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  1. I think it ends 28 September dude, one of the wise wizards from the clan informed me.
  2. Wargamings obsesion with T10 events.....

    Thats not true, about the bleeding I mean. Majority of players dont have premium account, there are many strictly free to play players, some are new and misuse and/or dont have enough of camos/economy flags. If you use in battle all premium consumables and you have a mediocre result, you will be certainly be in the negativs on the credit sector.
  3. Wargamings obsesion with T10 events.....

    To make up the credit losses you bleed from playing t10 I guess. Maybe nowadays premium account is better than prem ships though.
  4. Wargamings obsesion with T10 events.....

    Obsession or a cunning strategic master plan for more profits ? ( which I dont judge, they r a make money organization). Playing t10 is costly so u buy premium account, prem ships, dubloons etc etc.
  5. Sell it only if the credit income from the transaction is ....legendary. If not I would keep it inventoried if I were you
  6. Friedrich der Große and secondary build!?

    I think you will be better off with your first build, secondary ones are out of the meta. There are exceptions, like Grosser Kurfurst, or maybe Massachusets and high tier French BBs but I think they are the exception nowadays.
  7. Ranked Battles

    If you are at R15, there should not be a problem using your Hindenburg.
  8. French captains, get in!

    Prioty Target, Expert Marskman, Adrenaline SupIndendent, BasicSurvivability Concealment, Fire Prev. Edit @Tyrendian89
  9. What ships are you taking out in Ranked?

    Lo Yang, still 1 victory away from R15 after 2 battles played.
  10. Liking the extra hp on your ship will not help you go beyond R15 dude, 3 cpt points are not to be thrown away. You dont have concealment either as a module or in your cpt skills, that will hurt a lot when you want to stop firing and disengage.
  11. Jan Hammer - Crockett's Theme
  12. Concealment Range changes midgame?

    Detection "blooms" to max when you fire and stays that way for several seconds. If you decide to hold your fire ,it will return to "normal".
  13. Unspotsmanlike behavior

    OP if you try to break the world record for opening multiple nonsensical threads in the less time possible, stop it. You won already.