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  1. Hello Guys! Pls someone from WG answer this question: Will these containers ever come back to the armory? A have nearly 50k community tokens stored just for this. Should I wait or I can spend them all? Thx!
  2. Rolesz81

    Update 0.10.9 - Feedback Survey

    Do you guys at WG are planning to put the tier 5 premium container back to the community tokens section at the armory?
  3. Rolesz81

    Public Test 0.10.8 - General Feedback

    If I may have a suggestion, please make the option to hide expandeble camos just ilke the themed camos. I think many players hate to see those funny colored, absolutely not historical camos. Do you guys at WG are planning something like this?
  4. Rolesz81

    Update 0.10.7: Submarines in Ranked Battles

    Hey guys, What if i replace my Friesland with Groningen, but later i want it back? Can I get back the Friesland or that will beimpossible? Thx
  5. Rolesz81

    Updates to Ranked Battles

    WG here is my suggestion: - Leave the " lose a star " system. Players in the loser team should not lose a star - Make leveling up harder. Instead of 2-3 starts, rise it to 5-6 stars. - In this case the grinding stays, but with less frustration. Think about it!
  6. Hi Smeggo, Looks good so far :) Could you please let the perma camos as they were? I mean I really like the Perma camo of my Tirpitz and Massachusets and it would be great to see them for example. Thanks :)
  7. Hi Smeggo, I know that if I use hide camo mod, all of the ships will be gray, but I would like to see the permanent camos, because I like them. Anyway, that grey color you used for tyre 59 replacement is a cool color, and it fits to all the ships in the game. Pls send me the download link, so I can take a look at the test version you made, :) Thanks!
  8. Hello Smeggo, Is it possible to make all camos grey? I like the replacement grey color of the original type 59 camo. So Basicly I only want to see that gray color. Is it difficult to make it? I tried to simply rename the type 59 texture file to other ( like union jack ) camo files, but it did not work. Please advise! Thx
  9. Rolesz81

    King of the Sea XI Tournament

    Hey guys, The aricle said: Three via a combat mission that can be activated by clicking a button in an article on our website. What website? PLS share me the link! THX
  10. Rolesz81

    Rewards for Public Test 0.9.5 Participants

    Guys...usually it takes 6-7 days from the patch to get the Tier VI ship container. That means today or tomorrow. However I still don't understand what is taking so long..
  11. I will surely test for you, and send the feedback.
  12. A few months ago I tried to make a mini mod which replaces all the camos to a single colored one. ( grey ) We have a mod around, but some camos were red, white and black....so I picked the grey one, and renamed all the other files hoping that all the crazy camos ( like halloween camo ) will all be gray, and that's it. Unfortunately it did not work, still don't know why. So I was wery happy to see your work. It is even better than just color them all gray :) But if you don't have time to make camos, just make every camos ( except premium camos ) gray. I would love that too! Sadly there are not so much players around who likes historical content, but I hope that WG will satisfy them with something as well.
  13. Excellent work Lutjens41! Really great to see someone who cares about historical looks. Keep it up, I like it a lot!!!
  14. Rolesz81

    Premium ship duplicates

    Hello guys, What if I have all tier 6 premium ships and i'm getting a tier 6 premium ship container? ( For PTS reward ) Will I get doubloons for the duplicate or just credits? Thx
  15. Rolesz81

    Soviet Cruisers: Two Bogatyrs

    Great little bedtime story :) I like it!