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  1. I would consider it if it was unique but in reality its just a bad hybrid, which the gearing is far superior. Considering you could get close to unlocking two tier Xs from scratch its not really worth it. At least the smalland had radar etc to make it unique, even if it reliant on gimics.
  2. humphrey10

    Ping Spikes

    Yeh I have been having that problem but oddly it is only when I play CV. Literally never had it any other class but now its been three separate times (in the last couple of days) where two minutes in my ping will jump from normal 30-70 area to around 1000 and spring up and down from there. Im surprised I haven't been reported too many times considering I have been completely useless cause i cant control my aircraft
  3. humphrey10

    British Carriers

    yeh I got the Ark Royal out of christmas loot boxes and actually really enjoyed it, dunno if its really good for its tier cause didnt enjoy the Ruijo and thats why i wanted to do the british CVs. About the torps on the brits, everyone is saying they are the bread and butter but considering that you only get two per run (on furious and impacable at least), what makes them special? the alpha strike isn't high enough to compensate that you are only dropping two compared to basically everyone else with three
  4. humphrey10

    British Carriers

    Hi all, So i decided to try out the British CVs a couple of weeks ago in the aim of getting the audacious (so i can have at least one tier X CV) and i have been really struggling with both the implacable and the furious. Granted I am not experienced in CVs at all but i would say that I have a fair grasp of core game mechanics but i just cannot get them to work. I know the British are the weakest out of all the tier X CVs but is there a different way they should be played?
  5. humphrey10

    Vertical Dispersion/Range changed?

    I've been getting a bug recently where my camera gets stuck in the free look camera, even tho im not using pressing the right mouse, making it impossible to shoot anything. Dunno if my mouse is faulty, bought a new one just in case but it might be the game.
  6. humphrey10

    Ranked Stars missing?

    hi all, Just played a game in my Thunderer and we won the game. When it came to the results screen the client kinda went weird and when i look up the game in the battles section it doesn't appear. More importantly it hasn't given me my star or blown the snowflake off. Anyone know why or just WG can't get their crap together in this patch Cheers
  7. humphrey10

    Poll, Black Friday 2019 in Asia/EU shops

    Are they not selling the 2018 containers any more then? Shame as the prizes of 2018 are way more appealing (even if I did get the Alaska on the two boxes I bought :) )
  8. humphrey10

    lacking GB space

    Hi, Basically i deleted the game to try another game out (my laptop has a small hardrive) and anyway when i came back to redownloading the game, it says i have a 20 GB deficit... Considering i had enough space to have the game and two others (which were around 10 GBs each) i thought this was kinda weird. So i proceeded to delete every game i have and i still need 10 GB of space to download the game??? Does anyone have an idea how i have lost 20 GB of SSD in the space of 24 hours just from deleting and redownloading games? would very much know if anyone has any tips in clearing SSD space as its infuriating.. Cheers
  9. Hi, Havent played WoWs in a while so i go to delete all my other games (I play on a laptop so not got a lot of space) and it turns out that WoWs ships is like 60 Gigs. I am about 5 or 6 Gigs off that and i was wondering if i theres a way to slightly reduce the size without messing everything up. I'm not a massive whiz with computers so just wondering if there is any suggestions