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  1. Ranked season 9 review for tier 8 ships

    I can also tell you 1 hint, once you reach R10 just dont play if you want your sanity intact. Cant even be top xp on the team with two solo caps, 10 defended and 2 kills in the Gearing. Just a bunch of newbies with 20 battles playing co op would understand the game better.
  2. Ranked season 9 review for tier 8 ships

    Yes ,the Lo Yang is very powerful. I only felt threatened in Ranked when there was another Lo Yang in the enemy team, if not it was a fiesta. And Lexington is underperforming big time in its tier. Got confused with the Graf Zeppelin stats though, didnt expect it to out perform the Enterprise.

    I was sure he was you :)

    Why does this guy have a cast on his right arm? Extreme fapping?

    This is the English speaking part of the forum you know.
  6. You mean you didnt pick vigilance at all? Kind of a waste isnt it? I did that with Dunkirk, have him on the Lion and smoke benefit goes useless, but it is 2/3 specials , Jutland only has 2.
  7. Fair points that the skills that he has in the "upgraded" form are not very powerful and/or first pick choices, but this guy is just an incredible all arounder. You can have him captain Gr. Kurfurst, Hindenburg, Z52 or even Graf Zeppelin for the few mad men out there, and have in all 4 classes some form of benefit. Cheers
  8. Should I sell Kurfurst and buy back Bismarck?

    It is a good idea to not sell tier 10 ships. Better grind some credits and rebuy the Bismarck, it will not go anywhere. And keep GK in port. I have terrible stats in the Bismarck, much prefered the Tirpitz. With the GKurfurst I am improving after a sluggish start. Yeah, maybe Bismarck tier for tier is better than the GK, it is a matter of how you assess things, but not really comparable since the +2 tier difference. Cheers
  9. Super Containers Premium ships distribution

    I know how you feel, but you answered yourself basically. You have bought so many premiums that chances that you are going to win a prem ship have droped significantly. I have only had an Emden in a SC, plus Nikolai ( ) and Okhotnik in crates two of my clan mates gifted me in Christmas.
  10. US Campaign

    You have to do it again on the live server,yes. And it is much harder/grindy there from what I have heard.
  11. Unique Achievements

    Ah, yes. Good call
  12. Unique Achievements

    The 2nd question remains though. How did you get the "Naval Warfare Arson" medal after 9 k battles? It is nearly impossible .