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  1. Killroy67

    Warship Projects - Imperial Russian Navy/ USSR VMF

    you being sponserd by WG Kremlin lover
  2. Killroy67

    Ye quick beginners guide to World of Warships

  3. Killroy67

    Dry Dock: Which Ship Is the Most Powerful?

    let them be happy it is a Russian game so do the thinking yourself. So much fake it has to otherwise there wouldn't be much russian ships in the game. just make a game and we play until you are screwing things up in that game and the game slowly dies
  4. Killroy67

    Warship Projects - Imperial Russian Navy/ USSR VMF

    WOWs soviet navy is bigger then it was for real. What a lot of Russian project ships . IT IS A JOKE
  5. Killroy67

    Meet the World of Warships Team

    So when is WG going to stop with all these paper ships?? And now a shipbuilding that only starts when you pay 8000 gold peices. $$$$$$$$$ seems like that is the only thing that counts
  6. Killroy67

    Hows this for feedback

    STEEL WTF look what they ask for a ship now. Y G F By WG Big Time. AGAIN AND AGAIN
  7. Killroy67

    Update 0.9.3. European Destroyers: Part 2

    let them choke in there idea's.
  8. Killroy67

    Naval Legends: Destroyer HSwMS Småland

    And once again no comment at all from mr @The_EURL_Guy about the unhappy remarks from players. Just positieve plugging of teh game. @The_EURL_Guy isnt it time to mention what people are thinking ? If not just tell us what your purpose is here that only looks like promoting the Game
  9. Killroy67

    European Destroyers: Early Access

    2.000.000 free xp LMAO WG knows we all have lots of XP's collect over the past time. Now they come up with ships for 2.000.000 XP nuts nuts. GOLD DIGGERS instead fo WG Gonna get a point our warning again?
  10. never played a battle????


  11. Killroy67

    Armada: Dunkerque

    When are you going to give a reaction on the comments about the game that people give??? Looks like you are only promoting and pushing this game for WG. If thats so please just say it so that people can ignore the things that is said by the WG team.
  12. Killroy67

    Last chance to obtain London and Cheshire

    just give us your money dont complain cause we don't listen and if you speak of load we ban you from the Forum and from Chat in the game. Only pretant there is intrest in the opinion from the players
  13. Killroy67

    CV poll (take two)

    agree. WG has no real intrest in the players. Its just looking how to make $. Thats fine but don't pretant you listen to the players and do things for the players
  14. Killroy67

    Weekly Combat Missions: Daily Missions

    useful= useless
  15. Killroy67

    Results: Help a Friend – Win a Ship!

    @The_EURL_Guy what is your reaction to the comments that it is not worth to invite friends to this game with its game mechanics. Always see you posting promotion post but never give a awnser to the dislikes. NOT GOOD DUDE.