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  1. czman1

    0.5.1. Patch Notes

    Yes, harcap is something i would agree, but problem is elsewhere. There are not enough high tier cruiser players. More about down there. Its team based game. Any member of team have his responsibility on his own depends on his ship class. You can carry in any ship, even in cruiser if you play it smart and dont get killed for nothing. There are some risks, on higher tiers, but more about it down there There is no useless class(as above), you just have to use your advantages. Shorter range doesnt mean you're useless, just that you need adjust your tactic, like example use your camouflage value. Its not necessary shot everything in range if theres risk of being shot back, or not moving on straight line when detected. All 200mm+ cruisers have shorter ranges than BBs, but they can do well, so is not all about range. To high tier cruisers. WG should sit down and think about it. Problem i see is damage caused by BBs. If any hit can cause over half of cruiser HP loss, its pretty annoying. You can angle as you wish and it will not help you at all. I had games where i was following our BBs, but rather than shot at them, they shot at me EVEN when i was out of range of my guns and didnt posed any risk to them. And that sucks.
  2. czman1

    0.5.1. Patch Notes

    An why do you think Light Cruiser should compete with Battleships? And what about Heavy cruisers? Yes, Battleships did and do rule field because bigger guns have bigger range than small guns. And because of that, only one who can compete with battleship is another battleship (or CV later in history, because they got even bigger range). Cruiser role is support role. Not to kill battleships but give them fire support, pull DDs out of torpedo range, give BBs AA protection, fight enemy cruisers.
  3. czman1

    0.5.1. Patch Notes

    Yes that is. I have torpedo detection range as third skill(because of sneaky DDs im supose to kill), so i'll have retrain it. Anyway, experienced CV player will try force you to use it an withdraw his planes, so you spend charge and gets nothing in return(and not talking about as soon you get spotted, every BB in range will try hit you, but thats another part of "cruisers are so fun to play" story).
  4. czman1

    0.5.1. Patch Notes

    Thaats nonsense. AFT is "must have" on any cruiser captain because of AA range. And so far i was looking on stats, German cruisers got comparable range to US/IJN ones even without magicall laws of physics breaking skill....
  5. czman1

    0.5.1. Patch Notes

    Thank God for it! This skill was so broken an unrealistic. In CBT it affected only secondary guns, so its just reverting someones error.
  6. czman1

    0.5.1. Patch Notes

    And chat deleting "feature" will stay in game?
  7. czman1

    fps drops BUG

    Happened to me yesterday too. Suddenly drop to 5-6 fps at the end of battle.
  8. czman1

    BB's need a huge buff against cruisers.

    This is funny topic, but please, lock.
  9. czman1

    NERF % chance of fires on HE shells!

    This is complaining topic? Ok lets complain. Do you think just BBs are affected by fires? What about cruisers, without damage repair ability(unless high tier ones). They got slaughtered now by: American destroyers shoting HE(small chance of fire, but good chance to knock out turrets, engine, rudder, etc.), another CA shoting HE(bigger chance of fire, much bigger chance to knock out modules, also bigger hp loss since HE buff), any hit by BB(and they hit more than often, unless they are stupid enough to shoot all guns at same time, miss and render themself deffenceless for 34 seconds, ... ), one good hit and you lose more than half of you HP, basically youre dead, because everybody will go after you now. Playing cruisers, with all those extra BBs around is terrible. They are weaker than DDs now, because DD can avoid fire easilly(smaller, faster, camo and smokescreen), but cruiser just partially and any hit is pain. You cant afford HP loss and if you do, everybody is going after you, because you are so easy to kill. If anybody is suffering from increased HE dmg and fires, its cruisers.
  10. czman1

    IJN cruzers

    At least increased range with 203mm guns.
  11. czman1

    DD control bug

    Locking camera(ctrl+x) is no reason for smokescreen, or any consumable stop working. This happen on rare occasions, just two times to me, yet. And another thing. Reseting preferences isnt reason why this happen just in one battle, whille in next(without ANY changes) its all working again. If something was wrong with preferences file, every game should be affected. I can give it try, but because its so rare, its hard to say if its working or not.
  12. czman1

    DD control bug

    This happened to me twice and i think it was both times in my Minekaze J DD. In battle, my controls stuck on aiming. I can switch between guns and torps, but i cant shoot them, because it said its aiming and guns or torps dont turn. I cant even use smokescreen. Icon blink, sound of smokescreen is played, but no smokescreen is released. AA cant be disabled too, BUT i can sail my ship, change directions and speed. It seems to be target focus(target follow) related, because when i press X, it does something, but still not working. I didnt used aim assistant. First time, this happened during battle, few minutes after game begin. I targeted cruiser i think, he disappeared(no longer spotted) and my aiming stuck. At same time, CV players in game reported Torpedo bombers "defection" behind map borders. Second time today, right at battle start, before any target was focused, same problem. Anyway, in next battle, everything is working all right again. Anybody else noticed this?
  13. czman1

    Game Modifications: Pros and Cons

    What about use your mousewheel, to zoom out (one step) abit and change you FoV? It only sucks against fast targets at distance, because it make you vertical aiming more difficult, but it is need if your shells got slow travel speed(like Cleveland as example) and you can hold you lead more accurate without loosing track on target this way. I just wish there should be some info in zoom reticle about current zoom level.
  14. czman1

    Game Modifications: Pros and Cons

    Just banning this mod isn't any sollution. Pandora box is open, there'll be accusions to good players for using it, there'll be bad players using it for incompetence against good players(because all others have to using it too, right? ). When i saw this game aiming system for first time, i pretty soon realized how vulnerable it is to modding. Not just this mod. Its good system, just too easy to abuse. There are three options, in my opinion, what WG can do. First, do nothing(WG style). Let players choose using it or not. Therefore everyone will using it to not be in disadvantage. Second, make it feature. Give all players same conditions, but take away most of skill. (They should consider old NavyField system of assisted or not assisted aiming, projected on damage output. But with this mod working its not sollution.) Three, rework aim system or better secure output data to make any future mods inaccurate as possible. Keep fighting windmills.
  15. czman1

    worst ships?

    Kuma is terrible, in my opinion worst ship in game. Wondering why so many people voted for Aoba, because Aoba is much, much better. Ofc if you compare any cruisers with Cleveland(wich is OP as hell), everything is bad. Lets start with Kuma. Its fast, but turning rate is terrible as its long ship. You hardly avoid incomming fire. Armor, what armor? Kuma hadn't any armor and low HP, Torps have just 7km range, what is deadly distance for Kuma, as it can't afford get hits. Two, three salvos and you're dead. Even gun fight with single destroyer will cost you majority of HP. Aoba on other hand, have pretty decent guns able to hit at long ranges and torps with 10km range, so you dont have to get so close, still turning nice and good speed. Also AA is much better compared to Kuma. Kuma should be playable, if it had Smokescreen to hide your aproach(or get from from danger), but without it, its just bigger destroyer easy to kill for anyone.