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  1. aboomination

    The legendary UK captain is unobtainable for free?

    I simply used some fxp - still better than 175k coal.
  2. aboomination

    Pay to Play PVE mode?

    screw them (this works in many other titles) have the f2p plebs enjoy the current rotation, have the premium users enjoy more freedom (a second rotation maybe) and access to exclusive scenarios.
  3. aboomination

    What do former WoT players think of WoWs?

    Even now WoWS is so much better. That's all I'm gonna say
  4. aboomination

    Pay to Play PVE mode?

    How about that PvE content is accessible for premium accounts only? I won't pay on top of my prem account. Maybe if it's a one-time-purchase and high quality content.
  5. aboomination

    What Were Your Greatest Gaming Achievements Today ?

    That's hardly clobbing and you don't want her to become as bad as Khab, do you?
  6. aboomination

    About those operations we are missing and a suggestion.

    I really can do without effin Dynamo. But Cherry Blossom needs to return.
  7. aboomination

    What Were Your Greatest Gaming Achievements Today ?

    @havaduck I did it again Should've maxed this by getting three solo caps, but didn't think much of the match at that time.
  8. aboomination

    How I play Aigle in Aegis

    That's pretty much standard play for all ships with smoke. More or less. Also - nice, manly map!
  9. aboomination

    Fires are insane

    I remember DoTs from before the several nerfs...felt so rewarding to set a couple perma fires. Now they hardly ruin your game, even if you're a "one-fire-guy".
  10. aboomination

    99% construction of Puerto Rico

    If only WG provided that information ingame and on the portal. The hotfixed counter was not enough. Not everyone lives on reddit.
  11. aboomination

    There will never be a BB with bigger guns then Yamato...

    If this hasn't been pointed out: The ship in question is a Yamato sister. So they didn't lie - from a certain point of view. Also, it doesn't matter, since the 35mm overmatch is of no importance. Also, on a Yamato hull, I prefer 6 instead of 4 guns in the front.
  12. aboomination

    Semi-noob, frustrated and confused

    It's the same crap regardless of tier. It's a random team generator and most players are bad.
  13. aboomination

    battleships with worthless secondaries secondaries

    This is why we can't have good stuff.
  14. aboomination

    Semi-noob, frustrated and confused

    I disagree, and especially in a div it's tons of fun.