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  1. RADAR

    If it feels any better, the meta changes. About 1,5 year ago it was heavy smoke meta, apparently more radar ships were implemented to break the stalemate (they probably overdid it). @15JG52Adler and @RAHJAILARI give sane advice. It will take some time to adapt but you have to for tiers 8 and above. As another choice keep to t7 and below where radars are more scarce or play a bit of another class like Battleships (or even cruisers yourself). Wooster line doesnt seem very powerful IMO, maybe people will slowly abandon the grind so less radar ships. Dont push caps aggresively in the start of game untill you spot where most enemy radar ships are. If and when you do push, make sure you have friendly radar cover near you and always have an escape path (i.e. islands to cover behind or escape causeways) if things get hairy. Cheers
  2. Stuck on loading screen

    I had the same problem when running Aslain's mod pack. (for a reason it became worse when I was divisioned). Started running vanilla client and the problem dissapeared.
  3. How's Khaba these days?

    If you get that close to a Mino, you are done in seconds dude. In fact a Minotaur and a Des Moines are the only ships I fear when I am at 10 km and less from them.
  4. How's Khaba these days?

    I think you get down to 8.7 km concealment with the captain perk. If u get the concealment mod in place of the mod3 rudder, u go down to 7.9 km. (which compared to the 9.7 I have on the current build is significant, but still).
  5. How's Khaba these days?

    I think the trade off is not worth it dude. You will improve your horrible 9.7 km concealment, sure , but you will also lose a big chunk of the nimbleness that keeps you alive when you dodge enemy fire. It used to be an option back in the day that Khaba had great rudder by its own (with no need for modules), not any more IMO.
  6. How's Khaba these days?

    It is a very good ship, my mostly played with 200+ battles. Heal ofc instead of smoke, stay at 12 km from enemy targets, shoot and scoot. (majority of times HE shells) If things get to hairy, disengage, heal up, and back again. Priority target, Prev Maint Adrenaline, Last stand Survival Expert, Super Intend, BFT AFT Edit main arm mod 1, special engine boost mod, aiming system mod 1, steering gears mod 2, steer gear mod 3 and main batt mod 3
  7. Rituals before WoWs session

    I light up a spliff
  8. How short is your attention span?

    Games played : 6979 Games in most played ship : 276 (Khabarovsk) Ships played : 219 Average games per ship : Should be around 35 I guess but that number doesnt show anything for me, I have tens of tier 1 ships that I just played 1 battle in Edit : tens was an exageration, maybe if u count tiers 1,2 and 3, its cool
  9. If you are 41, born in '77, you are very close to being a millenial. (people born aprox. between 1980 - 2000). The generation is aproximately estimated at 25 years, so "you r off the mark by at least 2 generations", which is 50 years, means that you dont know what you are talking about. Judging by your remarks , you must have some mental issues plus too much arrogance to acknowledge. Dont bother to answer with another smart**s line, just let it be and bye.
  10. auto-blow-up

    It is quite ironic the OP names and shames players for their stats while he has his own hidden....
  11. Actually you are the one asking questions that are irrelevant. I guess all the post's meaning is that you want to take IFHE skill for your Bismarck captain and if it is worth it. Well, it is not. I have no clue if German 105 mm HE shells have normal or "german" penetration, IFHE is a bad way to use 4 skill points on a BB and thats it. I believe Graf Zeppelin has hydro, would you start a thread to ask if it is worth taking Vigilance on her captain because the hydro is "german"?