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  1. what i was thinking considering i am tier 8(a bit low), thats why i have used he. But gonna change this .
  2. ok, because normal it takes 25-30 sec to switch ammo types, but i guess i need to think more ahead. How do i know that the ship will be showing broadside in 30 sec?:) Thanks for all of the advice, reading careful and will try to learn.
  3. a question about captain skill: Should i use the one that switches shells at tier 8+??
  4. I just took one, like this fight with the Alabama. Not of my proudest moments, but this battle is kind of normal for me.
  5. Ok, wait...i will do that, brb.
  6. For me, the number 8 has been a little "devil number", because i really struggle at any battles over tier 8. It seems like i start struggeling at tier 7, getting worser at tier 8, i only have one tier 9 ship which i, oh boy, really really has a problem to handle(iowa). Lets take 10 battles. Normal i will do bad in 7 battles. Maybe more on a average in 2 and maybe maybe, if i have a good day doing ONE good battle. I have difficult to: Position. To hit anything. Carry? Nope, there is no carrying at all at this level. I cant hit a destroyer. Me vs a destroyer? Well, with the Bismarch i can give some good fight back, but only that ship or Tirpits. In a North Carolina i am dead, always. Also, in tier 8 i end up in tier 9-10 games, so what should i do? What i normaly do is staying close to other bbs. But what do i do if they only camp? Should i ignore the cap zone? If i go near a cap zone i am dead in 3-4 minutes. Any advice? I just dont get it at Tier 8+
  7. Thats why we have the pink colour system. My suggestion is that people who trow out torpedoes without thinking should be even punished harder. Like a ban for 1-2 days if they keep killing team mates. Maybe they then can learn of theire own mistakes.
  8. Played ten games in the Oktyabrskaya with 70408 dmg average. Only 50% win rate but i was placed most in tier 6 and 7 games. This ship is awesome.I love her:)
  9. Relax, things like this take ALOT of times. There wil be ALOT of changes, like it was on Wot. Its just a start and everything is laid so that clan battles will be for EVERYONE.Thats theire mail goal. However they need to start somewhere. My guess is that it will be a 2 year experience before you find it something like the final result.
  10. Problem with all tier 8 ship is that they always end up in a tier 9-10 match. I think its time to adjust a setting on tier 8+ to only 1 tier match(+-), not 2.
  11. Could it be warspite?
  12. The front is not the same as the Kongo.
  13. What british ship is this? It says this is in Valencia.
  14. It will last 19 days? a collector i had decided to buy this,but 85? really? Really? They are starting to getting greedy....85 means you can buy TWO games! Lol...Or one night at a decent hotell..hmmm
  15. First of all: Dont belive everything you read. Sometimes the community is along away from the road. And who cares about the event? I have never cared, even about missions. Its just something that i dont waste time or efford on. I am only playing the game to grind more ships and improve my stats. I care about balancing and the game is currently ok with that. It could have been better. Since this is a free game and if you spend time on it, just go ahead and let the small things talking to you get of your head and focus on enjoying what the game has, and the fun it is.