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  1. Cheaterhater

    Goodbye friends

    Thanks for bearing so long with us , and good luck for the future
  2. Cheaterhater

    Game crashes after starting

    Same issue here. Did you have any luck yet with reinstalling? I'd like to know if it's worth it, or if there is an easier solution...
  3. Cheaterhater

    Ph3lan reporting for duty!

    How about "sanitarium"? Anyway, welcome home and enjoy your stay!
  4. Cheaterhater

    MrConway reporting for duty!

    Welcome, Mr. !
  5. Cheaterhater

    Not being able to sell my ship?!

    Well, you only have that option if you're selling the ship; you still cannot sell an upgrade individually. If you don't want to sell your ship, but just want to remove an upgrade, you're still limited to either destroying it or demounting it with doubloons. It has been like that for some time as far as I remember.
  6. Cheaterhater

    Not being able to sell my ship?!

    Instead of destroying the upgrades as suggested in the post above me, you can also select to sell them along with the ship (there's a small dropdown box in the prompt that pops up when you want to sell it), which actually gives you some credits back (unlike destroying, which will not refund any credits). See here:
  7. Ab dem nächsten Patch gibt es ein automatisiertes Bannsystem, wenn jemand oft genug reported wurde. Wobei das natürlich die Frage aufwirft, was Reports zur Zeit für einen Effekt haben (allem Anschein nach gar keinen). Solche Deppen wird es leider immer geben, aber vielleicht kriegen einige davon ab dem nächsten Patch endlich den Maulkorb, nach dem sie sich offenbar so sehr sehnen.
  8. Cheaterhater

    How to carry tirpitz's players.

    Clearly this Tirpitz decided to make love, not war
  9. Cheaterhater

    Allow rejoining of battles when disconnected

    Even if your ship has been sunk, you should still be able to reconnect to the running game (sometimes I've Alt+F4'd out of the game after I got sunk, started it up again and it loaded back into the battle). I don't know why the game does not let you reconnect. You should write a ticket to the support and attach your python.log (which is found inside your game directory) and a DxDiag.txt file. However, they might not take this issue as serious as it is (players not being able to (re-)connect to the game is what I consider serious, but prepare to get an automated and at best remotely related answer to your ticket).
  10. Cheaterhater

    Allow rejoining of battles when disconnected

    There actually is such a function. I never have trouble reconnecting back into the running game whenever my client crashes. When you start up the game again and log in, you should actually get into the loading screen for the running match immediately. However, I know that in WoWP for instance, that function sometimes fails to work, and I can imagine this happening in WoWs as well. To sum it up: The feature is in the game, but sometimes it doesn't work. You should write a ticket to the support about this issue.
  11. Cheaterhater

    How do you deal with head-on destroyers at 4 km?

    If you're in a cruiser: Ram him. No, seriously. If you can't destroy him in time, then he's going to torp you as soon as you pass him. The solution is not passing him at all, which you do by ramming him. Cruisers have much more HP, and chances are you'll survive the ram while he won't. And he won't be able to fire his torps at you either. I once had to deal with the same situation while I was playing the Furutaka. I made a mistake and ended up moving towards an enemy DD in a very narrow strait. I knew he would torp me if I would move past him, so I turned towards him and cut him in half, while surviving myself (although with not so minor damage). This works both ways, btw: Yesterday I played the Isokaze, and again I was in a very narrow strait against and enemy Kuma, moving towards him and missing all my torps (and he was moving towards me as well). And I knew he would torp me if I went past him as he still had his torps left, so I rammed him. Of course, I sank during the process, but I inflicted 9000 damage and a flooding, which is better than doing nothing, I guess. Even if you don't manage to ram him, you might still get close enough that his torps won't arm and thus won't damage you (which has been mentioned before). However, you have to take what I just wrote with a grain of salt. If you really end up in such a situation that ramming suddenly becomes a viable option, you screwed up in one way or the other. The best way is to avoid such situations altogether (I know this is easier said than done, and well, sometimes ship happens, especially if you're playing a BB). If you still have a chance to turn away and dodge his torps or even destroy the DD, you should do it. If nothing else helps and you think your demise is certain, then make the best out of this situation and ram him. However, this is the last resort. Ramming is bad and should be avoided, mhkay?
  12. Cheaterhater

    A player named Mayhem is an admin or something?

    Well, there always is a first time. It might indeed be just a coincidence; he might have been referring to some other player being about to get sunk, which subsequently ended the game (which was actually a victory for your team, but showed a buggy end-game screen which wrongly says "Defeat", which probably is the default text). Of course, it's not entirely impossible that there is some kind of exploit which one can abuse to make other players crash. Therefore, the python.log is very important to resolve this. I can only recommend enabling replays for future issues. If you don't know how to do it, here's an explanation (while the description itself looks quite long, you actually just have to paste a few lines into a text file). And Puffadder is right about both things - you should not mention that player's name, and you should definitely contact the support and attach the screenshot(s) as well as the python.log and a DxDiag.txt file.
  13. Cheaterhater

    Help for Arkansas Beta module set up

    That's an excellent question! Currently, I'm using the following upgrades: I'm also a big fan of the steering gears modification. It works wonders, especially on a ship that turns as slowly as the Arkansas. As you can see, I've focused on the main guns in the first three slots. The reasoning behind that is while the Arkansas has a lot of secondary guns, they have a fairly low engagement range (3.5 km), and I've found myself barely using them at all. Therefore, I took the Main Battery Modification 1 to ensure my main guns are in working order for most of the time. For the second slot, I took the GFCS Modification 1. The Arkansas has a fairly low main battery range of only 12.1 km (even lower than its stock non-premium counterpart, the Wyoming). The modification buffs it to roughly 14 km, which I think is necessary to keep up with the other BBs you might encounter (well, except for the higher tiers, I guess; but it's helpful anyway). For the third slot, I took the GFCS Modification 2. The alternative would be the Main Battery Modification 3, but I'm concerned about the turn rate of my turrets. It's neither too slow nor too fast, so I think I should keep it like that. For the fourth slot, I took the Damage Control System Modification 1, which slightly reduces the risk of flooding and fire. The alternatives would be to give the rudder or engine some more survivability, but honestly, I think they are quite durable on the Arkansas anyway. So far I can't remember my rudder or engine ever being incapacitated on this ship. And well, as for the last slot, I'm not sure myself. You could either decrease the range at which you're detected a bit, or increase your acquisition range. The main reason why I did not pick any upgrade yet is that I'm unsure as to how an increased acquisition range actually helps me (but as far as I'm concerned, it does not do much... but well, as I said, I'm unsure). I would tend to the concealment upgrade, though, but I would also like to hear opinions about the acquisition range upgrade. Well, I might not be the expert for that matter and I'm definitely not saying that I picked the perfect upgrades for the Arkansas, but those are the ones I've been using for the majority of my battles, and it worked well for me so far
  14. Cheaterhater

    A player named Mayhem is an admin or something?

    Do you have a replay of that match? Anyway, you should contact the support about that. Make sure to send them the python.log file which is located in your game directory (and note that with every match you play, there's a chance your python.log is too long and gets overwritten, so you should better do that sooner than later). Apart from that, naming and shaming is not allowed on the forums, which means you must not publicly post the name of somebody from whom you think he has violated the rules. You should edit your post and remove the name.