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  2. aboomination

    [POLL] How was your "Ranked Sprint 11" experience?

    I had a good ride Dunno why so many people who took the survey seem so salty. Sprint is always relaxed, fast and a good opportunity to grind legendary modules on questionable ships. The rudder buffs on Khab were 10/10.
  3. aboomination

    Create charm

    I've been asking officials to put more resources into PvE development for years now - sadly the response was and is that PvE is not popular enough (apparently, a single digit percentage of players play PvE). I do not want arms race buffs in all game modes, thank you. They belong in arms race.
  4. aboomination

    Another Dockyard event for Odin

    This event is super easy - but is Odin worth 3500 db?
  5. aboomination

    The Good - Narai is back ! The bad - credits nerf...

    let's just say that i won't touch this game mode again
  6. aboomination

    [SCRUB] The Scrubs - Recruitment thingy

  7. aboomination


    a) Perova b) Typical tank build
  8. aboomination


  9. aboomination


    They should just copy paste an alternative camo which then is handed out for free, so that nobody feels bad about themselves.
  10. aboomination

    Moskva 0.9.4

    Why would you do that? That's a crime!
  11. aboomination

    How much time left until russian heavy cruisers arrival?

    Not really a DD hunter, no. The radar is best used in conjunction with a well-positioned team. The catch is that it's duration is fairly short and radar got hit by that delay nerf. Of course the shell speed is fantastic so taking shots at DDs is certainly possible, but don't push into risky positions and try to hunt down DDs early. She mostly succeeds at mid-long range farming. If you want to play DD hunters, play certain DDs or CVs ;) ps: Just to make it clear - smart positioning around caps is of course highly advised, just don't throw your ship away for a couple shots at a DD ;)
  12. aboomination

    How much time left until russian heavy cruisers arrival?

    The citadel situation won't get any better at t9 and 10 tho. Show any amount of side and you will feel it. Chapa is a good ship for what it's supposed to do.
  13. aboomination

    How much time left until russian heavy cruisers arrival?

    If you're running premium account and can play a couple good matches a day, you will be fine. Do the math and plan your grind - as silly as that might sound.