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  1. Ketea

    BAN Policy

    This 7 days BAN is related to my gameplay and even in my dreams I would have been thinking it's forbidden. I know WG argumentation and I would agree, but from my point of view, especialy when you don't think about cheating, it wasn't so obvious... I complain, 3 strike rule doesn't work with this implementation and my case is the prove! I got 7 days ban in the first strike. End of story. If you want to work it as expected, dont use email as fisrt strike, do like 1h ban or make it very noticable in game message.
  2. Ketea

    Update 0.7.5 Bug Reports

    at last I am in.
  3. Ketea

    Update 0.7.5 Bug Reports

    Cannot log in
  4. Ketea

    Developers API

    To the developers team. Please extend your API,I would get information about all clan battles, even this ingame battle log is incomplete :(
  5. Ketea

    [OMPG] CB

    OMPG looking for players who would like to participate in clan battles. Your stats doesnt matter, we want you if you - would like to improve - can use discord (at least to listen) We are a big clan with a lot of oil :) but seeking players who want to play clan battles, we often miss one or two players to complete division.
  6. Ketea

    "Clear Sky" is too hard to get.

    Don't get me wrong, I would agree it's too dificult. Because it require from you to focus only on this specific task (you play many many games focusing only on the achievement not caring about team win at all; specing your ship only AA; etc.) and honestly it is not enought, you need + a lot of luck... If you courious how I get it. I found the best option for that is minotaur + all avaliable AA spec for that. I didnt get any support from my team (no division) but like I mentioned got some luck in both cases, enemy CV was VIII tier etc. edit: 55 planes and second time 48 planes to shot down needed. Once I got 45 and it wasn't enought.
  7. Ketea

    "Clear Sky" is too hard to get.

    Needed 4 days to achieve task 4 from 2nd part Yamamoto mission "Earn 2 clear sky..". It is very hard but not impossible.
  8. Ketea

    Update 5.5 delay

    OMG its 80KB/s Can I use Beta client sources somehow?
  9. Ketea

    Update 5.5 delay

    Lucky you! I started update 3h ago, now I come back and got 505MB so far! now downloading 150Kb/s Restart didnt help