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  1. He means the upcoming tier 6 tech tree Pan Asian destroyer, dont remember its name. Flamu did a review and rated it slightly better than the Anshan.
  2. Not really sure man ,they mentioned i.e. "Applications and mods that make otherwise unknown information available, except for those mentioned and approved on the official forums or portal." or "Applications and mods that help a player to aim in any way that is not already available in the game" But the information of the angled ship is shown in the mini map, the mod just makes it easier to use.
  3. My vote goes to Friedrich, though my WR on it is far from good. To give you an idea , the Izumo is the first (and only) tier 9 I free xped and immediately sold. The friedrich is not a bad brawler at all, at close ranges its inaccuracy doesnt matter, if you play it right you will tank damage for your team mates like a sponge but you will hit back. The Izumo does have accurate guns to be fair but thats pretty much all that is good about her. As for the free xp, and in addition to your account being credit starved, save it to buy either the Missouri or the upcoming Mushashi. Cheers
  4. Dude, then definetely wait for the T-61, the new German/Dutch destroyer coming, it is still work in progress but it seems sick as it is now (sick in a good way). It is gonna be tier 6, so it is good your silver line grind is near that tier.
  5. For me Duca and Blyska are solid choices for your playstyle. The only downside is that you dont have a tech tree for those particular nations (for Italy that will change rather soonish). Blyska was hit rather hard with the invisi-fire-in-the-open nerf but that is rather old news now and it still is a good tier 7 destroyer. Graf Spee I wouldnt recommend really. Cheers
  6. So it is pronounced like "Rooster" with a w instead of an r?
  7. Or even a better one old chap, I am afraid you pay gold in WOT to change name/surname/ugly mug. :) 50 gold if I remember correctly.
  8. And I was wondering why you have that avatar..... Kappa
  9. I think she rocks dude.
  10. Wow, pretty impressive. Never noticed that before, nice. Maybe the guy that shot at it was "Longshanks" 's great great great great great grand son.
  11. Yes dude,it is nice but how many British BBs will there be on tier 7? Hood, Nelson, KGV and now the Duke? Would prefer a tier 8 US cruiser instead. WG has admitted there is a BB overpopulation and they still introduce new BB lines and premiums. (French silver BBs on the way, Italian BBs maybe next, Roma, Mushashi, Massacusetts, Gulio Ceasare,Kii etc. etc.) I mean, jesus christ. (Sry if you are a BB main or a collector and I broke your hype)
  12. It depends on how you look at it.
  13. Finished the collection first, about 3-4 weeks ago and the campaign about 2 weeks ago. Havent done all the missions yet (i.e. the t9/10 CVs missions cause I dont have a CV above t8), gained the stars by replaying missions I had already done. Put Adm. Yamamoto on the Yamato, was considering the Zao also but think Yamato has more chances for the first blood with a devastating strike. Cheers
  14. Yugumo has a complete different playstyle than the Fletcher, comparing them is pointless really, Fletch wins in every category except stealth. IJN DDs are difficult to play , however if you can stay undetected near your concealment range and spot for the team and use your torpedoes at relative short ranges and ONLY to ships coming towards you, you can make the ship workable. But you can free xp it to the Shimakaze (you will probably be dissapointed as it is the same playstyle as the Yugumo). I stick with US and German DDs, much fun to play. And Khaba is also solid but it is not a DD really, more like a light cruisers on coke. Cheers
  15. Nice game fellow Destroyer player , I kind of like that map where A and B almost coincide. For me the evening was worse than meh, it was straightforward bad , I was playing with huge lag ( spiked higher than 250) and very low FPS and had to leave my team after a while. These kind of things happen when it is raining in my hometown unfortunately... Untill we meet again in the high seas dude.