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  1. Hopefully not, she's exactly where she belongs. The only way she should ever come back is either as a tier IV premium Kuma in her 'as built' configuration or as an AI controlled vessel in an Operation.
  2. [] Wyvern's Historical Skin Workshop

    Update 18/02/18: Added Littorio-class Battleship skin to post #5: RN Roma, winter 1941.
  3. Fingers crossed we'll also be able to change the ensign on German and Russian ships to have the correct one flying i.e. Kaiserliche Marine, Soviet Guards etc.
  4. [] Wyvern's Historical Skin Workshop

    I think I will do a skin for the Aigle, I really like how she looks though I'm working on a skin for the Roma at the moment, hopefully I'll have that finished very soon. I'll try and get one for Aigle done within a week or so but I can't promise anything
  5. British Ports

    ༼ つ ◕_◕ ༽つ Gib Plymouth Sound or Devonport pls, totally no bias at all
  6. No, these will not work for World of Warships. Gold is only shared between WoT and WoWP. WoWS uses Doubloons as Premium currency.
  7. Bringing Kitakami back - with deepwater torpedos

    No thanks, that thing should never be brought back. Maybe if she appeared in an Operation as an AI controlled vessel but Kitakami should never be made available to players again.
  8. [] Wyvern's Historical Skin Workshop

    It's nice to have the thread back, even if it's missing a few things
  9. [] Wyvern's Historical Skin Workshop

    Update 28/01/18: A few mods I used to have in this thread are currently unavailable, I am aware of this and if they come back (fingers crossed) I will let you all know. Added King George V-class Battleship skin to post #8: HMS Duke of York, Battle of North Cape, December 1943. HMS Duke of York, late 1944.
  10. Please put the Flags on the same download site. I will find it.


    Btw You are doing a great job




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    2. KontraAdmiralVonSturm


      Just write it over with the same filename

    3. zFireWyvern


      Oh I'll send you a link in PMs when I get home

    4. KontraAdmiralVonSturm
  11. hi, zFireWyvern i really like your works for flags and camo, but on wgforum europe and wgforum usa your discussion mod and download disappeared :(

    1. zFireWyvern


      I know, I'm trying to get things sorted, you'll have to be patient I'm afraid.

    2. MaximusDecimo


      :) ok , many thks for you work :)

  12. Just ran into @ZombieCheeze in his Okhotnik, not a particularly eventful game
  13. WTF is this thing on the Cesare supposed to be?

    It's a Caesar salad with knives stuck in it
  14. My thoughts for Musashi.

    Those were just unfinished textures, not a camouflage.
  15. HMS Hood, review after a week and captain skills

    Agree, she looks even better in the inter-war 507C IMO. Absolutely stunning.