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  1. The story of the Battle of the River Plate . Sounds very nice but to good to be thrue because WG will make it "The SF Story of the Battle of the River Plate. So manny intresting Battle at sea and WG knows how to RAPE the battle's that could have been so intresting to play if we got the ships and not the project ships and other fixion twists.
  2. Killroy67

    Last Chance to Get Your Hands on Festive Treats!

    Looks like there are not manny happy people what is your reaction to this @The_EURL_Guy you seem to be some master at something for WG perhabse have a talk with them that there idea's are not recieved that well. Give some feed back on the Forum what WG thinks about the players that are not to happy. (this all is better then sending warnings and banning people to post on the forum)
  3. Killroy67

    New Year Gifts and Rewards: Your One-Stop Guide

  4. Look how happy your players. That you still wanna push this game that has become so gready.  As long as the money well still flows i dont think much will change from WG but i have the feeling that the flow of money will slow down . Its discusting to see a add from 400 euro's for 200. What are you guys thinking at WG????

  5. Killroy67

    [RESULTS] Double Recruitment Points

    Are you still able to tekst on the forum?? Telling WG how they start to suck is something they realy DON'T LIKE only POSITIVE feed back allowed. Any comment @The_EURL_Guy
  6. Killroy67

    New Year Gifts and Rewards: Your One-Stop Guide

    im sure you are happy with your deal. WG is also and for that reason im sure they will come up with a new ship to build. So there you go you can build a new ships again for CHEAP. This is the way to keep bad things going on and on and on. Drain the dock and Drain your Wallet.
  7. Killroy67

    New Year Gifts and Rewards: Your One-Stop Guide

    Got comments on the e-mo's??? What impression do you get?
  8. Killroy67

    Last Chance to Get Your Hands on Festive Treats!

    Well said. And for this year i will hide my wallet for WG. Now that they start also working for ships below sea level i start to get the impression WG is sufering from the BENZ. Get in decompresion WG $$$$$$$$$$ €€€€€€€€€€€ will kill you. O and don't bother sending me a warning for speaking out my mind.
  9. Killroy67

    2020 foresight

    We just need to start playing with our wallets closed until beter time's . WG game lost all the sense of the realy world with there price's and tricks to generate money. As at the moment people stuck with there PR ship. can't be done with out spending and spending and then its not sure if it can be done so make you spend again and again. WG is on the edge of whats legal in most countries. And it will back fire. But at the moment we can just wait
  10. Killroy67

    New Year Gifts and Rewards: Your One-Stop Guide

    you getting fu….d with this PR crap(p) you gotta keep spending once you started. Shame on WG for this smiggle trick play. How is is possible that there a people who wanna promote this stuff
  11. Killroy67

    2020 foresight

    happy new year all and lock your wallets away WG is on the prowel for €€€€€€ and $$$$$
  12. Killroy67

    puerto rico build

    a s s kisser.
  13. Killroy67

    New Year Gifts and Rewards: Your One-Stop Guide

    you forget to say '" gimmy your wallet" lots of bad and angry face's dont you think. But just keep going thinking of way to draw money out the pockets.
  14. Killroy67

    puerto rico build

    We never learn do we?? WG is flipping us the bird and smile's for ever $ our € we spend. They rule the game because we want things and WG knows what we want. Take controle and stop paying for all the offers. Look at the price's they have the guts for to ask . How different it was in the beginning of WOWS. From time to time a premium account for all the gold you win. But F my wallet stays closed Happy New Year WG. I wunder what your good intentions are for next year? More idea's to shake our wallets? More warnings and bans for complaining on the forum?