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  1. _DeathWing_

    Newport Station Operation - flooded with potatoes

    Did it most of the time even with 5*. Only once failed.
  2. _DeathWing_

    Is Roma worth the buy?

    She's a beast in right hands. Totally recommend her.
  3. _DeathWing_

    Scharnhorst - be aware

    l2p & git gud
  4. _DeathWing_

    Help for Republique

    Sec build lol
  5. _DeathWing_

    Alaska, how to get the best from her

  6. _DeathWing_

    Manual fire control

    Hold on... what?!
  7. _DeathWing_

    What should happen to the Giulio Cesare? - The Complete Poll

    ^This If you want to break your policy/rule WG by nerfing/changing premiums give us our money back. I don't want your [edited] doubloons. Have plenty of them already. If I want them, I'll buy 'em.
  8. _DeathWing_ Hotfix is here

    Slowly starting to play only operations, couple of ranks and co-op games. Until the dust settles a little bit I'll stay away from PvP.
  9. _DeathWing_

    Funny and sad game situations shown with map screenshots.

    The new CV meta
  10. _DeathWing_

    BBH Big Bug Hole

    Problem to be you, yes.
  11. _DeathWing_

    [ poll ] Giulio Cesare, you want her to stay in T5 or move to T6?

    Neither. Why? Cuz I I have her.
  12. _DeathWing_

    burning dubloons without knowing that ( ! )

    Oh, it's that dummy again.
  13. _DeathWing_

    Split IJN BB line at Amagi and add Musashi and A-150 Super Yamato

    And you are not a prophet indeed. You're a necromancer.
  14. _DeathWing_


    You have a sub-forum about battleships.