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    PEPE recruiting re-rolls to rock squall and gale Requirements -unicum and above -has to be a re-roll account -max 10pt captain on your ship -preferably super-unicum in rental ships -NO CV Reply below if you want to wreck them noobs
  2. this is fine...we fixed the map
  3. Hi, I would like to apply. I'm a DD player at heart, but recently I've been enjoying cruisers quite a lot. Here's my profile: https://eu.warships.today/player/504639791/bogdanneamt Cheers.
  4. __MaceWindu__

    CA win rate plummeting

    As I mentioned above, it's not strictly about win rate as a statistic. But having a pretty severe loosing streak with a particular class of ships, or a ship, makes you wonder what you are doing wrong. And if you are not winning games you stop enjoying playing those ships. @tank276, yes, these days are suited for cruisers, but mainly for light cruisers (kutu, RN, 152 mog)...with heavy cruisers is still tricky. Yes, you have a devastating voley on a DD, but the rate of fire doesn't help you. And by the time you reload the 2nd salvo that DD is gone (if the DD is played right).
  5. __MaceWindu__

    CA win rate plummeting

    I really need some help here, since playing CA/CLs has been getting increasingly frustrating lately. I must say I am not the best player in the world, but not the worst either. It's not strictly about the win rate as a statistic, but loosing so many games in a class of ships makes you steer away from them. Recently I mostly play kutuzov and zao, and rarely DM. With kutuzov, until 2 weeks ago I was doing very good in it. Stayed at the same line with BBs and support from there. Good damage, 60%+ win rate and enjoyable games. About 2 weeks ago I started being a bit more aggressive with it, to support the DDs in the early stages, and I find myself failing miserably more than often. So here I know that I will need to take a more passive role. But the big pain is the Zao. I don't have many games in it (recently bought it so just 22), and no matter how I play it (passively, aggressive, a bit in between) I struggle to get a win with it. As a game impact I think I'm doing ok (110k damage and 1-2 kill in average), but I haven't won a game in it in the last 14 games or so, and this is extremely frustrating. What should I do? What can I do?
  6. __MaceWindu__

    RNG Cliches

    just raged quit a battle because of RNG. I was in my iowa, and the following happened within 3 min from the start: 1. Yama at 25km shoots a salvo at me. I am not perfectly angled but neither full broadside....result, triple citadel. Thank you RNG. 2. A few seconds later a minotaur shows up 12 km from me. I shoot a full salvo, 6 shells hit. 6 bounces...on a freaking minotaur...get out of here.
  7. __MaceWindu__

    Saving Transylvania

    This game mode is bugged to oblivion. I think in my 4th or 5th game, transylvania beached herself and wouldn't reverse or move at all. So that was it for the primary task. And about those Zikas, I was under the impression that there are max 16 on the map, since the secondary task says kill all (16) enemy foes. But in the same game TR beached, we killed 11 of them and there were still more than a dozen on the map.