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  1. Update 21/09/17: Updated Historical Naval Ensign and Signal flags for
  2. Update 17/09/17: Updated Historical Signal Flags and Naval Ensign mod Added Nelson-class Battleship skin to post #8: HMS Nelson, flagship of the Home Fleet, weathered MS4a scheme, 1940-1941.
  3. You cannot exchange credits for XP, the only way to get more XP is to play games, and then convert the XP using Doubloons to Free XP. You can only convert XP into Free XP on Premium ships and tech tree ships that have been fully researched, including any ships that follow that particular ship. It is also possible to gain additional Free XP from daily container which are earned through gameplay and earning experience.
  4. As far as I'm aware they don't have a technical name, it's just a propeller guard which does exactly what @WolfGewehr described above, stops the prop striking a wall or anything when it projects further than the hull of the ship
  5. Additional; I have also just updated the Orion-class Battleship skin file to include the optional textures for HMS Iron Duke so that she matches the colour of the gun turrets. Re-download the file if you wish to have these textures, install instructions also updated if you have any issues.
  6. Update 14/09/17: Updated Historical Naval Ensign and Signal flags for Everything else is working fine
  7. *edited*
  8. Just been on and checked, working fine for me, try clearing out res_mods and doing a reinstall of your mods and skins
  9. I certainly hope so
  10. It's a hypothetical refit if she were given modernised engines like what happened with the Queen Elizabeth-class Battleships after WWI. I'm not particularly happy about it and neither are a good deal of people going off a recent Reddit post but oh well, highly unlikely Wargaming will change that now.
  11. Not the same map but whatever, there it is
  12. I'm sure I saw another screenshot someone else posted earlier with a UFO on one of the islands on the same map. I wonder what WG is up to
  13. Update 31/08/17: Updated Historical Naval Ensign and Signal flags for Updated HMS Nelson, flagship of the Home Fleet, 1930s skin, re-download is required. Added Bellerophon-class Battleship skin to post #8: HMS Temeraire, circa 1914. Added Orion-class Battleship skin to post #8: HMS Thunderer, circa 1914.
  14. 0.6.9

    Same thing is happening to me that was reported here, 4 times in a row this happened in one game just now, each time I restarted the client in both normal and safe mode and the bug still occurred.