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    I play bass and guitar. I love cheescake.
  1. darazsbalazs

    premium account disappeared with update

    I do not understand the game included a premium ship (Murmansk) piastres not be considered. I hope there will be some solution. Yesterday I went down to the premium account.
  2. darazsbalazs

    [Screenshots] Epic Omaha game : 4500 xp, 352 hits, 6 kills !

    Nice work! This is similar!
  3. darazsbalazs

    Top kills collection

    Hey!To upload a couple of screenshots of a battle well succeed.
  4. darazsbalazs

    Bad gameplay aircraft carriers.

    Lexington had the CAT in each. Independence is now one of the harbor.
  5. Hey!First of all, I'm glad that there are a lot of new players.However, in recent days sadly found that some of the players are not really good use of aircraft carriers.Bad recipe:1. Buy a Langley2. Leave a buddy, he can pick one up.3. Go on a joint bid Squad.4. As soon as the battle starts, both of you just deal with where to enemy aircraft carrier.5. If you have it all ties torpedo bomber send it to the hostile aircraft carrier and must be sinking!I do not think that the primary goal of this aircraft carriers.Are easy to be taking a lot of damage.However, your team is not very helpful in critical situations.I think the aircraft carriers is very good and exciting fights to fight so that he can enjoy your teammates. (Do not just think about yourself, all members of the team need to win.) I actually do not really bother if it sometimes happens, but recently experienced several times.See you at the seadarazsbalazs
  6. darazsbalazs

    Premium Ships

    I really like the Yubari! Pretty good ship, well you can maneuver it fast, the main armament is quite fast reload and of course also has torpedoes. I found that against the enemy destroyers very effective. Starting today, the name of DD killer
  7. darazsbalazs

    General Cool Pictures - WWII

    Looks like they do not trust the smoke .. (super image)
  8. darazsbalazs

    Dreadnought losses in the First World War

    Yeah, it's a pretty quick fix. ctrl c ctrl v. I wanted to avoid this, but thank you.
  9. darazsbalazs

    Dreadnought losses in the First World War

    Unfortunately, this Hungarian text translated, could not very well, if I have time corrects.
  10. darazsbalazs

    General Cool Pictures - WWII

    The trauma endured incredible how much of the steel structure. Have been made very good technique, good quality, tough steel. Great picture!
  11. darazsbalazs

