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  1. geekuma

    Friendly bots eating torps like it was candy

    A big, biiiig misunderstanding here, dear fellow captains. I am not talking about shooting torps without aiming or looking around. I'm talking about torps I've shot against the enemy when the line of fire was clear, but then friendly bots change their course and steer right into my torps. All bots have the capacity of avoiding enemy torps, but not the friendly torps. This behaviour makes no sense as if the friendly torpedoes were invisible to the bots. That's where the problem is: inequal bot behaviour between the enemy and friendly team. I would not be complaining if bots would behave the same way regardless who shot the torps. Please be reassured: I'm not crying about "it's game's fault and I'm perfect". I'm far from a perfect player. And of course the principle "my torps my responsibility" applies here, I'm not questioning that even a little bit. But does the different behaviour of the bots carry any value for the game experience? What I'd like to see is that the bots would react to the torps the same way, regardless are they enemy or friendly torps.
  2. Dear fellow commanders and WG, I guess I can't be the first one to bring this topic up. What's up with the bots in your own team, who don't even try to avoid your torpedoes? Enemy bots can do avoiding manoeuvres to avoid torpedoes, but your own team don't do a thing. And why the penalty for friendly fire applies like it was a real player? This is not about torping in front of your fellow ship (that's just asking for trouble), but your fellow ship running into your torps that you shot earlier when the line was still clear. Your own team bots know how to avoid collision, to the point they even stop. But torp avoidance? No, it's torp eating. Could this be changed? Cheers!
  3. geekuma

    Bug Reports

    I'm not a WG employee, just a fellow gamer. But maybe I can interest you in this: They have provided instructions on how to report bugs. One doesn't have to be a developer to understand that your description is way too generic and doesn't provide any useful information to figure out the actual issue, recreate it and finally attempt to fix it. Plus the issue could be also with your own computer and/or your internet connection. Just do the bug report as requested.
  4. Thank you all, I found the correct thread and reported there !
  5. geekuma

    Bug Reports

    1. Description My ship Émile Bertin hit the rocks by an island in the Neighbors map. When trying to get free from the rocks by wiggling back and forth, the ship actually went up and down, the bow of the ship sticking in the air. 2. Reproduction steps You could perhaps try to crash the same rocks in the same way and try to reproduce the bug. I wouldn't know if you need the same ship or some other. The replay file below should give you all the information needed. 3. Result The ship looks like a duck diving in the water. It didn't take any damage from the movement, it just looked silly. I was able to get loose and get away. 4. Expected result Ships are not ducks. 5. Technical details The replay file can be found here. The duck-like action is between 15:25 and 15:00. Two screenshots below to clarify the situation. I posted about this issue earlier, before I found this thread.
  6. BTW I still didn't see any reactions from any devs. Where can I report bugs like this?
  7. Dear WG, Could we please get more low-tier missions and campaigns? Most of them are for tiers VIII and up, which is very annoying for players like me - not having any high-ish tier ships despite the amount of gaming I've done (beta tester, FYI). If I compare to World of Tanks, where the player has way more opportunities at the lower tiers to battle, but reaching higher tier tanks is also faster there than in the World of Warships. This seems unbalanced to me. I know I could rush my ship research and just try to get the next ship as fast as I can, but I prefer getting used to my ships and actually playing with them - not just using them as stepping stones to higher tiers and forgetting them as soon as I get next one researched. There's a lot of thought about how to make tier I playable for new players (I find it better than WoT tier I), but then the game kinda forgets the low-tier players and focuses on higher tiers only. If it was as easy to hit those higher tiers as it was in WoT, I wouldn't mind. But it isn't, there's way more grinding to do so could you at least make it more enjoyable then? I don't know if I'm alone with my thoughts. How about other captains out there, are you with me or am I just blabbering for nothing? :-) Cheers, geekuma
  8. My Émile Bertin suffers from an identity crisis. Is it a light cruiser; is it a heavy destroyer; is it just a common duck? Today it chose the last one. It was literally wiggling on those rocks, all over the place. I finally got lose and even survived the battle. The review file is available here. The duck-like action is between 15:25 and 15:00. The battle itself is nothing interesting from my point of view, only the unexpected personality crisis that my poor little Émile Bertin suffered from - little French duck.
  9. geekuma

    How to stop spamming?

    That's true, but it doesn't help with the chat window exploding. Thank you for the idea in any case,
  10. geekuma

    How to stop spamming?

    Thank you for the information! I agree with both effectiveness and improperness of the sinking solution :-P About WG knowing about the problem; sounds like someone has pulled a management decision to allow the voice command spam (yes, deliberately not taking an action means effectively an approval). Nevertheless, I find it very hard that any self-respecting tester or business analyst would either miss or allow such a loophole to exist. Maybe it was seen as insignificant or too difficult to fix at the time, or maybe they had a deadline to reach. But the game is already over 3 years old, so what gives, WG? With all due respect, this is a bit too obvious bug to be allowed to exist such a long time.
  11. geekuma

    How to stop spamming?

    How do you stop someone spamming on the chat? In World of Tanks you just select the player, block their messages and you're done, easy! I just experienced an "interesting" battle, where one player was extremely abusive in the chat, spamming multiple times a minute. I was one of his/her dedicated targets. The spamming was continuous and accompanied by the voice messages, which made the concentration (surprise surprise) very hard. The spamming stopped only at the very end of the battle when he/she was concentrated on hunting the CV and didn't play with the F-buttons anymore. I did: Add him/her to Blacklist. No effect. Stop messages from him/her. No effect. Reported for poor behaviour in chat. Obviously no immediate effect, but at least made me feel slightly better. The replay file can be found here. It is NOT published for shaming purposes, so please do NOT attack nor abuse the players in the game, not even the spammer. I'm publishing the replay file, so others can evaluate the situation themselves and maybe come up with comments. And yes, my Aoba fighting sucks totally :-D