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  1. Nailed it! They know very well how to extract cash from certain groups of punter and they do pretty much the bare minimum needed to achieve that, providing a high quality gameplay experience isn't really necessary.
  2. I've no love for WG, in fact I have a pretty low opinion of them. The volume of whine on this forum never ceases to amaze though.
  3. Some people don't like change. Any sniff of a change to this game always results in an ocean of tears and predictions of impending doom, then of course the whiners just continue to play
  4. Its getting ridiculous.

  5. Sadly the other naval games look worse than WOWs, I guess it's too niche a genre for a proper developer to get into so we're stuck with half arsed crap!
  6. I was watching his ^^ cat video.
  7. How to Fix Aircraft Carriers

    ^ This right here. They bring nothing good to the game. I doubt they'll ever actually remove them from the game but they could just give every ship 200 AA instead.
  8. FTP games tend attract the dregs, if you play a FTP game then you can expect to meet a lot of trash, it's that simple.
  9. Removal of stealth fire, more for the entertainment it has provided on this forum than for any gameplay difference.
  10. New trend: DDs now camping behind the BBs

    When playing a BB make sure to position hard against the border so your team's pesky DDs can't get behind you.
  11. Thank you for the removal of stealth fire wg :)

    Then there are those of us that play all 3 main classes (BB the least) but just think stealth fire is just dumb and should never have been in the game.
  12. 0.6.3 Public Test Patchnotes

    I don't like the continual BB favoured patches but BBs probably bring more players to the game than any other class so it's the kind of crap you expect in a free to play game. That aside, getting rid of stealth fire is great, even as a mainly destroyer and cruiser player it's a [edited]garbage mechanic, it always felt ridiculous being able to fire guns in LOS and not be revealed. As for the CV changes, meh, they could remove them from the game.
  13. Ranked Battle Disconnects

    Haven't played the new patch yet but watched a couple of different streamers last night, new patch seems to have increased crashes.