    Monitor (warship) - Tech Tree options

    Austro-Hungarian monitor: Lajta
  12. darazsbalazs

    Dreadnought losses in the First World War

    Sorry, there are errors in the translation. Fragment and I can not always be solved well. But I try.
  13. Drednaught losses in World War I Month in February 1906 of a new warship was launched. It was called HMS Drednaught. It was a completely new design, no time has been made obsolete ships. As well as completely new type of warship was born. From that day on each country's maritime power of these ships would have liked to build or buy. The new battleships speed, firepower, armor was much better than earlier ships built these properties. Achieve these properties, the implementation proved to be very costly. Tried to expose the least risk during the war, these precious national symbols. Despite all efforts, many victims of the battleship shafts, internal explosions, sinking or committed by the crew. This little scripture HMS Audacious battleship deals. HMS Audacious, a member of the King George V class battleship, which was consisted of four parts. Its construction began in the Cammell Laird shipyard Limited on 23 March 1911. September 14, 1912 was launched. 21 October 1913 entered service, the second battleship unit, as a member of the first division. At the beginning of the First World War was the second Navy battleship unity of the members. 27 October 1914 The second battleship unit (King George V, Ajax, Centurion, Audacious, Monarch, Thunderer, Orion) Lough Swilly sailed out. Shooting practice started beside Loch na Keal in Ireland. Morning 08: 45 am, while a mine ran round the Audacious. The mines were laid down in the ship called Berlin. Near the Tory Island. The explosion under the boat, 4.9 meters occurred. The left rear engine room occurred before transverse, watertight bulkheads 3 meters. The left engine room and boiler room and the X-tower armory and the premises were under water immediately below it. Oozing toward the center engine room and the premises belonging to the water. The captain, Cecil F. Dampier thought that submarines attacked the ship. Hoisted the submarine warning flag, the other members of the unit away from the damaged ship. The ship tilted 10-15 degrees to the left side. The tilt against the side managed to reduce flooding. Morning 09: 45 pm 1-10 degrees of tilt decreased. The ship is still tossed in stormy seas. The right engine room was still operational. The ship was able to nine knots, the captain took the view that the ship will be able to do it in-house 25 miles away from the shore. The central machine room still leaked water, probably due to the longitudinal bulkhead injury. Morning 10 am ordered to leave the central machine room. The right engine room also increased the water was halted there by the machines. 11 hours under water of the central turbine and the left deck in the waves lapped. Liverpool took the side of the light cruiser Audacious until the damaged ship issued a distress signals. Commander in Chief of the Fleet Sir John Jellicoe ordered that all the available traction and destructive to sail out and help. Battleship did not dare to send out for the submarine threat. Meanwhile, on the scene of the White Star Company, ocean liner named Olympic. Captain Dampier ordered the useless part of the crew to leave the ship. Liverpool and they were transported to the Olympic boats. Afternoon 14: 00 only 250 people were left on board. 13: 30-time Olympic commander, Captain Haddock Captain Dampier agreed that Olympic could tow the Audacious is. Lough Swilly started toward the ship. The audacious was uncontrollable, so the tow rope untied. Then Liverpool and coal handling Thornhili tried traction, but without success. 16: 00 when the first deck of 1.2 m above the water, only 30 inches in the rear. 13: 08 pm Mulroy Coast Guard received a message from the steamer Commerce Manchester the day before in the same area of the mine running. 16: 00 at the Malin Head reported that the sailing Cardiff mine also ran the previous night. 17: 00 pm Jellicoe ordered the Exmouth pre-Dreadnaught sail out and start the Audacious towed. In the event that the ship would be saved, he asked an officer from the Department of Construction, due to repairs. Vice-Admiral Sir Lewis Bayly, the first battleship commander unit, Cambria board arrived at the scene, the backup takes over management. The darkness approaching, Bayly, Dampier and the remaining one night 19: 15 to leave the ship. As the rear deck was under water, a boat and the boat broke loose on the deck through sliding caused further damage to the trapdoor in vents, which accelerated the sinking stern. At 20: 45 pm submerged deck to the stern began to sink, he stopped for a while and then eventually overturned. The battleship raised nose hovering 21: 00. Then an explosion occurred 91 feet high shot debris, then two more explosions occurred. The blast apparently occurred near the ammunition depot B, it can be assumed that the shelves caused by falling shells (fired cordite stored nearby, too.). A piece of armor to 730 meters from Liverpool staying on board fell and killed a sergeant. He was the only victim of the sinking ship. Jellicoe immediately ordered the sinking of the ship kept secret. Admiralty agreed with the staff and the Cabinet as well. During the war, continue to bear the name of Audacious fleet maneuvers in public lists. However, many US citizens aboard the Olympic stayed, who were