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  1. Problem with all tier 8 ship is that they always end up in a tier 9-10 match. I think its time to adjust a setting on tier 8+ to only 1 tier match(+-), not 2.
  2. Could it be warspite?
  3. The front is not the same as the Kongo.
  4. What british ship is this? It says this is in Valencia.
  5. It will last 19 days? a collector i had decided to buy this,but 85? really? Really? They are starting to getting greedy....85 means you can buy TWO games! Lol...Or one night at a decent hotell..hmmm
  6. First of all: Dont belive everything you read. Sometimes the community is along away from the road. And who cares about the event? I have never cared, even about missions. Its just something that i dont waste time or efford on. I am only playing the game to grind more ships and improve my stats. I care about balancing and the game is currently ok with that. It could have been better. Since this is a free game and if you spend time on it, just go ahead and let the small things talking to you get of your head and focus on enjoying what the game has, and the fun it is.
  7. I am curious if there is any clan for collectors or if it is a interest to make one? If you are interested, give a note here so i can see if there is a point for me to make one. I was thinking of a collector clans where we focus on things we have, help each other when grinding more ships to collect, and mainly having fun with diversion play It would be a English language clan.
  8. Its simple not worth it.
  9. We need the cv back. Currently i have not seen many around in the 8-10 tier. But they need to be attractive like they was in the start of wows. Not like they are today.
  10. My plan is to hunt down all the french cruisers and get some credits as i need theme for my tier 9-10 bb's to grind)
  11. The main problem here is the dd. 4-5 dd in a team? Thats the main problem, not the camping. DD leads to camping, end of discussion.
  12. Dont be that broadside guy. Belive me, then you will getting alot of pain in all of the tiers after 5.
  13. What about making a collector clan?
  14. Yesterday i joined the 100 club) This would be nice to have on EU. Specialy a flag for it. Come on wg, give me a flag
  15. I have had two weekends in a row which has been very bad. What i do? I Simple quit playing and does something else. I also tend to play worser in periods like this, its the psycical game that hunts your brain and draw you down. But then, i like to think that this is only a game, and there is alot thing in the world that could have been worser,lol. Take a relax, i will do for sure hehe.