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  1. radius77

    [POLL] How do you like new Asymmetric Battles ?

    I like it very much.
  2. radius77

    I'm so tired of losing...

    Maybe because your damage output is from very passive game ? Idk, but if you want to win you must contribute, not necessary by damage. I often see ships like Nevsky playing from map ridge while team needs 12 radar near caps and not on A1 square, DDs that dont bother to cap at all, brawlers like Schlieffen who try to snipe etc. Be sure you play a role in the team, not just think about personal dmg perfomance.
  3. Opened another 15 small - 1000 dubs and I really think those small are a killer-deal. Havent spend a dub, all from cerificates and already two T8 ships and last year I got Belfast and some two other tier 7 that I cant even remeber 馃槀
  4. 30 small boxes so far from certificates - Warspite - Kaga - 2500 dubs - trash
  5. radius77

    Super Container Loot Thread [ topics merged ]

    Out of 19: - Lenin - Ark Royal - 14 days - 1000 dubs - 30k coal rest was trash
  6. radius77

    Aktualizacja 0.11.6: Brytyjskie pancerniki

    Szkoda 偶e nie napisali co si臋 dzieje ze sta艂ymi kamufla偶ami za 10.000 stali. Skoro kamufa偶 b臋dzie teraz tylko "wizualny" to mo偶e wypada艂oby da膰 refund, bo gdybym o tym wiedzia艂 to bym 10.000 stali nie wydawa艂 na pewno.
  7. Narai won't be such a deal as it is now where one can stack up all super-bonus flags and get crazy amounts of free exp. Speed-grind will be also eliminated thus re-grinding lines will be much more arduous.
  8. radius77

    1 vs. 1 Brawl With Tier IX Ships

    How Rupprecht performs: 1-1 vs Mogadors 0-1 vs Z-46 1-0 vs Paolo 1-0 vs Neptune 1-0 vs Georgia 2-1 vs Agir/Siegrfied 5-1 vs Pommern easy to see rougly 2/3 games were vs German BB/almost-BBs with torps, Rupprecht being the same class I wonder if I will meet any RU, JAP or FR ship in this mode
  9. radius77

    Potyczka 1 na 1 okr臋tami IX poziomu

    Co ja widz臋, cap-y wok贸艂 wysepek zza kt贸rych mo偶na wyskoczy膰 na pe艂nym gazie ... No to chyba Mogador albo nic
  10. radius77

    Bitwy rankingowe: sezon si贸dmy

    Czemu nie sta膰 was na to, 偶eby wprowadzi膰 podobny system jak np. jest w WoT ? W zwyci臋skiej dru偶ynie najs艂abszy(-si) nie dostaj膮 gwiazdki, za to w przegranej dru偶ynie najlepszy(-si) dostaj膮 gwiazdk臋. To co ca艂y czas utrzymujecie to idiotyczny pomys艂, kt贸ry mia艂by racj臋 bytu gdyby rankedy by艂y klan贸wkami, gdzie jest szansa na jak膮艣 wsp贸艂prac臋 i koordynacj臋. A tak to mo偶na robi膰 mega bitwy i sta膰 w miejscu bo komu艣 dolosowa艂o stado nieogar贸w i baran贸w.
  11. radius77

    [Results] Easter Egg Hunt

    WG you're telling some guy grinded +3000 eggs within a week I played quite a lot and got some 440 Obviously a guy with extreme stamina or extreme bot in co-op
  12. I'm a simple man and for me it would be enough if instead of this dev blog elaborate they just say "WE APPLY THE SAME SYSTEM AS IT IS IN WORLD OF TANKS" Camo is just a camo - it only makes you look good but doesn't make you rich Apart from that there will be four "slots" - one and only one for each category: exp, freexp, capt'n exp, credits So you can "boost" all four categories but no stacking up within one category and no multiplication between them, e.g. bonus for base exp wil not boost free exp Result: farewell Narai farming, farewell speed-grind by mounting all possible special flags and throwing super-camo on top.
  13. radius77

    Changes to 鈽 Economy

    To translate from WGish to English: we f... up again, Superships earn too much credits and exp, so now they will be a true credit sink as we planned I knew they f.... up after first game in Conde - for around 160k dmg I got riddiculous exp lik 2,9k and some 700k credits and anyway a Super CV topped our team with 4k base exp.
  14. radius77

    [Wyniki] Polowanie na pisanki

    Zawsze to jaka艣 mi艂a odmiana tylko na Jezusa Zmartwychwsta艂ego i baranka czekoladowego - czemu promujecie granie co-op贸w przez boty ??? Za wygranie co-op (mo偶na w og贸le przegra膰 ???), top 3 exp (mo偶na nie by膰 w top 3 je偶eli si臋 rozumie, 偶e to WoWs a nie warcaby ???) i zebranie fraga (ok, to nie ka偶dy potrafi :) jest 5 pkt. Jak to por贸wna膰 z "randomem", gdzie jest 12 偶ywych graczy i top 3 ci臋偶ko zdoby膰, szansa na wygranie to losowe 50%, a i frag nie zawsze wpadnie. id臋 o zak艂ad, 偶e zwyci臋ski try-hardowiec oka偶e si臋, ze w WoWsa gra艂 tydzie艅 na co-opie dzie艅 i noc bez przerwy ....