not under British authority and forwarded to the history of the ship. also made a number of photos and photos of the event. On 19 November, Germany has also been able to ship sinking. Rheinhard Sheer, commander of the German fleet, he wrote after the war ". For the audacious one must understand the British people's attitude to not disclose the weaknesses in their as accurate information to the opposite side force of decisive role in decision-making" On 14 November 1918, a few days after the war, appeared in the official announcement of the sinking of The Times: "HMS Audacious. A belated filing. Secretary of the Admiralty makes the following announcement: - HMS Audacious sank after October 27, 1914. I ran mine the Northern Irish coast. This was a secret at the request of the Grand Fleet Commander and the press faithfully stayed publicly disclosed. " Navy, the Royal Commission of Inquiry found that contributed to the sinking of the ship was not ready for combat, the watertight doors were not closed and no emergency personnel. The Audacious capsized wreck lies 39 kilometers from the coast of the Irish Sea deep, 27 kilometers from Tory Island. Thanks for reading!
  14. His function: The corps makes a civil service activity. His basis function in the charter, concerned from the ballistics unit exemption supplies 142/1999. (IX. 08.) finished in a decree according to particular ones ballistics unit exemption. The national demolition expert supplies it among basic activity one ever-ready service, the one with a military origin makes itammunitions, detonatingtestek his tracing, his neutralisation, his annihilation, the military one examines it shoots- and paradegrounds, nothing the does not blow up explosives. Checks it, a mine exempts the navigable waterways according to need, provides the protection of the riverine art objects againstfloating mines On the country's area, and it makes it in the course of foreign country operations improvised the exploration of explosives, hisneutralisation and his annihilation. His capital tasks: The ballistics unit revision of military objects, his exemption; The annihilation of explosives and pyrotechnical substances is dangerous for a treatment; Hungarian Army demolition expert arrangement his soldiers' training; The soldiers leaving onto the foreign service ballistics unit preparing him; The organization of demolition expert shows in the interest of the civil population's information; The warship insurance of programs. His story: The corps is one of Magyar Honvédség oldest military organization. The beginning of his forming and his activity coincides with theconclusion of the Hungary section of the World War two, it was created already though in 1947 it 1. Hungarian soldier mine searchingbattalion. The more important districts and Balaton began with this more professional and more efficient management the exemptionof a systematic mine. 1 is the unit in 1975. Demolition expert and mine a searching battalion turned into an independent unit on a name. 2001. July wassupplemented with a warship subdivision with 1 and MH 1. Hungarian soldier a demolition expert and a military seafaring regimentworked on a name keep moving. His 2007. March his activity expanded it supplies it with a duty system MH in commandership direct subordination. Extending thewarship activity over international waters sped up because of our NATO membership, since in this area from among the rest of themember states riverine strengths like this are at Magyar Honvédség disposal only. The past one the demolition experts and mine-searcher ones exempted some 100 thousand hectares of area in the course of sevendecades almost, defused. Some twenty million mines, a bomb and artillery ammunition were destroyed, and 30 thousand tons ofother ammunition and explosive. During the execution of the dangerous task more than three hundred firemen, frontier guard and Hungarian soldier a demolitionexpert died a hero. His international taking a role: The regiment's soldiers make it since years in the course of the foreign country missionary operations it improvised and theexploration of other explosives, his neutralisation and his annihilation. Ships: It R-ML/MP (ex Yugoslav Nestin) class MS-25 „AM” mine relief ship His function: - With the inbuilt equipments, the mine with a relief equipment and armament, let the mine make it possible opposite an effectsuccessful resistance, let it insure it mines let an own mine make the application of armament possible concerning the prevention ofmartial injuries caused by. - The protection of continental military forces' coast change operations. - The support fire of the teams fighting along the riverbank. - Close air-raid insurance. HIS CHARACTERISATION: The ship on a capable bottom installed by the enemy idle being in contactmentes onto the exploration of mines, his annihilation, hisdeck weapons onto the annihilation of drifting mines. A magnetic and acoustic self-defence system is at disposal of the ship,concerned on all that with a navigational technique that the night one makes it possible ill. bad visual traffic happening betweencircumstances. Tactics technique data: • Longitude: 26,94 m • Width: 6,48 m • Largest altitude: 6,0 m • Dipping depth: 11 dm - Inbuilt ZENON: 13 dm • Dipping depth with a full cargo: 12 dm - Inbuilt ZENON: 14 dm • Water displacement: 72,3 t • Manufacturer: BRODOTECHNIKA BEOGRAD • Velocity: • Ascent: 24 km/h 13,5 kt • Downhill: 33 km/h 17,0 kt • Personnel: 17 heads