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    Akizuki am i missing something?

    This is just not true. She has an excellent stealthfire range and can absolutely make crusiers and BBs cry while maintaining distance to them. Some things I have learned playing her: -She's not really that good at knifefighting other DDs. Not because she get outgunned, but if they have anything at all in support, they have no issues hitting you. That said, 1v1 she absolutely wrecks other DDs who don't understand to flee or angle. -Her AA can be amazing with certain captain skills -She can be an absolute terror to ships or even groups of ships without a DD screening for them. Maintaining stealthfire range while throwing a shitton of shells downrange, setting fires to angled ships or doing good damage with her AP to broadsiding targets. She's an expert kiter, and the best part is if they turn away and start fleeing you can pursue them all the same. -Her HE is quite situational. It actually works against lower tier ships, you can for example pen T7 BB superstructure or T7 DD hulls, then again you should only fire HE if you want fires on a target or if they angle towards you. When shooting broadsiding targets AP is clearly superior. -She doesn't handle focus fire by the enemy well at all. If you get focused you need to smoke/re-stealth and try to get away. -Stealthfire is her biggest weapon. Not to mention the psychological impact on the enemy from being hit with 8 shells every 2-3 seconds from an enemy you cannot spot. I have litterally driven higher tier CAs mad with this ship. -She is amazing fun and the stealthy gameplay can be quite tense at times. My 2 cents.