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  1. Picafort

    Es wurden keine übereinstimmenden Konten gefunden

    So hat Wargaming das Problem mit den schlechten Spielern ganz elegant gelöst: Sind jetzt einfach alle Superunikums, fertig
  2. Picafort

    Matchmaking heute

    Welch konstruktive Diskussionseröffnung. Wirkt vielversprechend.
  3. Picafort

    Here we go again

    That's actually a very interesting topic you are almost raising here: Personally I'd be very much interested in seeing your explanation for the currrent "roflstomps". Could you please ellaborate on that? From my point of view, there are several factors involved: 1) The average Wargaming customer is as thick as two short planks. That is by no means a surprise, as what we are facing here is just a representation of society, and it only takes a minute or two in the commentary sections of e.g. FaceBook to lose all faith in the future of mankind. 2) The effect of 1) is further enhanced by the fact that World of Warships is technically a free-to-play game, which in itself tends to attract a very special kind of customers. 3) Another factor is the increasing complexity of the game itself. This is a natural process, because over the years, game mechanics are changed and re-balanced, and new mechanics are implemented. Especially for new players it can be really hard to filter through the huge amounts of information available on the internet, in forums, on reddit or on youtube. And much of that is even obsolete. Combine this with a certain lack of Wargaming when it comes to explaining mechanics, and what you are facing is a huge amount of players acting on obsolete information (or none at all). 4) Wargaming also chose to implement many ways for new and less experienced players to enter high tier battles without first getting to know the game in its current state. Selling tier 8 premium vehicles already was a huge issue in World of Tanks, but with Ships they really overdid it. The amount of players in high tier games that really lack any insight of their ships' role is just a pain.
  4. Picafort

    Rewardschiffe Black und Flint endlich für Geld?

  5. Picafort

    Rewardschiffe Black und Flint endlich für Geld?

    Denn wie jeder weiß: Rang 1 werden ja nur die Besten der Besten, quasi die Elite. Is klaa
  6. Picafort

    Verkauf rückgängig machen

    Ticket an den Kundenservice und auf Kulanz hoffen, würde ich sagen?
  7. Picafort

    dauer der co-ob gefechte

    Ach... co ob oder ob nicht, ist doch auch schon egal...
  8. Da bleibt also nur auf die Alternative eines deutschen Entwicklerstudios zu wechseln und WOWS zu deinstallieren.
  9. Achso, und ich dachte, "Reward" heißt "Belohnung" und das bedeutet, man kann es sich irgendwie erspielen. Gut, kann man ja mit Kohle...
  10. Conway sagte, Moskva kommt für Kohle ins Arsenal.
  11. Jo, wenn man sie im Hafen hat, werden sie zu Premiums. Sagte Crysantos eben.
  12. Picafort

    Für Smolensk suchten?

    Ich find euer Schiff etwas schwach für T7. Aber auf T6 könnte es funktionieren.
  13. Picafort

    WoWs v0.9.3 - Changes in the Armory (No more "Smolensk")!

    That actually made me laugh So very thoughtful of you!