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  1. Hi Smeggo, I know that if I use hide camo mod, all of the ships will be gray, but I would like to see the permanent camos, because I like them. Anyway, that grey color you used for tyre 59 replacement is a cool color, and it fits to all the ships in the game. Pls send me the download link, so I can take a look at the test version you made, :) Thanks!
  2. Hello Smeggo, Is it possible to make all camos grey? I like the replacement grey color of the original type 59 camo. So Basicly I only want to see that gray color. Is it difficult to make it? I tried to simply rename the type 59 texture file to other ( like union jack ) camo files, but it did not work. Please advise! Thx
  3. Rolesz81

    King of the Sea XI Tournament

    Hey guys, The aricle said: Three via a combat mission that can be activated by clicking a button in an article on our website. What website? PLS share me the link! THX
  4. Rolesz81

    Rewards for Public Test 0.9.5 Participants

    Guys...usually it takes 6-7 days from the patch to get the Tier VI ship container. That means today or tomorrow. However I still don't understand what is taking so long..
  5. I will surely test for you, and send the feedback.
  6. A few months ago I tried to make a mini mod which replaces all the camos to a single colored one. ( grey ) We have a mod around, but some camos were red, white and black....so I picked the grey one, and renamed all the other files hoping that all the crazy camos ( like halloween camo ) will all be gray, and that's it. Unfortunately it did not work, still don't know why. So I was wery happy to see your work. It is even better than just color them all gray :) But if you don't have time to make camos, just make every camos ( except premium camos ) gray. I would love that too! Sadly there are not so much players around who likes historical content, but I hope that WG will satisfy them with something as well.
  7. Excellent work Lutjens41! Really great to see someone who cares about historical looks. Keep it up, I like it a lot!!!
  8. Rolesz81

    Premium ship duplicates

    Hello guys, What if I have all tier 6 premium ships and i'm getting a tier 6 premium ship container? ( For PTS reward ) Will I get doubloons for the duplicate or just credits? Thx
  9. Rolesz81

    Soviet Cruisers: Two Bogatyrs

    Great little bedtime story :) I like it!
  10. Rolesz81

    Weekly Combat Missions: Ships for Clan Battles

    Why don't you guys stop giving out this rental ships? I hate watching them in my port, and I can't make them invisible.
  11. Rolesz81

    Public Test - Megathread for rewards & updates

    Usually it takes around 5-6 days to get the container. That means itt will be given today or tomorrow.
  12. Hey guys! I wanna make a little mod for myself, but will share it later if anybody is interested. To make it short, I would like to make the ARP ships look like a real Japanese premium in the ship carousel using the IJN flag on the background. Now it is done, but one more thing remains. The ship icons has to be changed. I don't want to see the ARP ship icons, but the Atago icon for the Takao, the Kongo icon for the Hiei, Haruna etc..and the Myoko icon on the Haguro, Nachi etc.. So..anybody knoes how to change them? The Extended Carousel mod changes the icons from vanilla, and I that is what I want to use. ( not the vanilla ) THX
  13. Rolesz81

    Clan Battles: "Sea of Fortune" Season

    I wonder when WG stops giving those rental tier X ships. At least make it invissible for those who don't want them.
  14. Rolesz81

    Update 0.9.0. British Cruisers

    Hey guys! Do I have to collect the reward from the Drydock where PR is? I still have 3 days of premium time which I really don't wanna get right now, only if I must :) One more thing: the x-mas containers will give the same things even if I open them after the new patch? THX
  15. Hi guys! Anyone know a mod that changes the ARP background on the ship caruosel to a japanese flag just like any other Japanese ship? It wuld be great after ARP ships will be real premiums. THX! Regards, Rolesz