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  1. Supersubway

    14 Days of Premium Account as a Gift!

    Still not availablòe to me, correct?
  2. Supersubway

    La corazzata colombo.

    E' una CAGATA PAZZESCA. Qualcuno doveva dirlo. CI ho fatto forse 15 partite, non mi sono divertito una volta sola. Fa la fine di Lepanto, Veneto, Doria e Cavour. Nel dimenticatoio. Tempo e soldi persi.
  3. Supersubway

    Worst T10 BB in your opinion?

    Just courious.
  4. Supersubway

    Marco Polo worth the coal and does it bring more credits?

    it's crap. dont waste money here.
  5. Supersubway

    Do not get Marco Polo. Ever.

    SAP is nice. But you can't hit a thing and have to wait 33 seconds to try again. What's the point of this ship? Do not waste any time my friends.
  6. Supersubway

    Ohio vs Marco Polo -- Scandal

  7. Supersubway

    PT 0.10.2 - Italian Battleships Part 2

    I dont like them. Long reload and sap is most of the times useless compared to AP. Nosense to me.
  8. Supersubway

    Update 0.10.1 - Italian BB Early Access

    Considering how bad they play, this release was probably avoidable. There is no a single reason to play them except for the fact that they have beautiful models. EDIT. Seems like a needed a few matches. OK, they're annoingly shotgunning, but they are not that bad.
  9. Supersubway

    0.10.1 - General Feedback (Italian Battleships!)

    I played Veneto, Lepanto and Doria. I'm BB main, but honestly these BB are a delusion. I didn't expect them to perform so randomly e so poorly, but reviewers online were telling that. A waste ot time. Not funny. EDIT: I played a bit more and have to say that I'm finding the correct way to play them. Maybe I got RNG against me 100% yesterday. But today is clearly better, I'm liking them more XD
  10. Supersubway

    Fun is no more, BORING!

    3., No? BB can kill you more easily than before, and it's not a worse situation for a cruiser? Really? Be honest man
  11. Supersubway


    They suck.
  12. Supersubway

    Your game is not fun anymore

    The captain rework killed the game. It's TOO BORING.
  13. Supersubway

    Fun is no more, BORING!

    This game is now light years away from the december version of itself, that was much more funny. Brawling is dead. Cruisers is a pain to play. The only DD is the gunboat. Secondaries BB are useless. All the games are the same, all BB sitting away. It's BORING. I take out Shikishima and I score tons of damage easily. A lot of ships (P.Emilio for example) are now useless for a long part of the game. Well, this is epic fail. Epic.
  14. Supersubway

    "Swift in Silence" Skill bugged on Paolo Emilio

    I got to 60.3 on PEMILIO. Anyway the gun main battery captain skill doesnt work, doesn't speed up the reload. Magic.
  15. Supersubway

    Wow... Just... terrible.

    This game got unbalanced and crap. Thanks, so now I can go out of it.