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  1. Killroy67

    Can't win

    Same thing here in 13 games played on won 2. The gameplay is fucked up. Ships pop up and hide, specs of ships are being changed, T8 9 our of 10 fight with T9 andT10, To manny ships that only have been on blue prints. [edited]it could be such a nice game. Why not a option Axis vs Allies ships? But well i know what the comment willl be. ( its all works well ) ( our uninstall the game )
  2. Killroy67


    something new, If you complain to much you get banned from speaking out what you think. Dont complain about the game ITS RUSSIAN AND YOU WILL GET BANNED FROM SPEAKING OUT.
  3. WOWS do something about that stupid game engine concelment.. it rapes the game dont make ships pop up and hide again ITS a JOKE. And sure i will be told here that i dont understand how it works. Well it make no sense seeing a Yamato at 24 km and a Bismarck acting like a disco light at 16 k