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  1. Operation Hermes

    I was under the impression that the bots fired on the lowest health ship within range, that's why they target the DD 15 km away and ignore the BB at 5 km. Of course the BB can still expect a load of torps to come it's way.
  2. Pensacola is still crap

    Well at the moment WG plan to hit it so hard with the nerf bat it could easily go all the way down to T5! Concealment higher than some BB's it'll face, glacial turret traverse, I mean what's the point of having to rely on being manueverable to avoid being hit if it also means you'll never be able to keep your guns on target And they altered it's proposed stats after I got her for a second time and stuck John Doe in her. Hadn't used him before so trained him up in that 2 week T7 operation we just had and I'd liked the ship first time around but had moved on, thought i'd get her again ahead of the US CA line split.
  3. Groundhog hour?

    It's still stuck - will they ever fix it? or will they just go with the 'it's probably right at least 2 times a day anyway' solution?
  4. Groundhog hour?

    well I don't get to play as much on the weekends as that's when I work, but I do check the website a few times each day and I think I started noticing this on Thursday or Friday. Remember it's not something many players would normally look at I would think, they'd be more likely to just look at the number of players on the in game counter.
  5. Groundhog hour?

    I see a certain person just won a landslide victory in Russia, could they be linked by the way that Russians count things?
  6. Groundhog hour?

    You sure, because it's on both my PC and kindle
  7. Groundhog hour?

    Is it just me or has the number of players in the server status on the WoWs website been stuck on 11,372 for days now?
  8. This is the hardest operation from a success/fail point of view rather than numbers of stars one. In all the other operations if some players just do their own thing and farm damage/kills you still have a chance to succeed, in killer whale you are almost certainly doomed to fail. And we all know that team based games are full of too many players there just to 'do my own thing and have fun' The other problem is that the success condition of having 50% of surviving ships exit is far too complicated for many of the mathematically challenged players. It also leads to the bizarre situation where getting sunk can often mean success. I've deliberately got myself sunk in order to try to win the game, and often end up telling players in chat 'just get sunk', 'ram him' or 'sail INTO the torps'. I feel this part could be simplified by changing it to have 3 ships get to the exit zone. It wouldn't solve all the problems with this scenario but it'd be a good starting place. Also you sometimes have a Bot DD appear with you to lead the attack, maybe make this appear all the time and change the success condition to escorting it to the exit zone, although they may need to change it to a CV or BB to do this.
  9. Captain slots in consumables containers.

    65 spare out of 83 slots here, and it's in all containers I think, I only get the flag ones and I've had 8 new commander slots this week
  10. Unless some goes to the NE you'll get 3 stars at best. 2 of the 4 ships you need to kill for a star spawn there, and if you don't go and stop them they'll enter the haven, losing you another star. The trick of course is that if you cannot get to the exit point in time you should just ram one of the other BB's that spawn up there, you only need to get 50% of surviving ships into the exit zone, so a sunken ship is often the next best thing to an exiting ship.
  11. Et tu, Brute?

    Its the Ides of March, is it safe to go sailing in the Giulio Cesare?
  12. Target Aquisition Mod vs Concealment Mod

    You've not gone senile yet
  13. Target Aquisition Mod vs Concealment Mod

    It was added when they removed stealth firing to 'help' ships like Akizuki
  14. Please fix TVIII matchmaking ASAP

    I haven't played a T10 game and only a handful of T9 games, but from what I was told the MM very rarely makes T10 only or T9-10 games. Couple this with WG promoting the T10's, and some players attitude of 'I got to T10, I must be good, I'm A WINNER!' meaning that there are going to be more T10's being played than T8's, T8's are going to fill out the MM as lower tier even more. This is something I'm going to have to expect and live with because I don't play cold war blueprint only ships, so I'll stop most lines at the last historical ship I like, T8 is often the goal and not a stepping stone for me. And for the record, I know it's only a small sample, but in my first 10 games in Richelieu I was top tier once, mid tier once and bottom tier 8 times
  15. Target Aquisition Mod vs Concealment Mod

    I used to use TAM on my Kiev before I sold it. My reason was because as I soon I came within range of something I'd open fire anyway, and when combined with vigilance I'd spot a lot more torps, not only giving me more time to evade them but also the other ships around me who were targets of the torps. Spotting torps early isn't just about saving your own arse. This was before they added the dispersion effect to the concealment mod, if I were to buy her again today I'm not sure which I'd use. I've used concealment on everything else