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  1. Nibenay78

    Opinion - Why German Battleships Are The Best

    Of course doesn't "always work" since they are tiny at that angle and RNG will screw you over at times and not all ships can use Halsey, cough
  2. Nibenay78

    Opinion - Why German Battleships Are The Best

    When a DD is spotted steaming right towards you (rather frequent at the start of the game) and is spotted by a friendly DD going towards him.. then 7.5 sec it just right to get the shells out a few seconds before he makes his mandatory turn to run shows maximum broadside. Always works...
  3. Nibenay78

    Opinion - Why German Battleships Are The Best

    Cruisers and DDs should be prioritized, however what do you call long range? Usually for me, a DD will pop up at 10-12 km from my BB. Snagging a salv at a turning DD at 10km should score some hits on a regular basis. edit: thats usually the range from me that other DDs will spot them or the cruisers will radar them. Depending on the angle/speed/players willingness to use wasd, I'll probably fire at up to 14km.
  4. Nibenay78

    Opinion - Why German Battleships Are The Best

    Halsey ftw... a good HE salvo does wonders!
  5. Nibenay78

    Opinion - Why German Battleships Are The Best

    You really should tell it to not crash :P After checking my stats, it seems I do okay in GK, yet I don't like or play her much just for the above reasons. Even kiting away but still within secondary range, I feel it's not a issue to grind down GK while playing Montana due to the huge superstructure and ease to score regular hits. Not firing the rear guns makes a massive impact in my eyes. That said, Montana could use a buff ;) I love doing drive by shooting with it.
  6. Nibenay78

    Opinion - Why German Battleships Are The Best

    Much too poor rear turret angle and to use them one takes massive damage from regular pens.
  7. Nibenay78

    New rocket mechanics in Detail

    We can only hope. But then again its not like you have to actually blast DDs to kill them. The occational pass at the opportune moment will take care of it.
  8. Nibenay78

    New rocket mechanics in Detail

    I have 4 tier X CVs. Please nerf them to the ground.
  9. @Beastofwar I assume you HAVE seen the answers from WG there right? and the "battle influence" values...
  10. Strange that being invisible offers a major advantage to those skilled enough to use it against those unable to have situational awareness...
  11. There is no role as AA support any more after the rework, before it was. Carriers are not teamplayers the slightest, their primary job is to maul the enemy as fast and efficiently as possible. This job is the same regardless how many are on their team. I don't understand how you rant that purple players (clearly not me) will suck more with new mechanics?? I am helping a casual friend grind a bit. He has no idea which planes do what, nor the interest to really learn it, just as ONE example. I don't think players like him will in ANY WAY benefit from a ton of other various mechanics that WG cooks up. I'm quite sure that people like @Bear__Necessities will learn them easily, even myself probably. But seeing as I'm not unicum, I don't fit into your narrative do I?
  12. We all probably play, with the same stats as before, yet quite possible we will enjoy it less...
  13. What you are saying is . regardless what WG puts in the game, we should just adapt and not complain.