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  1. DirionScrab

    Clan for singles

    We Are still here have 75K spare oil for the next update and a few spare spaces. We have signed up to Supply Lines , join before the 31st to take part.
  2. DirionScrab

    Freedom Container Results

    Can you get these missions from the in game containers? Loath to spend money on the gamble?
  3. DirionScrab

    Wide spread torpedoes

    As above when randomly going for smoke Also sometimes 2 wide spreads offset by half a single width is I feel sometimes better than 2 narrows with no overlap Also British cruisers where the wide is equivalent to a normal narrow
  4. To be clear the main reason i want to do these missions is for the containers to try and get the t8 mission You are correct I don't have the Aigle until around the 16th since i had a weekend away
  5. So I only have 2 t6 french ships (none higher) on average i get around 50 ribbons per battle in the La G and 30 in the Normandie so if i was to do get 6 stars from french only twice (1500 RIBBONS) plus any ship twice (1800 ribbons) How many battles is this going to take? on the estimates above it would be 60 + Maybe I need to do this and it will maybe unlock the t7 but means I miss a lot of times 2's If I use other ships like the fiji where 100 is probably closer to the average I still need to use La G 30 times and others 60 times regardless this feels like a lot of battles. Which route are you alll choosing and which ships yield the most ribbons on average?
  6. DirionScrab

    Gold of France campaign tasks

    Task 1 means 4.8 Million credits 1.2 M of which must be in t6 french ships in order to get a few containers in hope of getting the t8 mission
  7. DirionScrab

    Vampire mission is up

    So is this yet another nation or is it british or pan asian?
  8. DirionScrab

    Clan for singles

    If 7 are online at the right time it is an option but no training sessions or special voice server etc.
  9. DirionScrab

    Clan for singles

    now have 3 spare slots bb service module purchased
  10. DirionScrab

    Clan for singles

    Now that is cross advertising and manipulation and very different aims having requirements and teamspeak is exactly what this isn't
  11. DirionScrab

    Clan for singles

    Possibly premature I would agree and not the way I would have phrased it but not an outright lie
  12. DirionScrab

    Clan for singles

    I joined and am advertising in game. now up to 13 members Please clarify how long inactivity will we tolerate and if this is defined by last activity or last gained oil.
  13. DirionScrab

    WHich teir 8 for ranked battles

    So an update I did go benson and lack the credits for B hull but I did retrain my Farragut captain (13 points) I won my first 8 ranked battles but slipped back a bit to 13 from 23 New Orleans nobody mentioned Radar above so thinking that would be a next choice if I have credit influx
  14. DirionScrab

    WHich teir 8 for ranked battles

    So Benson it is just need to find 6 Million credits to get and equip it and then a few arkansas B, albany and smith battles to retrain commander