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    Hey. I know, it's a real pain in the #@!. Try to click other sections first, for example: CombatMissions, Armory and so on. After a while it is loading. It's not very handy but works for me. U also noticed the Player Support section on the global website doesn't show al info... so don't expect help from there. Greetz
  2. Laantje

    Player support

    Goodday Has anyone noticed that the whole Player Support section doen't work properly? The sections and sub-sections are to be seen, but the rest isn't there when you click further. I use Edge Chromium and maybe some other players use only Chromium so then the problem is related to this browser...? Edge Chromium works very fine for the rest.
  3. Laantje

    PT 0.9.4 - Bugs

    research points are not added to the arsenal. have 1000 points but not counting when adding a researched line and resetting that line. happened 3 times now...