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  1. lezantas26

    CV Rework Discussion

    imo there are 2 core problems with planes 1. immunity frames leading to exploits 2. durability of planes makes them either crap or overpowered for the 1st problem there is no cure other than downright disable immunity for planes. ofc there are bad consequences doing so, but they are going to be remedied with the solution of our 2nd problem for our 2nd problem there need to be a difference in damage in planes that close their distance to your ships (= more damage) vs planes that move away (= less damage). that would increase the durability of planes that withdraw back to the carrier without the need to buff their overall durability and making them unkillable while going for the kill. ofc the above suggestions dont make the game balanced, but give more freedom to fine tune the plane vs AA gameplay without braking it in either way just my 2c, feel free to kick my stupid [edited]
  2. lezantas26

    Disable SCs?

    well, luckily for me, i havent got a sc since 2016
  3. lezantas26

    Warspite saved!

    so... played warspite after months. tier8. win. second best player.. best part is, i find her guns quite deadly already and got skills and modules for secondaries, which is pretty subpar way to play this ship, yet i have 15/20 victories yea yea, too small sample, but this ship is certainly not underperforming in any way ps. did they change sierra mike flags to +5% instead of +5 or i always read it wrong? i probably need to choose other flag, cause it gives only 1.2 knots to warspite
  4. lezantas26

    Warspite saved!

    i have long time to play her, but i am certain its one of my better performing ships... not that this buff matters much for her playstyle, if anything it might nerf the performance of players. my reasoning is many players will throw her in less ideal situations, baited by the better traverse
  5. lezantas26

    When random isn't that random

    well, its less random, but does it really matter? used to play with couple friends back in beta, it was fun. most people are average, so even in groups they will only get some chances more at win, not outright make the game un-winnable for the enemy. i believe me and my friends performed around 60%, which is significant compared to our 50%, but its an ok balance between promoting game to groups of friends and not screwing solo players. i play solo almost all my games in live and have no issues
  6. lezantas26


    i would like to see a 3-5 absolute caps for all classes (except cv). 1. min cap means there should no be matches with 1-2 BB/DD/CA 2. max cap would obviously limit popular classes
  7. lezantas26

    Mikasa Marathon on the Asia Server

    you can influence the game with a fishing boat, that does not mean its balanced...
  8. lezantas26


    i would also like to see max range changes. instead of each tier giving +1/2 km more range, it should be less, so high tiers dont have max range of 20-30km, that is boring..
  9. lezantas26

    Mikasa Marathon on the Asia Server

    sooo, you have no argument? xD
  10. lezantas26

    am i the only one who feels that containers need looking at?

    every container is a way to help the f2p base as to not leave the game, only bonus are the SC and i have not got one since new year.
  11. lezantas26

    Main guns on Gneisenau/Scharnhorst too powerfull

    i had gneis and it was completely op, but it had nothing to do with her guns, if anything that was her weakest point. torps, german armor (which is not always good, but its strong anyway), quite maneuverable and fast, decent secondaries, and best of all... crazy strong AA imo gneis needs a nerf, probably on secondaries (dont need them anyway) and AA. i say better keep speed intact, as she prefers close combat so she needs a way to close in relatively fast
  12. so, a badly implemented feature is a strawman? wow also, i dont need to break my leg 10 times to know it hurts, do i? in all games i played in low tiers i lost maybe 2 planes to ship AA, i believe its safe to conclude that normal ships at such tiers cant do crapabout cv. in the mid tiers i lost more, but also had more reserves. more than enough to safely do damage equal to sinking 2 ships, while i am safe at the back of the team. all that without using manual drops or had any previous experience with cv i know the argument about cv cant contest caps, but lets be real, who can do that other than DD? BB in the cap? wall of skill and 10x fires = dead. cruiser in the cap? 10 citadels no matter the armor angle = dead. heck, not even all DD are suited for capping, and the ones who are cant always do so safely, especially in tiers with radar planes are powerful and versatile tool and the only defence "normal ships" have against is stacking AA, which bring us to high tiers. i have not experienced high tiers from a cv perspective, but cv players claim that its unbearable and i have no reason to not believe them. but what measures should wg take? nerf AA? then we go back to low/mid tier aa-plane power relation along with buffing cv economy and improving the ui, wg should also try to change the aa-planes to something more dynamic than the current "spreadsheet wars", which hopefully makes cv more fun to play too (right now it feels like sc's retarded cousin..) you keep blaming my limited experience with the class to claim i know nothing about it, while i am confident i can make conclusions about the most eye-popping issues but lets go your way and assume everyone so retarded that they cant see the problems at hand without playing tons of cv games.. have you ever thought that cv gameplay is so bad that i cant keep playing it? its not a bias, nor a trait i got from birth, cv gameplay is just horrible and i doubt i am the only one who believes that. so either wg change a lot about cv, or cv keep getting shafted as most players have no experience with the class cause they prefer piercing their balls than play one more game as cv...
  13. so you feel like "here are planes, here are AA, whoever stack more deletes the other" is a good implementation of a game mechanic? cause this is what nonsense is my "explanation" ps. i used to play with my friend's account (a year ago?) with mid tier jpn carrier. i was not using manual and it was ok. i tried playing last month in my account with usa carriers, but this time i wanted to use manual. played like 10 matches and i was bored. i mean, i get bored of "normal ships" too as i dont play often, but at least after a week i want to play again. i have yet to touch cv anyway, in my short cv experience, in low tiers you only fear enemy cv, the rest ships cant do anything with their sailors shooting rocks at you. mid tiers were more punishing, but you had plenty of reserves too so it was ok and if i were playing manual it might be better.. then again i suck with manual cause i have no experience
  14. you only quoted half my post though, but the second part is the explanation dont sweat it, planes/aa are implemented bad, and people will always be frustrated with either for that very reason ps. in the part you quoted, i never meant you should do nothing but watch.. you can use your fighters to protect your team or spot enemy DD, and use your strike squadrons vs "safe" targets. ye you wont carry like that early game, so if your team is losing hard you gonna lose (you cant win all matches ) but if they are holding enough to thin out the enemy formations then you will be unstoppable and carry the endgame
  15. that is cause of rng though... what if BB could hit less hard but had better accuracy? yes that might increase the long range citadels, but if you got citadel'ed for 1/2 the current damage it would be more bearable i believe. ofc you would still get deleted if you decided to show broadside 5km in front of 9 big guns