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  1. dc_79

    Fire quick grab the hose!!

    Thanks guys. I will change up my captain skills to help me.
  2. So I have come to the point where I am fairly tired of HE spam and fires, so my question is would specing my captain for the fire prevention be any help? Or are the other skills more useful? Thanks for any advice given.
  3. JC the op BB isn't so op in my hands. I think I do ok in It, especially compared to my other ships but the win rate it a good few % lower than the rest. Oh well looks like you can't buy success.
  4. dc_79

    The border force

    Thanks for the advice I will give it a try.
  5. dc_79

    The border force

    I'm doomed to my curse of cross eyed shooting forever then? Feels bad man.....
  6. dc_79

    The border force

    Well the interaction between ship and border has to be one of the worse designed parts of the game imo. Flat earthers should design the maps so the border humpers just fall off.
  7. dc_79

    The border force

    I don't know had a game yesterday 3 t8 shooting one t7 and we could not hit him, It was like dispersion goes funny like the island bug? I know I'm new and it could just be me but 3 of us not able to land a salvo on him? I gave up in the end and sailed the other way. When he was sat in open water we murdered him before he started humping the border.
  8. dc_79

    The Carrier Problem

    My tuppence as a noob. I could easily see CV been more annoying than arty in wot if it got any stronger. I play BB main and get hit by TB a bit and I'm fine with that as I can defend myself somewhat or manouve to a degree. I think they got CV about right for a indiret class.
  9. dc_79

    The border force

    Hi all My first post on here and as a noob its probably been addressd but why oh why have wg not done anything about ships sailing the border and been almost immune to damage? I played only 600 or so battles but I've seen this trick happen more than I'd like when a enemy ship runs to the border and bounces off it and is almost impossible to kill all while spamming back at his chases. Couldn't wg just add a damage applied penalty to hitting the border? That way you could ignore those that do it as they would just blow up anyway? Other than that really annoying part of the game I'm really enjoying the start of this game it's way better than wot.
  10. dc_79

    The border force

    Hi all Stupid forum spammed it twice. Other post has my content. Sorry for wasting space and time. Mods please close.
  11. dc_79

    Startup error

    I sent a ticket see what pearls of wisdom support offer, probably none. Bought 2 prem shops this morning too.
  12. dc_79

    Startup error

    Same for me I have tried fresh install of both game and drivers and cleaned up my c++ Still get ctd with this message
  13. dc_79

    Holiday Lottery - Try your luck!

    I won prize 7 thanks to lup3s for the comp and thanks to WolfGewhr.
  14. dc_79

    Holiday Lottery - Try your luck!

    I would like to enter the raffle. This it a very nice thing to do foe the community.
  15. I logged into the game for the first time in 4 months last night and got nothing. I think it is another random wg giveaway