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  1. Nibenay78

    Oldest WOWS Player

    I like this thread. I feel young again! @Europizza is an old fart!
  2. Have anyone actually tested the real effect statistically from Dazzle? I think I actually have it on Småland or Daring or some other gunboat I forgot to respec... every time I see that avatar I can only think: WE ARE THE UR-QUAN KOHR-AH
  3. Funny game yesterday: I go on one flank to spot and torp in Yamagiri. About a minute after I have arrived, I have to go afk for about 2-3 minutes due to a minor emergency in the house! Not a big deal as I just fired torps and I set some waypoints back and forth to provide spotting. When I get back: The waypoints have run out and my ship is parked full broadside 5km from a smoke cloud from the enemy Yamagiri. He didn't even fire a single shot or fired torpedoes, nor did anyone else. The ship is completely unharmed. And I have done 90k damage and 150k spot and apparently scared off the other DD, as I didnt find him again until endgame... Shows the power of being AFK!
  4. Nibenay78

    what is the purpose having fighters ?

    My opinion is * A close defeat (where I did well) is very more enjoyable than 10 minutes of steamroll where I did nothing or just shot at fleeings ships that died or sailed around with broadsides like a bot. * A close win (where I contributed significantly or tipped the loss into a win) is most fun. But I'm sure we all have different views on just this part.
  5. Nibenay78

    what is the purpose having fighters ?

    I would not use the words "important", but I can understand that it's more enjoyable to win a game where ones own skill is relevant. The goal of the game is to win. I completely agree. Winning can be fun. Winning can also be boring. To have an enjoyable time while doing so is what makes a game. I can see from your responses that we differ a bit in which kind of games we prefer to play.
  6. Nibenay78

    what is the purpose having fighters ?

    Some do enjoy the impression of a fair match, and some don't enjoy winning by the enemy not fighting back. I assume you are not one for enjoying a challenge then, right? To put it to the extreme example, if you could win at the start of a game by 1 mouse click - do you think this game would be fun and enjoyable and you'd bother playing 15k games like that?
  7. Nibenay78

    what is the purpose having fighters ?

    I didn't train mine to that, it would have a dementrial effect on my poor health! No, that's the ingame report/karma systems job. And often the medium AA doesn't even engage it, which is funny as its usually that AA that is supposed to have "useful" dps.
  8. Nibenay78

    what is the purpose having fighters ?

    It's fairly obvious when the torps are coming if they are going to hit or actually turning will help. I don't think I am "dodging" anything, it's just a matter of who will get the killshot usually. In these cases I will do my best to avoid the CV to get it. Yes we all know this. The CV also loses.
  9. Nibenay78

    what is the purpose having fighters ?

    It's the only way to really get the message across unfortunately. Maybe add an appropriate review in steam and other sites what you think about the game.
  10. Nibenay78

    what is the purpose having fighters ?

    Well as it doesn't make a huge amount of difference.. might as well be quiet.
  11. Nibenay78

    what is the purpose having fighters ?

    I always dodge CVs, I rather take a devstrike from another ship than give money and xp to the carrier...
  12. Nibenay78

    what is the purpose having fighters ?

    I always thought the fighter consumable is there to spot ships behind islands when they fire on them with AA... Do they actually do anything else?
  13. Nibenay78

    2 Sub +1 CV = Boring game

    Once had 3 CVs and 3 surface ships on each team in low tier an early morning. First cruiser never left his side of the map. He was an ok doing newbie and iirc, he didn't want to play anymore.
  14. Indeed, if they only charged a subcription (prem time) I'd be good with paying that for a great game, and not paying when I dont like it anymore. No doubt they are well aware they earn more on various FOMO schemes, crazy premium ships, ungrindable dockyards, OP superships and so on and so forth, as a newbie will easily shell out money for this...