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  1. Even now in tier X games there are only 1-2 DDs per side most of the time. Flooding nerf ? I expect more games with zero DDs. Who would play them with 2 CV per side and not even a prospect to flood sth ??? and on top of that - radar "nerf" that is a buff in fact. 30 sec base (!) 12 km radar on Moskva/Stalin ??? 36 sec with module, rechargable every 2 minutes with premium consumable ..... OMG why you decided to kill DDs ?????
  2. Operations Update In light of the changes to aircraft carrier gameplay, some Operations were removed from rotation: Cherry Blossom Operation Dynamo Hermes WUT ??????? You must be joking.
  3. That will be Premium Ships fiesta Typical team of 6 ? Missouri, Musashi, Jean Bart, Krohnstadt, Black ... Kitakaze
  4. Commanders without specialization for aircraft carriers, but with any of the following skills mastered: "Dogfighting Expert", "Aircraft Servicing Expert", "Evasive Maneuver", "Expert Rear Gunner", "Emergency Takeoff", or "Air Supremacy", will have their skills reset. Sorry MrConway, but this is misleading. You mean free skill reset is for those NON-CV commanders who have eg. emergency takeoff skill ??? Who would run eg. a Yamato with emergency takeoff ???
  5. radius77


    Its not about overmatch, angles and all that technical *edited* but about common sense and basic game awareness. I just say that any other tier X cruiser can be as "broken and OP" as Stalingrad IF the one who plays it has basic understanding of the game and the ship. Would you believe that approx.75% o tier X playerbase still dont get it that Zao has 12 km torps and 9,5km concealment ? Because again and again I see ppl chasing Zao's and wondering "*edited* he sunk me with torps" ...
  6. radius77


    There was Minotaur hype, there was Missouri hype, Conqueror hype etc. All of them were "broken" and "OP". Now there is Stalingrad hype but trust me it will be gone in a couple of weeks. What wonders me are ppl who play a Yamato or GK and are so dumb and stubborn that they throw for 10 minutes AP salvos on bow-on Stalingrad without succes, dont engage in any other action, get killed and rant in chat "OMG WG PLS NERF Stalingrad" instead of shoting 2-3 HE salvos and burn that Stalingrad to death or just kite away and do sth useful for the team. I saw many times good players dominating tier X games in Ognevois or Edinburghs, doing their job instead of thinking how OP some other ships are.
  7. radius77

    Ranked Sprint - Discussion Thread

    Not again Uninspiring rewards for frustrating mode where you don't get star for carrying team in a loss but you do get a star for being AFK/useless camper/bot in a win carried by sb else And I see no effort from WG to fix this idiotic rules
  8. For me actually WG shot in their knees In 200/100 steel distribution - as in PTS - I would gather enough steel that BUYING steel campaign would give me Flint. In 100/50 it doesn't make sense to buy that capaign, I'd be short of steel anyway, so WG gets no money from me 50 euro (or sth like that) will go to somebody else
  9. 100 steel for tier X ? 50 steel for tier IX ? you greedy m.............
  10. To nie wygląda tak słabo, jeżeli masz sporo wygrindowanych "dziesiątek". Jeżeli będzie jak wynikało z testu 200 stali za T.X i 100 stali za T.IX to dodając to do 4k stali z "darmowej" części kampanii na Friedricha każdy kto ma w granicach 16 "dziesiątek" wyciśnie wystarczającą ilość stali na Flinta (z -25% rabatem). A to już całkiem nie kulawa nagroda, skoro do tej pory trzeba było by dostać 1 rangę trzy razy chyba (na co nigdy nie miałem dość czasu i szczęścia).
  11. It looks like 4019 steel BUT it seems WG resigned from a "paid" mission for steel (?) and just put a requirement to have Prinz Eitel. UPDATE: I was wrong. "Drop into the Premium Shop, where you can find a variety of bundles featuring this ship, as well as a special pack with access to a campaign called "Steel Monsters". We will be covering “Steel Monsters” soon where you will be able to get even more Steel, so keep an eye on the Portal!" OFC, WG doesn't sell missions for steel. It sells Prinz Eitel bundled with a steel mission
  12. I hoped those numbers are placeholders There are 22 tech-tree tier X ships so 2,2k steel for somebody who has all of them ... nothing to too much
  14. radius77

    Santa's gifts are here! Please, share your loot.

    As I started playing WoWs some two years ago after a couple of days WG send me a coupon to buy some DD called Kamikaze with 50% discount. I havent got a clue about DD but thought - why not, the price was laughable, like 5 euro or sth. From that day I don't test my luck with WG. They were generous enough One in a thousand will get some "value" of those boxes, the rest will overpay tier VI premiums and camos that WG anyway gives for free.
  15. And the chances to get Missouri or other ships from Small Gift ? Like 0,0000001% ? I really think such "events' should be banned for misleading information.