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  1. tank276

    Over 7000 matches and still substandard

    Getting from 43% to 50% is an achievement in itself. You have too many battles to improve your WR significantly but keep trying, its always nice to improve.
  2. World of Tanks recently had a patch available again after 6 years (Nostalgia Server or something). It was underwhelming for me , completely out of date graphics, different game mechanics , very few tech lines. I doubt it can work in Ships.
  3. Certainly below 90 euros my dude
  4. tank276

    Four codes from Wargaming fest

    Thnx a bunch dude.
  5. tank276

    PSA: Free santa containers

    Got 2500 coal and 50 zulu hotel flags. Thnx Santa !
  6. Khabarovsk or Scharnhorst for me, could throw in the Fletcher too if I could.
  7. tank276

    Too many events/activities.

    And imagine tomorrow starts the 10-day campaing to get su130PM in WOT too.
  8. Dont hold your breath untill they do mate
  9. tank276

    How much time left for supercontainer for T10 ship?

    I think it ends 28 September dude, one of the wise wizards from the clan informed me.
  10. tank276

    Wargamings obsesion with T10 events.....

    Thats not true, about the bleeding I mean. Majority of players dont have premium account, there are many strictly free to play players, some are new and misuse and/or dont have enough of camos/economy flags. If you use in battle all premium consumables and you have a mediocre result, you will be certainly be in the negativs on the credit sector.
  11. tank276

    Wargamings obsesion with T10 events.....

    To make up the credit losses you bleed from playing t10 I guess. Maybe nowadays premium account is better than prem ships though.
  12. tank276

    Wargamings obsesion with T10 events.....

    Obsession or a cunning strategic master plan for more profits ? ( which I dont judge, they r a make money organization). Playing t10 is costly so u buy premium account, prem ships, dubloons etc etc.