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  1. ajb13

    What makes you consider quitting WoWs?

    Already left the PC version for the console version. I'd been playing less and less randoms, mostly just doing event missions in the scenarios and CO-OP. Then they introduced a line of ships i'd really been looking forward to, the Italian cruisers. All the feed back I read about them was negative, they were just so lack lustre. Despite this I opened every lockbox I could earn in game during the early access event and I got Nil, Zero, a big fat 0 Italian cruisers This was followed by the final straw, the announcement of submarines to be included in normal gameplay. My frustrations with the game up to that point had been adding up. I hardly played any games with T9-10 ships and had only bothered to research a few of those as blueprint only ships just don't interest me. The limited number of tiers on the console means that the top tier ships are those that sit at T8 on the PC, ships that were actually built and have interesting history, so I've already researched, or plan to research, all the DD's and cruisers and I'm actually playing them. I really enjoyed scenarios but WG seems to have abandoned them, the number available to play has actually gone down. I'd been playing the game on PS4 since the open beta and found I just enjoyed it more than playing on the PC. So since the end of the Italian cruiser early access event I haven't been on the PC version of WoWs. And so far I don't miss carriers, T9-10 ships, having to train new commanders for lower tier ships I want to keep as I move up the tech tree, and I certainly wouldn't miss arcade style submarine gameplay. (I voted broken promises as they once said there would never be subs in game)
  2. ajb13

    Bye and thanks for the good times

    I've actually switched over to WoWS on the PS4 and i'm enjoying it a lot more than I ever did on PC. Carriers never really bothered me but i'm enjoying gameplay on the DD's more without them. Endgame ships are historical and not blueprint only cold war ones due to the reduced number of tiers. The commanders system means you can keep all your favourite lower tier ships without having to train new captains for them, although the way you level them up is a bit weird. Its 9 vs 9 in random but that is ok. Also it appears that you'll have a chance to get ships you can no longer get on the PC, just completed the missions to get Kutuzov. And best of all there's no subs on the immediate horizon. Unless they introduce something really new like frontline for WoT, which temped me back for a while, I cannot see myself ever bothering to play the PC version again. I know in my heart WG will screw the console version up eventually, but i'll keep on enjoying it until then. PS - it also has a global server and cross platform play with the xbox, so you can play anytime you want, which is good for me as I finish work at midnight on a few days a week. Dev striking some stupid Americans BB with your torps at 4am is most satisfying
  3. Just been watching Flamu's video of the submarine test on YouTube and am so glad I made the right choice to abandon the PC for the console version of WoWS. Hopefully subs never make the transition to console and ruin that as well.
  4. ajb13

    Code for ship!

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  5. It's not called running away, the correct term is advancing back to the mess hall, after all he is entitled to a lunch break.
  6. I never played T10 games much under the old RTS CV's so I never had a problem with unicum CV's and didn't mind encountering mid tier ones, I even played them on rare occasions. But I'm not a fan of the new arcade CV's, I only play them in operations. And now they plan to add arcade submarines. This is a step too far in the wrong direction for me. It's almost as if WG has decided WoWS is failing and so has brought in the guy they used to try and save WoWP, and his only answer is - GO FULL ARCADE MODE! For along time all I really wanted was to play Italian cruisers in the game, I've waited patiently, but now knowing that submarines will be following hard on their tail I've lost interest. I hardly play at all these days, mostly just operations and PVE to grind out missions to keep up with stuff in case I come back fully. After all it's sometimes hard to abandon a game you've invested so much time and money in. And so too the point, I'm really enjoying WoWS legends on the PS4. Random games seem fun again. Ah the joys of listening to some American BB player ranting and raving because you won't smoke up his little ship at 3am in the morning. And not a CV in sight. I don't know if that's the difference, or if it's the smaller faster games or what? The game has it's problems for me, mostly around how you get commanders and level them up (I HATE F'IN LOOT BOXES!) but the actual game play is enjoyable. I can see myself switching over to it fully, at least until submarines start popping up, which I hope they never do on console.
  7. That would be some BB players, with one hand on the mouse to fire the guns every 30 seconds, I often wondered where the other hand was if it wasn't on the keyboard. But I suppose looking at those big BB's must be really exciting for some players...….
  8. Now you've gone and done it, you'll get banned for leaking the tier 6 Soviet CV ahead of schedule.
  9. So any attempt at realism is to be thrown out the window to make the game more vigorous and exciting by giving submarines unrealistically high speeds. What changes to current ships would you like to see to make them more 'vigorous and exciting' for you? 300 knot Swordfish on H.M.S. Furious will be just fine for me.
  10. ajb13

    Homing torpedoes for subs confirmed

    Not watched the stream but glanced at the news article. Homing torpedoes, as fast underwater as on the surface and with the limited O2 supply mechanics, these are just the arcadey Halloween ones with a new gimmick. No, Just no!
  11. ajb13

    British BB citadel

    He's moving side to side too much to be a real BB player. Now if he was moving slowly straight up the glass...………….
  12. I don't play that much now, but I must say I'm enjoying WoWs Legends on the PS4 quite a lot. No T10 blueprint only ships as all you have to aim for, better matchmaking, no CV's as of yet, randoms are a lot more fun. Oh did I also mention global server so if I want to play at 1am when I get back from work I still can.
  13. ajb13

    Why are YOU playing this game?

    Because I've invested to much time and money in it to totally abandon the game. That said I'm enjoying WoWs Legends on the PS4 a lot more. The biggest problem for me is that wargaming think I'm obsessed with owning and playing T10 blueprint only cold war ships, well I'm not. I'm much more happier playing historical ships I like, which means I'll be a lot happier playing top tier in legends.
  14. ajb13

    USS Benham: The Marathon Guide

    Should you really be advocating AFK as grinding tactic on the forums?
  15. ajb13

    USS Benham: The Marathon Guide

    The daily missions are easy to do if you've got an hour or two to spare each day, just do them in ops and co-op as your almost guaranteed a win in those. That'll also do the event missions for you so you'll get the Hill and fuel without having to worry about the savage battle part of it. You can then leave the last 2 parts of battle for resources, meaning you only have to get 9.3M and can forget about the last 7.5m credits. That's how I'm planning on doing it, and if the internet is down for a day or two I can still do the 9th part of resources as it won't take too long to earn 1.5m credits.