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  1. aboomination

    Wargaming is doing bullshittery again

    The words you don't know if they were actually spoken and by whom? Idk if he said that but if he did, it's probably his own opinion and it's not like he was in full control of the direction of WoWS. Also, opinions can change. Yeh, from what you saw. Often times we see what we want to see. It's a complicated matter and many perspectives have to be taken into account. I thought that WG's statement seemed very honest and transparent. Compare that to other companies.
  2. aboomination

    [SCRUB] The Scrubs - Recruitment thingy

    ey @havaduck missed you on ts edit: oh nvm, just read your recent posts...sorry for your loss, mate...
  3. aboomination

    Begrüßt die neuen Moderatoren!

    Ha, das habe ich garnicht mitbekommen - bewerbe mich grade für die NA-Foren :D edit: Und dies ist mein einziger deutscher Beitrag in einem WG-Forum
  4. aboomination

    Bug Reports

    Minor printf bug occurring when selecting Kongou's b hull and hovering above the short and long range AA defense values
  5. aboomination

    Alaska for cash!?

    Maybe they will put her in the store and the arsenal. WHo knows - but they delayed her probably so that more people give CVs a try instead of selling them on day one for free xp.
  6. aboomination

    Carriers 0.8.0-3 Please WG stop punish us!

  7. aboomination

    Carriers 0.8.0-3 Please WG stop punish us!

    Makes me wonder what you guys expected from the rework and the goal to "balance" AA vs CVs ...what happened to you? And WHO thought it a good idea to make you a mod? What's next? Skybuck as admin? edit: Actually, if Skybuck wrote the news articles, I would read them.
  8. aboomination

    Nice camo, WG +1 (for real)

    No, he'd just have to become a ST for that, which isn't exactly super hard.
  9. aboomination

    Do you think Submarines will come in 2019 ?

    Didn't stop them from putting CVs into the game.
  10. aboomination

    Transcript of the recent balance stream?

    I asked him about the role and purpose of CVs regarding inter-class balance in the game, which should be a super easy answer. He didn't have one. Instead he just said that CVs damage all other classes and are best at spotting.
  11. aboomination

    Time to balans!

    Yeh, but they want us to stay ;)
  12. aboomination

    Are you still enjoying the game or you are going to uninstall?

    This needs a third option: I lost interest and am just lurking/waiting.
  13. aboomination

    Are you still enjoying the game or you are going to uninstall?

    The VD card I crafted today for a contest on NA (sadly didn't have much time..)
  14. aboomination

    Please nerf CV's WG. So OP now. OMG. REEE

    Congrats, OP discovered Grozo AA
  15. aboomination

    [SCRUB] The Scrubs - Recruitment thingy

    @Godfather_Of_Troll no trolling allowed @Aotearas