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  1. What do you mean Crete is not an island? And "about 900 km to west" of what are you refering to?
  2. Like you said in the end,the downside of not having elite cpt xp quicker. 19 is enough I think, wouldnt have much of a problem if it went to 20 though.
  3. Facinating indeed, there is a whole "alternate military history" culture that is very interesting, i.e. if the Rebels had won the Civil War would the two world wars had happened etc. Also a nice sci fi / crime novel called "Fatherland" where the Soviets make guerrila war in the 60s in the Urals where the Nazis have beat them back.
  4. It is not new at all if you study world military history. Of course all these are scenarios cause you dont really know how things would evolve, if an alternative version of history did take place. The fact is that "Operation Marita", the German invasion of Yugoslavia and Greece was stalled by both nations for some time, leaving the Germans with less time to complete their objectives on "Barbarossa", before winter of '41-'42 stopped most of the operations. German invasion of USSR started late June '41, instead of mid April '41 and those 3 months may have made the difference on the outcome of "Barbarossa". Cheers
  5. I took it for a spin after a long time, though buffed, the reload time still is painfully long. Lup3s is right about the concealment/maneuverability/radar package but if I would try a t8 non premium Cruiser these days, I think I would prefer the Chapayev over New Orleans.
  6. Dude that is a delicate matter that needs a lot of conversation. :) I will only mention some picks, in my opinion of course. At tier 6 Anshan is a competent DD, Bayern a very good Battleship, Cleveland and Budyonny top cruisers. For tier 7 Cruisers, Belfast and Fiji are best. Tier 8 BB Amagi is a good damage dealer. Fletcher is a very strong tier 9 DD, maybe one of the best ships tier for tier in the game. Khabarovsk is a very strong t10 DD, very different in playstyle from the Fletcher.
  7. Indeed, they have made mistakes in the past before.... Could have done so again. There was a fuss about the last "leg" of the mission of the t8+ "Dunqeurqe De' Flaire" skin if it is for 1 battle or for any number of them. Hope it is not for 1 battle, it would be crazy to ask 15 torpedoe hits and 10 fires in 1 battle but the way it is put can be conceiving. I think some time the translation from Russian to English leads to such misconceptions. I was wondering if u unlock the special skin with both the Dunkek and the tier 8s sets of missions, will the second skin will be compensated somehow (credits?).
  8. They are both repeatable, but once per day. Conditions For the first mission : win in your Gallant and be at the top 5 of xp earners on your team (random, ranked, co op and scenarios) For the second mission: win in the Gallant and be top xp earner on your team (random, ranked, co op and scenarios)
  9. Dang, they just posted in the games page. It seems like its repeatable. I was right in the first place. I knew it! Hahahaha First mission is be top 5 at xp and second be top over all at xp (and win in both).
  10. Probably paranoid but dont worry you are not the only one, in my case I attribute it to 254 Ranked battles so far.
  11. Joby I think u will open 3 containers only the first day, from the second day u will open only 2 as the 3rd mission is not repeatable. The forumite friend must be right and me wrong.
  12. I think it is 1 container for "gather base xp with whatever ship u like", 2nd container for "gather xp with Gallant" and 3rd container for "be top of the team in xp with Gallant". That makes a total of 3 for Gallant owners.
  13. What do you mean it is not clear guys? 1. For wide player base , max 1 container a day for gathering a modest amount of base xp in ships above t5 (?). 2. For Gallant owners, the above plus two different missions for Gallant only (gather some base xp or be top at xp and win or something). For them max 3 containers per day. 3. For "first world problem" guys, go to prem shop and buy how many event containers . For them max 1 million containers per day if you have dollar.
  14. Yes, it seems like it. Another forumite pointed that if you have the Gallant, you can open in total 3 containers per day, 1 for everyone and plus two for those who have Gallant.