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  1. Submarines based on real life performance in the time frame of WoWs would be unplayable, and the Halloween style ones really have no place in PvP battles with the regular tech tree ships. The only solution to introduce Submarines into PvP games I would be happy with would be to create a new event that runs several times a year and had it's own limited tech trees for 2 fictional steampunk nations that could include submarines. Just 1 tier of ships but with more specialised versions to unlock, and teams could be national based in a race for supremacy during the event. Players could only play for the same nation 2 events in a row, then would have to complete certain requirements with the other nation during the next event to unlock their original nation again. This would prevent players from just choosing the 'Winning' side over and over again, destroying any long term future for the event. With only a limited number of same tier ships, all of them fictional, it should be possible to balance the game to include a more Halloween style submarine that wouldn't seem too arcadey in a steampunk setting.
  2. ajb13

    Exeter easiest to aim for achievements ?

    Just play in DD's without the Juliet Charlie flag, have it done in no time
  3. I earned every crown and florin I could in game, and got an extra 50 florins from the container they gave away because of server issues. Have converted extra crowns to florins and have come up short of the T8 by 970 of them. Oh well, no need to play WoW's this week, of to play something else, except for the final Exeter missions of course.
  4. I stopped playing ranked several seasons ago so I really cannot comment, but I don't see these ships as a major problem in random I would not have minded much, not enough to change them for doubloons, or even cashback if they offered it. But as I stated I didn't buy these ships for their stats. The problem in nerfing them lies in the precedent it would set. Myself and others do buy ships for their stats and gameplay style, and if WG started changing those ships I would mind, especially if only Doubloons were offered as compensation. The problems of WoT and WoWs balancing are totally different. No matter how OP a ship is, any other ship still has a chance to damage it and fight against it, even as a bottom tier when it is top tier. This is not the case with tanks, and I was reminded of that yesterday. Played some games on the PS4 and had one with a KV220-2 in a predominantly T3 line up, a game where there is an opponent that 75% of my team had no chance of damaging even with gold ammo. Playing through games like that is why I'll never look at the line ups in WoWs and feel like giving up.
  5. I've played over 8000 random battles. 100 of those in GC, 50 in Belfast and 5 in KA. If players with these ships just constantly played them and filled the MM with OP ships then it'd be a problem and maybe some nerfs would have been in order, but in my experience they don't. I wanted the Belfast in my port because, well it's Belfast, so I bought her because she was going to be removed from sale, not because she's OP. GC I bought because it's Italian and Italy was virtually ignored in all WG products at that time and I wanted that to change, so I bought it for that reason, not because she's OP.
  6. ajb13

    Anyone get any Ship Missions from Air Supply containers?

    Earned all you can in game and not bought any. Got Edinburgh, but already have her in port. Then they gave us that free one last Monday as compensation for the server issues, got the Hood out of it.
  7. ajb13

    Friendly bots eating torps like it was candy

    Apply the same rule for bots as you do players, if there's a chance to hit a friendly don't launch torps. Make it one of your instincts in game. If there was no penalty for torping friendly bots this would just lead to bad instincts being bought over from co-op to random games.
  8. ajb13

    HMS Furious torpedo aircraft should be Swordfish

    When ever I think of fleet air arm torpedo bombers the swordfish is what comes to mind. Taranto, Bismarck, this makes the Swordfish the iconic WW2 British torpedo bomber. It needs to be a torpedo bomber in game. Put it on Hermes for a start (and give that ship a nice deck and not cover it in the camouflage as well while you're at it). Maybe the way to go with aircraft on the CV's is not to have just upgrades to unlock, but instead choices to unlock. Different aircraft that perform just as well, only slightly differently. Give players a choice of planes to play with, do you take a faster plane type but with fewer bombs loaded or stick with the slower ones with more payload. This would also fit in with giving planes a new characteristic, serviceability. Rugged, reliable planes like the Swordfish could have a 10% increased service time built into them as part of their balance, whereas other planes could have a 10% increase to account for a greater payload or faster speed.
  9. ajb13

    Server Error

    Just activated my 24 hours premium time and guess what...…..
  10. ajb13

    SERVER DOWN !!!!

    Did the server just burp? Was DC'd mid battle, when I got back in my ship was in port and that battle had never happened
  11. ajb13

    Button.... I want a button....

    I don't just want any old button, I want a nice new shiny button.....
  12. ajb13

    Tier ten DD Play Damn Hard

    While you re-read the topic heading I'll amend that statement for you "if your time is valuable to you, I will suggest you to stop reading forum and try play DD..you know commenting anything in DD topic with your 0 games played in DD makeys you bigger troll than me" post that to yourself and it makes a lot more sense.
  13. Good luck with that, last I heard T7 CV's are being removed from the game, although Ranger becomes the new T6 with Independence being removed. You'll get the Ryujo at T6, with all your XP going towards the next in the line, Shokaku at T8
  14. I'll still play, but not for a while. Nothing to do with 0.8.0, just a bit burned out with the last few months of grinding the RN DD and PEF events, need a break to do other things
  15. Didn't vote for the either of the 2 I'd like to see on my Minsk, used show results and saw they had no chance of winning. I prefer realistic looking Camo's on my ships so in the end I vote for the least unrealistic one that appears to have a chance of winning.