge mistake.
  11. [TO] Total Oblivion - Recruiting

    You may or may not regret this.
  12. Alaska Vs Kronshtadt

    Wow! I was pretty sure that in my port it shows 225 m for horizontal dispersion
  13. Cheating [edited]1000+ players on T1

    That's not cheating, that's seal clubbing Big difference.