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  1. radius77

    Weekly Combat Missions: Midway

    ONE day of rental ? for 47k base exp ? omg this wins grand prize for the most greedy WG special ever ....
  2. radius77

    Halloween: Raid for the Filth!

    I'm very happy with this mode. It's entertaining, quite challenging for a PvE and the rewards are also grind-worthy. Only drawback is that there are many ppl who either don't get the aim or are pretty basic in playing WoWs at all. Originally I thought 1k filth gain per game per team should be easy - it's not I play DDs, I get my 500 but many times the rest can't deliver more than 100 ....
  3. radius77

    Remove Colbert and Smolensk From the Game

    I agree remove Smolensk and Colbert but wait until I get the latter
  4. radius77

    Developer Bulletin 0.8.10

    TY That's a bad news though. I'm sure that some interesting PvE for tier VII+ would be more expected than yet another tech-tree line.
  5. radius77

    Developer Bulletin 0.8.10

    The matchmaker for Co-op Battles will be updated. Battles will be played in a 9 vs. 9 format, and any incomplete teams will be complemented with a much wider range of bot ships. These changes are aimed at making this battle type more interesting. Actually I must say that recently more and more Randoms look like Co-ops in terms of player quality ... And in turn some Co-ops rounds on lower tiers are quite challenging to win after half of my team goes down in 2 minutes Can WG answer if Dunkirk, Gold of France and Cherry Blossom (or what was the name) operations will return ???
  6. radius77

    Public Test of Update 0.8.10: Round 2

    Will 0.8.10 bring new ships to Arsenal or Research Bureau ?
  7. radius77

    What Do You Guys Do With Your Free XP?

    680k is currently waiting for new season of Research Bureau to "regrind" Harugumo, get 20k point and buy Ohio or Colbert. The rest, some 160k, currently I use to research modules on regrinded Moskva-line to avoid playing stock ships.
  8. radius77

    Coal farming.

    Ranked Sprints are easy gain of 10k coal per sprint Daily More Resources containers = at least 3x400 coal x 30 day a month = 36k coal per month. In fact something around 42k coal per month due to 2x400 or even 3x400 containers Be in a clan with developed Coal upgrade - as far as I remember up to +10% coal (so a MR container drops 440 instead of 400 coal etc). Events like Regia Marina now - up to 14k coal from containers obtainable for tokens XMas specials - if they repeat last year Snowflakes special - depending on number of premiums and tech-tree ships owned and tiers - 40-50k coal is up to grab one-off.
  9. Add "ZERO" option to poll. Got 7 "free" conatiners so far - nix, niente, null, nothing, zero, nie nada towariszcz
  10. Jak w tytule :) Chciałbym wreszcie spróbować się w CB i szukam klanu. Mam staty, mam wszystkie X z drzewka i nie tylko, znam mapy, taktyki etc, krótko mówiąc nie daję ciała. Chętnie powalczę do upadłego w klanie, który NIE WYMAGA KOMUNIKATORA. Wiem, że to dużo, ale może ktoś się skusi
  11. radius77

    Halloween: Nightmare Operations

    Why is actually Hard / Super Hard available only in divisions ? It's pretty retarded to search 30 minutes on chat for 6 guys who are in fact as random as a normal random game would do. Tried Super Hard 3 times so far and wasn't even close to win even one star
  12. radius77

    Ranked sprint tier 8 1v1?

    I am sure that they will need 2 min to realize how idiotic this would be to put Kagero against Enterprise or Cleveland against Amagi or whatever .... unless 1v1 can be won by capping the base in some 10 sec
  13. radius77

    King of the Sea IX

    1v1 would be awesome no afk, bots, A1 snipers and Kagero-gunboats in your team - as long as it will be a class-for-class enaggement it sounds great
  14. radius77

    Colbert, worth it?

    On the margin of this topic: Currently NB offers Colbert and Ohio. I wonder if in November it will be expanded by either Hayate or Marceau ? November update 0.8.10 will start a new NB "season" so it could be that something new will appear and a tier X DD is pretty viable for naval base points. Personally I was intrested in Colbert but since my last acquisition was Smolensk I wonder if Colbert is worth it combat-wise, being also a HE-spam cruiser with some obvious limitations towards Smolensk (no smoke, no torps, no point to push range too much due to horrible ballistic). A trade vs Ohio is a bit pointless to me also. In 457 realm there is Kremlin 3x3, 4x2 Thunderer with monster HE, 431 2x4 Republique comes close ... I 'm not convinced to have Montana, Georgia and Ohio in port (for a hefty 62k NB points price). And anyone thinks that there is a chance that some ships will be moved between Arsenal (steel) and Naval Base - like Bourgogne, Neustrashny ?
  15. radius77

    Update 0.8.9: Italian Cruisers

    Finally a nerf to the tier II French DD. This is what gameplay needed badly Khabarowsk ? Z-52 ? Yueyang ? WG ever heard of those ships ? Probably not, too busy with playing Smolensk