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  1. radius77

    General CV related discussions.

    Once again I can repeat my idea how to balance CV - maybe somebody from WG will read it. There are two main problems of CVs: 1) Regardless the tier they can park at A1 and nuke shpis on J10, as their range of operation (RO) is unlimited. 2) The consequence of point 1 is that CV can keep any squadron in the air without any time limit using it as a perma-spotter plane for the team, without the need to actually perform attack. This makes the CVs totaly unbalanced as in fact their "nominal" attacking power is irrelevant because CV can effectively replace its attacking function (measured by quantity) by perma-spoting for the team and a quality-attacking function on the other end of the map. But the sollution is very simple. 1) Introduce an attacking-time counter. This would mean CV has a fixed time (may vary on nation, class of planes and tier as a balancing factor) to perform attack from the take-off, e.g. 40 seconds. If it elapses without attack planes would return automatically with a certain penalty-loss fo unsuccesful attack. The result will be - no more perma-spotting function plus CV captains would be more forced to follow the action instead of being passive, regardless of what actually happens on the map. 2) Introduce range of operation limit. Depending on tier CVs should have a range of operation limit (subject to extension through e.g. captain skill or equipement) that would prevent CV from being in a permanent God-mode across the maps. For tier X it should be set in line with maximum BB range (Yamato for the time being) at 26 km so there is always an option to punish by guns a reckless CV that doesn't move for the whole game. Tiers 4-8 could be adjusted eg. 18-21-24 km or so. I think that combination of both factor will definitely end the most persistent problems with CV. They won't be able to endlessly spot DDs, they won't be able to decide on the battle on one flank while being parked on the other end of the map. Both changes do not harm the actuall quantity attacking power of CV, as game-aware captains that follow the team and follow the game would still be able to fully utilize CV striking power. Cheers
  2. radius77

    The Kitakami returns!

    I don't mind. It's a one trick pony. Either you score a big hit on enemy lemming train or you get to port with nothing. It looks like a tier 5 hull with 25k HP.
  3. radius77

    Twelfth Ranked Sprint

    The new Ranked Sprint for Tier VIII CVs starts soon. Join the race for credits, signals, and Coal!
  4. radius77

    What is your cursed ship?

    And the is Goliath - a ship that should be renamed to "WG Joke". Dreadful reload, balistic, range - everything is dreadful about this POS.
  5. radius77

    Update 0.9.5: Dockyard

    Oh c'mon - Siegfried for RB and Agir for free exp ??? We just had two tier X for 2m free exp yet another one ? Give some love to my mountains of (useless) coal ....
  6. radius77

    Hamburg Dockyard: Build a Ship

    What is your concern ? 165k dmg in a DD ? C'mon, be serious. There is Shima, Kleber, Daing, Harugumo - all capable of doing it in a couple of tries. 2600 base exp isn't a wonder either. It's just a very good game, +200k dmg and a win. Des Moines, Salem, Smolensk, Thunderer, no problem.
  7. radius77

    Hamburg Dockyard: Build a Ship

    It won't trigger any law actions. It's not forbidden to set the price in indirect way e.g. by saying "This new Audi A1 is worth 40k EUR with 50% discount". It's math, not cheating customers.
  8. radius77

    Stocznia w Hamburgu: zbudujcie okręt

    Haczyk jest taki, że płacisz 104 zeta za coś co nie bardzo potrzebujesz :) Za "free" wygrindowałem już Kronstadt, Musashi, Azumę, Benhama, Smolensk, Alaskę, Jean Bart, Yoshino, Salem, Thunderera, Colberta. Marceau, Friselanda, Colberta i Hayate. Za chwilę do "premek" dołączy Moskwa. Piszę "za free" bo ceną jest to, że od zawsze gram na koncie premium. Tyle, że te 8k dubów to jakieś 4 miesiące premki i gdyby to było nagrodą a nie Odin to byłoby super. Każdy z tych statków zarobkami i potencjałem zjada ósmy tier. Więc Odin potrzebny mi jak Murzynowi samoopalacz, nawet za "marne" 3500 dubów.
  9. radius77

    Hamburg Dockyard: Build a Ship

    Clarification would do. One could understand that Starter Pack gives 8 phases, 10 by his own grind and yet last 2 for 3500 dubs.
  10. radius77

    Hamburg Dockyard: Build a Ship

    Those who want to purchase the shipbuilding phases at a discount can obtain the Starter Pack, which includes the first eight shipbuilding phases, in exchange for 8,000 doubloons. However, you can only purchase it prior to completing the first shipbuilding phase by any other means. In other words: 8000 dubloons for 8x250 steel ? Not bad ...
  11. radius77

    Developer Bulletin 0.9.5

    Once I bought 5k camo for Khaba, then they "rebalanced" it and I think the compensation was middle finger. So your coplaints about Moskva seems a bit too much since the don't cut her reload by half or range by 75%
  12. It's a step to re-balance the de-balance implmented by RU-balans. I'm not sure if I'm ready to pay 3500 dubloons for trying Odin out.
  13. Dzięki, postoję.
  14. radius77

    Submarine Battles: Free Submarine Rentals

    The part about how to fight submarines is an usual "misconception" by WG devs. What they "forgot" to mention is that any DD that tries to actively hunt subs will be instantly NUKED by CV or radared by 4 ships on higher tiers. IMO subs definitely will break the rock-scissor-paper balance of WoWs where each class, apart CV, has a measure to counteract another. The "good" part about CV imbalance is that many ships are able to limit CV action by effective AA. But in contrary subs offer no viable measure to fight them. What they are in fact, especially in higher tiers is like a Shimakaze that camps A-line and sends 20 km torps all the time, but with homing ping mechanics. GL with that crap.
  15. radius77

    Submarine Battles: Free Submarine Rentals

    What is the first English word Russians learn ? Bundle