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  1. tank276

    Over 7000 matches and still substandard

    Getting from 43% to 50% is an achievement in itself. You have too many battles to improve your WR significantly but keep trying, its always nice to improve.
  2. tank276

    Super Container Loot Thread [ topics merged ]

    Gg dude, I opened the first 2 SCs from step 2 of the Halsey campaign, one of them was a spotter plane upgrade. I have like 7 of them....
  3. im not in a clan how do i get in one?

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    2. leothethird


      highest ive got is 7 as i have memory problems with pc so better sit it out


    3. tank276


      :( Sry about that man.

      Keep grinding though

      Cheers to you

    4. leothethird