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  1. ajb13

    You get to play only 1 ship in 2019! Which one it is ?

    Krasny Krym - I've been a bad boy and deserve to be punished
  2. ajb13

    warned for team damage. torpedoes

    Your team mate is often too focused on the enemy to be able to give you and your actions his full attention. If there is a chance of hitting a friendly ship hold your fire. Mistakes do happen, especially if your torps are slow and long ranged, but the rule is your torps so your mistake and you should apologise in chat. If you really want it and it's on sale I'd say buy it, just don't go playing it in randoms until your ready for that tier.
  3. ajb13

    They did it again - OP Killer Whale

    The main problem with operation is the criteria to win - 50% of ships to the exit zone. Not only does this seem to be too complicated for some players to understand it also leads to the stupid situation where in order to win you sometimes have to get your ship sunk. My solution - change the main objective and some of the secondary ones, while also moving the exit zone and adjusting some bot behaviour. Have a single exit zone in the NW corner around A1 Change to main objective to all remaining ships to exit zone. Drop the secondary objective to prevent the enemy entering the harbour and replace it with have at least 3 ships get to the exit zone. Adjust the bots to not enter the harbour but instead move to intercept you as you go towards A1, that way the cruiser and BB targets in the NE would stay north of the island and come towards you. The numbers and entry points of the bots would probably need to be adjusted as well, but I feel that a change to the objectives along the line I just proposed would make for a more satisfying experience. Of course it wouldn't stop players who want to deliberately sabotage the run by not moving into the exit zone, but at least with the simpler main objective you would then know they were griefing and not just misunderstanding the situation, and could submit a ticket with a screen shot to WG, hopefully get them banned if they do it all the time.
  4. Such good value, I'll take 2
  5. ajb13

    Will *edited* my account

    It seems that the OP is having some kind of stress related breakdown. Please be understanding with him WG and do not ban him, in fact you could show that you sympathise with his condition by giving him 7 days premium time.
  6. ajb13

    Will *edited* my account

  7. Well he can if he gets 12 hits out of 12 shells fired at it. But please RNGesus only one BB per year at most to do that, I promise I'll be a good boy if you answer my prayer.
  8. Now I'm a cruiser main and while I find being citadeled through the stern or having penetrating shells by that BB 16km an annoyance I don't see it as something that needs changing. BB's are supposed to be the counter for cruisers, and Cruisers usually have twice the HP of a DD. Also they are less under pressure to expose themselves by spotting and capping. DD's should be the natural target for cruisers and other DD's, not BB's. Since some ancient patch back in the early days of the game BB overpopulation has been a problem in the game, but it appears it's too hard for WG to code in a soft cap for them, not nice and easy like the one they did for DD's when their numbers suddenly start to rise. I've given up all hope of WG ever doing anything about it. Anticipation is a skill that should be acquired by experience, you cannot get it right all the time, but as you get better at it you should have the right ammo for the right targets in your guns more of the time. Currently that's not needed, AP should work just fine all of the time. For me it's good play for a DD to actively evade when under fire, and a game mechanic that penalises a player for good play, and at the same time rewards players with high calibre guns for lazy ammo selection is bad.
  9. But the proposed changes aren't about hitting a DD at long range, I don't think anyone, especially WG, has a problem with that, they are about the shells arming for full AP damage on a low HP target, effectively reducing the DD's impact on the rest of the game to nothing unless it's good at stealth torping . The game was originally designed so that large calibre guns need to load HE to do large amounts of damage to lightly armoured targets, making ammo selection a skill, but now no skill is required at all, AP is great for all targets because the instinct of lightly armoured ships is to try and evade fire and not just sail in a straight line presenting a broadside in order to only get hit by overpens.
  10. So you are saying that a Yamato player can time the firing of his shells to hit an evading DD at 17km just right so that they hit his 19mm armour at the right angle to pass through at least 68mm of it and arm the shell? All skill and no luck involved at all?
  11. Was in my Tashkent (stock) or Jutland the other day, cannot remember which one this happened to, and was being engaged by cruisers and DD's when a Yamato over 15km away hit me with 2 AP shells for just under 10k dmg. Was I playing badly by angling away from the DD's and cruisers, thereby giving a BB I couldn't even see until he fired the angle to arm his AP shells, or was it skilful aiming by the Yamato to hit just the right place on my DD to get enough armour to arm his shells? I think not, he just rolled the RNG dice and got lucky. 10k dmg is around half the HP of those 2 DD's, with the damage I'd taken from the other ships I could only disengage and play very cautiously for the rest of the game, something nobody wants to see a gunboat DD on their team doing after only a couple of minutes in the game. With the proposed changes he would have dealt 3k damage, still around 1/6th of my HP, and I think that's enough of a reward for his lucky shot. There is currently nothing a DD can do to counter this, except perhaps just hide behind an island so he cannot be hit by long range fire from BB's at the back of the map, but then who's gonna do the scouting and capping? At least with the other luck mechanic, detonations, you can insure against them with flags and modules, but arming BB AP shells you can do virtually nothing.
  12. From what I understand being broadside on is your best chance of survival, your armour will be at it's thinnest and the shells will overpen. It's when they catch the DD at an angle that's the problem, the increased armour thickness this causes is arming the shells so they don't overpen and instead explode in the DD for full damage.
  13. It's not accuracy that's the problem, throw enough shell into the general area of enough DD's and eventually you'll luck out and get one to arm for full damage, and that's the problem. Originally BB's were expected to fire HE at soft targets like DD's, making ammo selection a skilful decision, but now it's AP for all targets.
  14. The BB doesn't need to detect the DD to fire on it, that radar equipped cruiser can do it for him, as can the friendly DD that has moved into fight with it. He needs to be in range and roll the RNG die, while hoping that the target has angled himself away from incoming fire enough for his AP shell to arm for full damage. A couple of nights ago a Yamato decided to ignore the Bismarck 5 km away from him to fire a full AP broadside at my Jutland 10 km away, he missed but must have thought the potential rewards for a kill if a couple of shells could hit and arm was worth losing out on a solid hit on the Bismarck.
  15. ajb13

    Reasons behind "Roflstomps"

    It takes a real special effort to get rolfstomped this hard. My own contribution was getting second line torped by a friendly Fiji while stationary in smoke in a cap for 4/5th of my hp. Seems like the rest of my team put in similar efforts.