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  1. Musings on Class / Ship Balance

    Dont you think 45 and 47 % respectively are a bit "too" far from the 50% mark? If i.e. a British CV tree was implemented, it would be logical for 1 of the 3 t10 CVs to have above 50% WR? I mean you think that the reason is that there are only 2 top tier CVs, instead for the multiple lines we have in other classes?
  2. Musings on Class / Ship Balance

    How is that even possible? For both CVs to have below 50% win rate? I mean someone has to win in a CV game. Always amazed me statistically.
  3. New unique (French) commander on the way

    Honore at La Republique at some point and your old no name 19 pointer on Lyon.
  4. Jack Dunkirk campaign

    I have Jack, but I miss 1 item from the "Northern Cape" campaign, would be nice if it came back.
  5. DD Player Forced to Play BB's to Get Citadels

    You can citadel enemy cruisers (especially British i.e.) in a destroyer, if u r presented with a broadside. You dont have to play a BB. Also easily done in a cruiser.
  6. Didnt read article after reading the first line, forumite @pra3y covered me....
  7. Ridiculous accounts

    Probably some WG employee/tester that went rogue....
  8. Clan wars MM

    Well that is supposed to happen. Surely that team that beat you in that particular game, will inevitably feel the same in another clan game, against a stronger than them opponent .
  9. How many premium ships do you have?

    Too many dude, too many. And lets not talk about premiums in WOT. Would be nice if a statue was built for me in WG's headquarters....
  10. Großer Kurfürst secondary build question

    For me best built for this ship is a secondaries/tankiness hybrid. Priority Target Adrenaline Rush, Expert Marskman Basics of Survivability, Super Intendent AFT, Manual Secondaries Cheers p.s. For the love of it, not survivability expert on a BB, it is only for destroyers
  11. I think I have 13. Shimakaze, Zao, Khabarovsk, Moskva, Gearing, Des Moines, Montana, Z52, Hindenburg, Grosser Kurfurst, Minotaur Henri IV HsienYang
  12. Nice meeting you in battle dude. It was a good thing u turned the Giulio back to defend, we would have lost it if it wasnt for you.
  13. Who knows what billionaires are behind some "regular" forum names..
  14. From what I understood, if you play i.e. Normandie while it is "premium". you will not lose the xp accumulated during patch 7.1. If u have gathered enough xp, when 7.2 hits, you can use the xp to go to Lyon. " - You won't be able to advance up the line until Update 0.7.2 - once the update comes you will be able to spend your research points. "
  15. "Clear Sky" is too hard to get.

    I think Atlanta is the definition of AA boat dude, doesnt it still have the infinite charges of DefAA? But from what I figure , u have specced it as a dmg dealer with the inertia fuse. Dont worry much about that achievement, I just played the game and it happened by itself. Cheers