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  1. Never made it to R1 either dude, but from what I have read and heard those players that did : 1. Got so sick of Ranked that didnt care to play Super League 2. Waited so much time in queue (cause they were relatively few) for Super League , that just dropped it 3. Didnt find the rewards for participating in SL worth the time This must be true for last Season more than others I note again that is what I heard from friends that made it to R1 and read on the internet. (my best is Rank 4, last Season) Cheers
  2. They kind of f*ck it up with deadlines in general. If you noticed , the patch was announced for almost the duration of a day as starting at 20 Sep and not 21 Sep (it was updated at some point). The time that the server would be anavailable in that first announcement was 06.30 till 10.00 CEST. So maybe they corrected the date but the time stayed the same as in first (wrong day) announcement. If it is not up already, my guess is 10.00 CEST, around 25 minutes from now.
  3. Not that I disagree with you ,because you point out that the train comes to a stop, but, on the other hand, if the lemming train does not stop, it is one of the best roller coaster strategies there are on the game. You just concetrate all forces on a sector and the enemy melts or flees. Say again, the train must not stop. Cheers
  4. Just got mine, it flies on Anshan and Lo Yang (though previously I had a different flag due to being Chinese and Taiwanese) in anticipation of the Pan Asian DD line. @CorviThnx for the heads up man
  5. I use dynamic too, saw it in a Notser youtube video when t was first introduced and have been using it since then.
  6. Hmmmm. auto drop front on , maybe that is what I did wrong. But I doubt I will return to Test 1, will just play a couple of battles in Test 2 and thats it for now. I imagine the Test 3 will have deep water torpedoes from what I read in patchnotes but we will see till then. Cheers for sharing
  7. Auto drops with the Test 1? No way dude, whenever I tried I failed miserably . Ofc it could be something to do with me as a CV player, not the ship. IMO the auto drops are viable only with the Test 2. I enjoy both Test 1 and Test 2 fighters though, seem to be getting 35-45 planes shot down in most games which is not bad for me. It is to be mentioned though, I give the most of attention to my fighters instead of the bombers, trying to bait enemies in advantageous situations (kiting them over Baltimore i.e.). The DB are used mid game when hopefully some enemy AA is burned down by friendly HE spam. The destroyers and cruisers are largely ignored as targets, BBs and Carriers only. I have played around 12 battles in the Test 1 and 5 battles in Test 2.
  8. Indeed. Nice points.
  9. What do you mean they won dude? Appomattox court house, General Lee surrenders his Army of Northern Virginia to General Grant.
  10. I think he mentioned it again today in either his "Wyoming" or "New York" video, he was comparing them to their British counterpart and was reasoning why the USN line has been left behind so to say.
  11. It is a bit better man, dont expect any miracles , it is still one of the weekest t8 Cruisers for me (along with Hipper). But if you dont panick and give broadsides at the wrong moment, it can tank some shots. Its AP is very potent and it has radar. In a 3 members division, a map with plenty of cover and a non-brutal-matchmaking it can work.. I have the DM and I dont play t8 very often since I can avoid it,but yeah.
  12. Why not? Could be better than nothing, especially if they "stuck" a heal ability on it.
  13. Is that from "Harold and Kumar part 1" ? Hahah, I think it is, nice one.
  14. There is something missing dude though, dont you think? One of the oldest lines in game doesnt have a good high tier trainer? Indianapolis is not bad I guess, my second prem ever after the Molotov and I have naber dmg dealt in it but I was new to the game back then. And Atlanta is situational (works nice with a US DD and a CV in a platoon) You know your stuff in historical warships, someone can tell , and I dont have an opinion on either Wichita or Brooklyn but both sound good to me I would also state that a t7 or t8 German DD is also missing but read (Sub_Octavian I think) that someting is on the works. Cheers