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    Lingua del gioco

  2. _Gripen_

    Lingua del gioco

    Qualcuno sa come si fa a cambiare la lingua del gioco? Era un po' che non giocavo a WoWs ed ho dovuto reinstallare il gioco tramite il Wargaming War Center... preferisco di gran lunga avere tutto in inglese, ma non trovo alcuna opzione per cambiare la lingua dell'interfaccia...
  3. _Gripen_

    Sentence to death by spawn

    That's hard to achieve. We are talking of 3/4 tier VIII BBs and CAs harrassing a single tier VII or VI american BB... they have the range, the HE spam potential, more damage, more speed and your guns are not that good at long range... furthermore, the all or nothing armor means that you will always take significant damage from plungin fire if they keep hitting you on the stern or bow section... Of course, you can go "stealth" but due to your 20 knots top speed you will be completely useless for minutes before reaching a safe postion or you teammates....
  4. _Gripen_

    Sentence to death by spawn

    Thanks for the feedback. It happend again this morning... this time i was in the mid with the Gneisenau and in the left bottom corner there was a poor stock New Mexico which was murdered similarly to me. Again all tier VIII ships were on the right side and on the left spawned only 2 tier VI and 2 tier VII... truly looks like the spwan in this map is troublesome especially for slow ships... but maybe in time testers and developers will notice it and do something to adjust it.
  5. I just "played" a domination game in the map "Land of Fire"; it was a tier VIII match and i was sailing my tier VII Colorado. What happened: i spawned alone in the bottom left corner of the map. As the Colorado has a top speed of 20 knots i immediatly realized i was doomed. Directly in front of me spawned 3 tier VIII premium ships: a Kutuzov, an Atago and a Tirpitz. I tried anyway to reach my other teammates, which of course focused on the flags on the other side of the map as my side was very weak and doomed to be rekt by the very beginning; after a minute or so a 2nd enemy Tirpitz showed up and spotted me.... in less than a minute the Kutuzov and the Tirpitz reduced my health by 1/3; i was forced to hide behind an island, waiting to be slaughtered by them. My personal game ended in about 3 minutes and it wasn't fun at all. The spawn postion of my team wasn't good either as they were spread through the map in a very unbalanced way (of course it ended in a defeat). I have to say it's not the first time i've noticed issues with spawn positions on this particular map: spawning with american BBs like Colorado or New Mexico in such positions is completely unfair as they have a top speed of 20 knots and they can't in any way team up with allied ships. Also, the ships are spread very far away from each other and (as in the game i've played) all top tier ships are often on the same side. How is this possible? Have you ever seen similar situations? Is it possible to do anything to solve these issues?? I'm so sorry that my first post on the forum (after a year i've been playing this game) is a rant, but i was very pissed off by the fact that i was sentenced to death in the exact moment the match started. (apologize for the bad english)