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  1. Yes. As far as I remember it was 1 DD per side, he capped one cap and I capped another then we both went for the middle one. My torps drove him out of his smoke and my side killed him. I then took the 3rd cap. Both side were being some what cautious and just killing each other at long range, so I only got chances to launch torps at extreme range. Some brave soul on the other side managed to capture the first cap I took but got himself killed in the process so I went and took it back. With 3 caps to us the game finished shortly there after. It's always stuck in my mind because I caused 0 dmg, got not hits, and still came top and got a good score because I captured 3 caps 4 times.
  2. No kills, how about no hits? I don't have a screenshot but quite a while back I came top and got a good score with a Tier 6 or 7 jap destroyer. I didn't fire my guns once and the few torps I launched all missed. However I capped the 3 caps 4 times and did quite a bit of spotting.
  3. Over 14 days thats less than 10 games a day. I have 4 ships that are eligible for it, but you can just pay 75,000 credits to send the same ship straight back in if you don't want to wait the half hour. I actually played about 50-60 of the games in the first few days, but as time went by I did it less each day, the last few days I only played it 3 or 4 times each day. Given how easy it was to get a 4 or 5 star win I expect many players played it much more than me in order to farm it for XP, free XP, elite commander XP etc
  4. Far from it, but it's just so easy to get a 3 star win. A simple 5 point plan is all you need. The transports never get sunk so there's 1 star Save a marine unit so you don't lose Get to the carrier and help shoot down 50 aircraft, another star Sink the Atago, that should be at least 3 stars now Get behind the island in C3 where you cannot be torpedoed, and the enemy has a hard time shooting you, and shell the 2 airfields. If you can do this before 4 of your team mates get sunk you'll get a 4th star Has anyone ever lost because all the allied ships were sunk? Has anyone ever completed it with less than 3 stars? My suggestions are not to make it impossible for average teams, they are my ideas too slightly increase the failure rate and to ensure the possibility of 2 star or less wins
  5. And that's the problem, I'm no unicum but I could still carry a team to at least a 3 star victory on my own, with a few unicums on your team it needed something really amazing to happen to get less than 5 stars
  6. I'm not asking for it to made much harder like they did the T7 operations, but I think that a 98% success rate and 70% 5 star completions are just to high. Also the fact that it's virtually impossible to get less than 3 stars mean that while it is fun it's just not challenging and I found myself playing it less and less each day.
  7. So the operation has now finished it's 2 week first stint, how did you do? In around 120 games I only failed 3 times, twice when both marine units were destroyed and once for failing to take out the airfields in time. I was only sunk 4 times, once to torps while defending the marines, twice to air attacks and once to gun fire while attacking the airfields. As to stars most were 5 star wins, the rest were 4 stars with a very few 3 stars thrown in, I never once got a win with less than 3 stars. My conclusion? The operation is broken and will soon be pulled from the rotation to fix it. It's just way too easy. So what is wrong and how can it possibly be fixed? Have you ever seen the transport ships sunk? I never did and so you got an easy first star there. They are saved as soon as the DD's are sunk and can no longer be damaged by the DD's torps, I've observed them getting hit for no damage. A fix for this would be to not make them safe until the DD's are sunk and they have reached a certain point further down the coast, that way if your team doesn't sink the DD's quickly enough they'll get torps off which can still sink a transport and lose you a point. The second stage is where most stars are lost as you sometimes lose a marine unit. This stage is mostly ok except that the illumination flares seem to spawn in fixed locations and mostly over the jap ships, illuminating them instead of you! The flares should be targeted at the allied cruisers. Any ship on fire should also be illuminated. As players grew familiar with the operation more ships started to drift north in the early stages, getting ready to intercept the mid point DD attack and to get ready to defend the carriers from air attack. I know some Zao's are by the airbases to stop early attacks on them, perhaps there should be a few DD's as a covering force in the mid area to stop players going straight for that area as well. Once the marines are saved they should withdraw back to airfields. This way any Cruiser trying to attack the mid point DD's early will have to avoid the torps of 4-5 DD's. Then comes the end part. This part starts with 2 air attacks from the airfields. No matter how many or how few aircraft you shoot down they only attack twice. Also I have never had a team fail to shoot down the required 50 as far as I can remember. Also I have never had a team fail to sink the Atago. That's another 2 easy stars there. I think the number of aircraft you need to destroy should be increased, and the airfields should continue to launch air attacks until they or all their aircraft are destroyed. Other things that could be looked at would be to maybe increase the number of DD's in the initial and mid point attacks. So do you think it's ok or do you think it's broken? And if so how would you fix it?
  8. Ship modules

    No - I completed it this afternoon with 1 engine or steering hit, and loads of AA hits
  9. Ship modules

    You did use a tier 6 or over ship? That's the only other criteria for completion.
  10. ....and tier 8 (yes EIGHT!) pan Asian DD's turning pink for trying to torp an enemy DD and having them pass under her and hit me on the other side .... and not having learned from this, I watched him try and torp DD's again
  11. Cyclones [poll]

    During PTS for operation Hermes I said in the forum that the storm front should replace Cyclones in normal games and I seem to remember they said they were looking into it. With a large weather front moving across the map players could try to stay in it or out of it for as long as possible as they seemed fit. As to cyclones I think the key to them is grouping up at an important cap and waiting them out before sailing off on your own again. Lone ships blundering into groups at 8km doesn't end well. In domination ships tend to gravitate towards the caps during a cyclone, and you can usually tell which one you need to try and take or hold when it hits. That's where your ships need to concentrate.
  12. How do you alter the team line up display?

    I may have been thinking about WOT. I may have turned them off in WOWS as I didn't like the default display. I just know the UI looks different somehow, and I'd need to try and recover old screenshots from my broken computer to check.
  13. How do you alter the team line up display?

    it's not listed there
  14. How do you alter the team line up display?

    No it's not a mod. You can use a 2 key input to alter the team line up displays as far as I can remember, it's just the 2 keys you need to use I've forgotten.