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  1. Almost 44% of "free-to-play" playerbase demand a ship for resource that is basically P2W driven (premium account, special cammo, special flag) ? Sure Omg you can't even lie properly ...
  2. That offer should be bundled with info how many "improvements" dev will bring next year and if this improvements encompass e.g. premium ammo or premium equipment only via NTC
  3. radius77

    Peurto Rico - who is actually grinding her

    I don't even plan to grind it seriously. From daily tokens and marathon tasks so far I did unlock 2 bosters though. It will be enough to get some consolation prizes. PR isn't really that special if anyone already has e.g. Alaska and Salem. Particulary the second one, being combat-wise imho far superior to PR. And there are also Yoshino, Azuma, Kron .... all very good tier IX/X freemiums that one can/could easily get over time without stupid no-life grind.
  4. radius77

    Hayate release poll - RESULTS ARE IN!

    I am sorry you don't get the sarcasm. I mean - after yet another PR disaster about Puerto Rico my confidence about WG honesty dropped to zero. The truth whatever you vote they will relase Hayate as they want.
  5. radius77

    Hayate release poll - RESULTS ARE IN!

    WG playerbase: Free Exp WG: Ok, 5m Vote for Steel. Make WoWs true whale game again !
  6. Q: Who do you call an optimist ? A: WG selling 360d premium after heavy PR s...storm
  7. radius77

    Dockyard: the Rules Made Simple

    I wonder why WG doesn't understand how short-sighted their policy is. I understand that WoWs isn't a project untill 1.1.2020 and they plan to develop it and earn beyond that date. They don't need a typical December "window dressing" with fake, pumped results like in banking or investment business. So why they decide to shoot in their own foot ? Let by example my case. Few days ago technicaly I "finished" WoWs as a grind-game. I have all reserchable tiers X plus some coal/freeexp ships and even a NTC ship. As of today there is nothing to discover for me in this game. My premium expires in 5 months. Had they simply made PR a long-time grind, like e.g. object 260 in WoT, I'd probably take the challenge, prolong premium and try to do those "350k freexp" missions and maybe get PR somewehere around summer. But they don't seem to be intrested in me paying for another 180d premium. They want some (?) quick bucks in December to generate frustration and a feeling of being showed a middle finger instead of a loyal customer that might be tempted to sponsor this game for another year(s) ? Well ... comunist economy wasn't the brightest, so WG doesn't seem to be
  8. radius77

    Dockyard: the Rules Made Simple

    WG - so your public relations department (is there any ?) decided to continue to dig in this sh..hole and talk your customers to "complete" those so-called "missions" to get PR "for free"
  9. radius77

    How much will Puerto Rico cost you?

    WoWs is my only computer game, I play quite a lot so expect to get Gorizia for sure. Stage 1-3 is surely doable during 4-5 weeks. PR ? No. First - impossible to go past 4th stage imho without some lifehack like sharing account for 3-4 players etc. Second - have 31 tier X ships by now, why to bother with 32nd being "almost" a reskined Alaska that I also own ? Third - trying to do this grind would be a knee-low bow toward retarded WG policy to cheat and to lie to players. They could have published those stager week ago and say "no f... way to do it without boosters, PR is a real-money ship" I'd understand that :)
  10. radius77

    Santa's rng loot boxes worth it?

    4 free santa gifts crap crap crap 30d premium
  11. radius77

    Are you going to grind the Puerto Rico?

    Am I going to grind buy Puerto Rico ? No
  12. radius77

    24,000 doubloons for 'premium' Puerto Rico boosters.

    Being a loyal WG customer since 2012 I am truly amazed by the "Puerto Rico event". I saw many strange grinds, fake promos, weird competitions in WoT, WoWs as well but with that Puerto Rico WG managed to set an unbrekable level of unhealthy greed cruelty and stupidity toward their CUSTOMERS. Men, do you even know that also kids like under 16 are using your product ? What is the lesson to such kids to say them "pay, pay and pay or you won't get that ship unless you die in front of your computer doing FUBAR 350k free exp missions 4 times".Has any of your devs even tried to complete such retarded missions ? I really, really feel embarassed by you WG. Shame on you. Feel free to ban me from this forum for saying a word of truth to you.
  13. radius77

    New Year Gifts and Rewards: Your One-Stop Guide

    Actually they are 6k, 8k and 10k "worth".
  14. radius77

    New Year Gifts and Rewards: Your One-Stop Guide

    Fully agree. Good point. Most of the tier X drops will probably be like "4x flags".
  15. radius77

    New Year Gifts and Rewards: Your One-Stop Guide

    Oh no, but do not forget: 1) These are ONLY boosters - its 24k dubloons for speeeding up PR but not for the ship AND they claim (?) PR can be build in time "for free". Though 70 Euro for speeding up something than I can presumably get for free is riddiculous. 2) Its neither first nor the most hyped tier X freemium. As an owner of e.g. Smolensk, Colbert, Salem etc I ask for reason to spend 70 Euro at all for ANOTHER freemium-ship (not being a Stalin ) I guess had they demanded 3x1000 doubloons for those boosters they would made money for sure. Many "volunteers" to spend 24k for those boosters ? I doubt. Ofc the hack may be that missions to get tokens will be so demanding that building PR "for free" will require some no-life grind but yeah, I'd rather pass than throw that 70 just out of the window.