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  1. You from Betasom? Open a discussion there, I will join.
  2. Sorry, what do you want me to check?
  3. That's incorrect. 318/50 had infact better precision than British and French competitors at that time till 20-22Km, and became worse just after that range. (Littorio Class, Bagnasco-Del Toro) At least, this was emerged from Regia Marina test and then compared later on with RN and MN results. 381 had instead problems related to the quick deteriorating gun, that was to be changed after much less shots compared to british or french guns.
  4. Update 0.6.12 - General Feedback

    It's funny you dont see the difference, in the first picture "C"esare is different from "G"iulio. But even funnier that you didnt realize that is not GIULIO... it's GIVLIO and that's correct on WG ship.
  5. Update 0.6.12 - General Feedback

    and again... "Giulio". So you and WG are wrong, sorry eh.
  6. Update 0.6.12 - General Feedback

    I dont think so. First because Giulio is Giulio and not Ciulio. Second beacuse it was Giulio on the ship.
  7. New Ships!

    RN Roma is here! Finally, the best looking BB ever!! Finally!!
  8. Update 0.6.12 - General Feedback

    Giulio Cesare BB has got a model error: the name on the side of the ship is CIULIO CESARE instead of the correct GIULIO CESARE.
  9. Mistake on CIULIO CESARE?

    Hello team, did anyone realize that the Giulio Cesare model has got a problem? On the side of the ship you can read its name... CIULIO CESARE. Well, actually, the name of the ship is GIULIO, not CIULIO. That also mean funny things in italian... Please fix it
  10. New ships on the horizon!

    sigma 1.5 killed this ship, I'm afraid. Already having smaller guns, now even more imprecise... well, I'll let others try it. I will wait. Maybe they will denerf it a bit.
  11. New ships on the horizon!

    GIULIO CESARE! That looks beautiful! I cant wait. I'm just wondering about how it will perform against other T5. I'm thinking that the pre upgrade Giulio Cesare would fit a T4 then...
  12. ARP removal

    Tried to find something, no results. ARP ships are now shown in my fleet, how can I get rid of them? Is it still possible?
  13. It handles great and torps are good, honestly it's a CL... so not easy to go against AOBA or CLEVELAND. Really no way. I still have to test well against other CLs. It has to rely on the friendly fleet.