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  1. No, Wargaming has already stated that is not going to happen for reasons that are perfectly obvious, not including the fact that Kamikaze attacks were launched from land bases, not aircraft carriers.
  2. I'm not sure why it wouldn't be working, have a look at the Gremyashchy if you have her in port or have the extended tech tree mod, see if she's flying the Guards ensign
  3. Let me check, it should do Edit; nope, working fine for me, I've checked both the version I have had for a while that I keep updating and also did a fresh install of the mod with the version I uploaded earlier, no issues on my end
  4. Yes there is, I've got one in my thread, I just need to sort out an update for the most recent patch which will only take me a sec
  5. Update 21/07/17: Updated Historical Naval Ensign and Signal flags, fixed small texture issue Added Town-class Cruiser (1910) skin to post #6: HMS Falmouth, 1st Light Cruiser Squadron, 1914. Added G-class Destroyer skin to post #7: HMS Gallant, 1st Destroyer Flotilla, Mediterranean, 1930s.
  6. Update 20/07/17: Updated Historical Naval Ensign and Signal flags for
  7. First try, feelsgoodman
  8. The earlier ship in the bottom right looks very much like Kasuga or Nisshin and the medal on the left is a Russo-Japanese War medal I believe
  9. At some point, probably
  10. Update 13/07/17: Updated Historical Naval Ensign and Signal flags for
  11. I'm not convinced the Royal Navy BBs will be coming this month but I'll try and get as many of the cruisers done as possible yes
  12. You got what you deserved.
  13. It's not quite as simple as that, despite being the same class Glowworm carried quintuple torpedo launchers rather than the quadruple launchers the Gallant has
  14. If you're talking about the 1911 Novik, you've basically got it in the Derzki
  15. Seconded