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  1. Obviously you compare "price' for tier VII mediocre tech-tree-like cruiser and tier IX quite potent and quite unique DD. WG would be ... strange ... to "sell" both a the same token ratio. Afterwards you must pay more and grind more for any VII and IX, don't you ?
  2. I got it yesterday. The cost was time for daily missions, Hill missions (but most of them done in Roque event that was pretty fun alone) and some 18 Euro investment in buying Hill upfront (received 3,5k gold compensation and "fuel" from Hill daily missions). i think it was worth because I like DDs and in fact Benham is the first +IX DD freemium not locked behind a steel-wall (i.e. Black and Neustraschimy). Benham looks nice. 4x4 gives a lot of suprise factor where you can engage 4 targets at the same time forcing some strange manouvering :)
  3. radius77

    Interesting Dev Blog News.

    Smolensk for coal ... I didn't expect that Coal saving starts in 3...2...1
  4. radius77

    Naval center

    Speaking about low playerbase please bear in ming that for both WoT and WoWs priority market is former USSR. Sure they are making money in EU, US, ASIA servers but I doubt they ever made strategical decisions basing on "what EU community thinks". On Naval Center - I think in WoWs it's not THAT relevant as WoWs serves a "scissors-rock-paper" type of gameplay where even a pimped Kremlin married with Slava doesn't stand a chance agains brainy Kagero that in turn is easily deleted by Shokaku that in turn can only throw peanuts on Kremiln married with Slava. That wouldn't be the case in WoT but if you say - how about a 120k HP Yamato with 23 sec reload ? I say - powerful but still won't win a game alone. And if somebody finds it amusing to regrind whole lines - well, why not. I will play WoWs as long as I enjoy it, not as long as Kremlin isn't too OP.
  5. radius77

    If you wanna grind Benham...

    I think you missed that for being in top 5% Hall of Fame in each stage one can get premium container = 15 tokens. There are 4 stages so possibly 60 tokens more for 5% of the best/most active. That would make 985 total. And really - WoWs "marathons" are nothing compared to WoT :) I'd say that Benham is a piece of cake for anyone who is just a dedicated WoWs capt'n.
  6. radius77

    Georgia in Arsenal

    RU portal announced Georgia for 228k coal. Not bad offer I guess.
  7. radius77

    Is the Stalingrad worth it?

    There aren't many ways to spend 30k steel wisely. Neustrashny for +20k is a joke. It was launched like 2 months ago and I've seen it twice in battles. Bourgogne ? Alsace is very good so "buffed" Alsace must be somehow good too. Though, tier X BBs are all very competitive and I don't think that Bourgogne stands out that much. Stalins - as I see them in game - usually do good but very often I feel like its quite because enemy doesn't know how to deal with it (meaning brainless BBs throwing AP instead of spamming bow-on Stalin with HE a bit, particulary if you're a Repu-like ship). I had also a couple of one-vs-one in legendary Moskva against Stalingrad and there wasn't much difference at all to be honest. What I would do - wait until WG reveals how new tier IX/X "premiums" will be sold. They have teased a sh..load of very-strong-looking ships, just to name Smolensk, Colbert, tier X USN DD (don't remeber the name). Most likely they will go for steel. Maybe it will be a better purchase ?
  8. radius77

    Ranked Battles: the Twelfth Season

    That's a bad news for Z-52 and Khaba. They are condemned to gather dust.
  9. radius77

    Update 0.8.4: Soviet Battleships!

    It looks like Georgia and/or Yoshino won't come SoonTM
  10. radius77


    The most interesting feature is not CV in RB but rentals. Teams will be loaded with ppl who have NO IDEA how to properly use Des Moines or GK. There will be salt and sh.t every game. My "retarded" pick for this season will be to respec capt'n and play Shima with 16km torps Can't wait for leming trains of BBs going next to each other
  11. They are teasing so many ships but the output is laughable. Neustrashny - what ? Has anyone ever seen that 20k steel ship in game ? If WG will follow that path 99% of playerbase doesn't care about it at all. It's just a fun to devs, supertesters and CCs.
  12. radius77

    Ranked Battles: the Twelfth Season

    Since some WG employes read this topic: do you plan to buff Khabarovsk and Z-52 ? Compared to Harugumo and Daring they are really out-of-date now. Khaba needs range and 10km torps back, Z-52 needs everything.
  13. radius77

    Armada: Roma

    And "Georgia" ? When ?
  14. radius77

    CV Rework Discussion

    I'm a bad CV capt'n - pre-rework and now. here are some poitns: + Definitely it's easier to operate planes Gameplay more focused on spot/damage rather than avoiding enemy fighters - Rework made many games a 3-min-skirmish because of extensive spotting and early deletion of DDs. After that it's just a hunt for frags and dmg. Logic of AA, DfAA, "flak bursts" is hard to grasp. Squad-management is unimportant because of "infinitive" planes. What to change - Imho the same issue as before rework. Planes should have an "action timer" to execute attack (like 30-60 sec depending on tier, type, skills etc). It's still a bulls.... that one can use one squad to fly around the map spotting everything or cruising forever over a hopeless DD just to keep spot.
  15. radius77

    The “Victory” Event. Who’s Got Lazo?

    Lucky Dasha I opened so far like +30 "free" containers and I got mission for tier 6 ....