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  1. Ironic really that you get a flag to stop being detonated after you’ve been detonated.
  2. Yeah tried last night. Wow teams where bad. Tried to call a push we could have won the cap on our side so I pushed in my KG bb and cruisers followed. 1 enemy dd fired at us and the 3 cruisers all ran away lol. I went down in a blaze of glory. Well on fire and sinking. Gave up went back to Elite Dangerous.
  3. Karma back down to 1. Mission Complete.
  4. My Jack Dunkirk says hi
  5. At the moment a 3 I voted. Having team after team full of German bbs sitting as far back as possible giving enemy all caps and wondering why we lose. I even played my bisssy and charged in to bully a cap which I won and then watched 8 of my team sail away from next cap as 1 dd was in it. 1 just 1 dd v 8 of my team. So I pushed in and got him with hydro but died to he spam whilst my team sailed towards next map.
  6. They are thinking about how much money they can make with it........
  7. Most bb players are cowards. Sit at back sniping doing little damage and watching rest team die as they tried to cap/push. Nagato game yesterday it was left to me to push a cap as they had all 3 whilst an Iowa and 2 Turdpitz's sat on map edge doing nowt. Think classes need a tuition introduction before you can unlock a new type.
  8. Fair do's that was some insult there lol. You must have really done a number on him.
  9. Germans are brawlers. Guns are very rng over 12-15km. They are hard to citadel but you still don't give broadside unless you absolutely have to. Spec secondaries and watch those health pools drop. I'm always laughing when a dd strays into the 10.6 kill zone of my Bismarck. You can almost here the frantic keyboard bashing as they try and run away. You need manual skill though for the accuracy buff.
  10. Only ever had 2 SC's. 1 was load of camos and other had 50k free xp in. So not that bad.
  11. Care to elaborate
  12. Understatement of the century right there. ;-)
  13. Thank u
  14. I'm not butthurt pal. If you don't want to answer the question take your viewpoint elsewhere. I don't care if you think it's wrong place it's where I put it so [edited]off.
  15. Lots of posts in this section have nothing to do with gameplay. I used this section as it's the busiest traffic wise to get an answer quicker. Wtf is it with trolls jumping on someone who just wants answer to a quick question. Are your lives that boring?