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  1. The problem with Seal Clubbers

    Tier 2 or tier 3 ranked season anyone?
  2. Torpedos and Team damage

    And they are supposed to learn from those mistakes. So he's got to tier 9 of a DD line and still hasn't learnt the dangers of second line torping? Giving him a button he can just destroy his torps with isn't the answer. He can only launch his torps something like every 120-130 secs, if he just ends up destroying them because he won't learn how to launch them correctly then he's not going to be much use to his team. Giving that same button to all low tier new DD players as well, you cannot see the problems this will cause?
  3. 10pt Captain Skill on a Warspite

    If you'll play mostly randoms with her i'd go CE followed by FP. However if you're willing to grind out the next 4 skill points in operations before doing randoms again I'd do it the other way around, FP followed by CE
  4. Operation Last Frontier

    This afternoon got two 4 stars, three 3 stars, three 2 stars and one 1 star, failed 5 times. Was sunk 5 times. The fail teams included an AFK BB, a Gadjah Mada trying to torp DD's and a BB firing AP at bow on BB's then switching to HE for the broadside on cruisers at 7km, well it is the start of the weekend This is the hardest of all the operations, but the changes to the bots has made it a lot easier than it was, just not as easy as it was when it first came out.
  5. Operation Last Frontier

    I played it 4 times this afternoon and won 4 times, including a 5 star. All the games were random. Compared to the previous 2 times it was on when I had 2 successful runs in about 20 games I'd say the changes have made it a lot easier.
  6. Motor Torpedo Boats

    Think there is some confusion between the early pre-dreadnought era torpedo boats and the later motor torpedo boats in this thread.
  7. CV Rework Discussion

    Fighters are to be a clickable consumable that summon 1 flight of fighters to that area where they will stay and patrol. It appears that they last until they each shoot 1 aircraft down or I would assume until you call in another flight when the consumable comes off cool down.
  8. First poll - best looking ship

    Rigged vote - didn't include 'other' option
  9. Something aint right?

    Well if its a Montana Captain I would have recommended the Texas but she isn't for sale at the moment. Arizona is but I don't own her, if she plays the same as the New Mexico she's good. The other low tier American ship available at the moment is the cruiser Marblehead, I really enjoy playing her, but you didn't do very well in the Omaha so she may not be right for you. Also it appears that you free XP'd over the New Mexico so I don't really know if you'd enjoy playing a similar ship to her.
  10. Why bother with the CV?

    Well I watched the live stream announcement and unless I totally imagined it you could only control a single squadron of 12 planes, fighters were a consumable clickable you used to summon fighters to your location and the CV will now only be controllable in map mode, and you'll need to do it while still manually flying your aircraft.
  11. Something aint right?

    It's not just your win rate, it's your other ratings as well. And while you shouldn't need to carry others in your team it's also not acceptable that they should have to carry you. Your stats show this is what is happening and that's why the win rate of teams that include you is low. If you can afford it go buy some lower tier premium ship and put your Captain in that, you'll be learning how to play and still training your T10 commander up at the same time. That's my advice, do with it as you will.
  12. Something aint right?

    You've played 424 T1-7 games and 405 T8-10, my guess is you've raced to T10 before your ready. Have some fun in the lower tiers and build your skills up there, because while your stats at T6 and below are not very good they still drop considerably after that.
  13. Jurien de la Graviere V25
  14. Wot you mean TX, that'll be the T6
  15. Why bother with the CV?

    Under the new CV system you are no longer a CV commander co-ordinating strikes from multiple squadrons while organising fighters for your teams defence, you are now a squadron leader of a squadron of strike planes who can call in fighters for support and has a vulnerable base which if sunk knocks him out of the game. He also has to deal with the fact that he has very few resources available with which to defend that vulnerable base. Moving that base off map won't make the player invulnerable though, he's commanding the planes and they are going to be shot down by the enemy AA.