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    Update 0.6.4 Feedback - Other Changes

    Just buffing the torps is nowhere near enough to make the line competitive
  2. MorgothBauglyr

    Update 0.6.4 Feedback - Other Changes

    Mogami changes seem decent. Had a couple good games with 155s IJN dd turret traverse buff is not enough to make a difference. It has to be at most a traverse time of 20s per 180° to actually remove the need for expert marksman to keep them on target while turning/evading. This would free up 2 camptain points and make somewhat a difference. As it stands, the change is very minor. To make IJN dd guns noticably better, the HE damage and fire chance needs to go up back to where it was before 0.5.15. In summary: - Improve base turret traverse to at least 180° in 20s. This would eliminate the absolute nessecity of Expert Markman to keep turrets on target when turning the ship.- Moderately increase rate of fire for T8 and below. (Something like 6s for Kagerou and 6.5s for Akatsuki)- Reinstate the HE shell damage values from before version 0.5.15- Reinstate the HE shell fire chance values from before version 0.5.15- Moderately improve Kagerou's gun range to around 11.5 km so she is between Akatsuki and Yuugumo.
  3. MorgothBauglyr

    Balance changes

  4. MorgothBauglyr

    Balance changes

    Kagerou was kind of forgotten when all the other ijn DDs got their gun ranges buffed
  5. MorgothBauglyr

    Balance changes

    While i can understand the reasoning behind the concealment changes I think the stealth penalty is very harsh particularly for slower or low hp ships, e.g. when you duel another dd and win you are still visible for half the map for another 20s. Two kinda similar solutions come to mind: a) make the duration of the concealment penalty be affected by ship concealment and/or gun caliber. Stealthy ships with small guns are visible only a few seconds. b) make the concealment penalty shrink over time, speed of the size change may also relate to concealment/caliber. Enemies futher away lose sight quicker.
  6. MorgothBauglyr

    Bug Reports

    1. DescriptionIn carrier view, at ~10 min remaining game partially stopped, Camera cannot be moved, All ship and aircraft positions are frozen. Effecs and animations still play (waves, smoke etc). Aircraft still have audio reports. The ship speed and rudder UI responds and updates. 2. Reproduction stepsUnshure. Happened once at a random point in the game while in carrier view and commanding aircraft 3. ResultGame display does not update. camera frozen, switching to minimap only updates the ui (shows chat shortcut list), shader and particle effects keep playing, ship and aircraft display is frozen. 4. Expected result- 5. Technical detailsIn the replay the display works normally, but you can see me check various inputs like opening minimap view and operating the ship controls when the error happens. 20170321_223357_PJSA011-Hiryu-1942_41_Conquest.zip
  7. MorgothBauglyr

    Overall Quality and Stability

    i had the same happen with all "luck" type containers
  8. MorgothBauglyr

    Key Binding Changes

    I had issues where changed keybindings were not applied correctly after restarting the client. the changed key was displayed in the list but the executed action was the default one. example: rebind lock target to middle mouse -> after restart clicking middle mouse button fires and follows the shot.
  9. MorgothBauglyr

    Detonated And Asked How Satisified I Was With The Game - LOL

    Actually, that survey asks you about your feelings on the battle you just played, not the game overall.
  10. MorgothBauglyr

    Ghostcrawler on Design (applied to WoWs)

    The one piece of random mechanics i really dislike in wows is Detonation. There are a couple of problems that, when taken together make for a very bad mechanic. 1) The occurence is very random: A lot of random occurences have to align to make a detonation happen, the ship must be hit in the magazine, the roll for the detonation to happen must succeed etc. This makes it utterly unpredictable. Compared with other random occurences in the game, like a battleship hitting a bund of citadels at once, the number or random factors is not possible to account for. When i go broadside to a battleship and it shoots me, i can estimate that i take a lot of damage. How much is uncertain but i can make a more or less educated guess to wager the risks and decide if i want to take that risk or not. When a cruiser fires HE at me in a destroyer, i might detonate from just one hit. i might not detonate at all. I can't make an educated guess about what is going to happen because the number or random events involved is too high. And since the occurence is so low, i generally make decisions without factoring in detonation, because it's impossible to do so. As a consequence having a detonation happen is extremely frustrating. 2) The effect itself is highly random: It can be extreme (as in one hit detonates a full hp ship), or negible (when the ship that detonates has only a handful of hp left anyway). 3) Randomness combined with randomness makes super randomness: To counteract the very low chance of actually detonating someone at high hp, the effect has to be huge (as in the target is dead no matter the hp). This effect is called a high random delta which feels very unfair for the player on the receiving end. See this episode of extra credits for more details: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0V5eq4IQ6Go 3) It is not really satisfying to detonate someone else: When i land a perfectly aimed shot with 3 citadels, thats awesome. Because i made my guesses right and aimed correctly. When i detonate someone, it's more a feeling like meh rng. There is no particular skill involved other than hitting. Everyting else is random chance. Since i can't count on it happening it's not exciting to make it happen either. There is no anticipation.
  11. MorgothBauglyr

    Economy Feedback

    i like the changes a lot. Tanking damage by either doging or bouncing now rewards leading a push instead of punishing it with a repair bill and no returns. Need to test how well scouting does on a carrier. Is team damage currenly excluded from the xp and credits? I just took 3 team torps from behind in a game but there was no indication of compenstation at the results screen.
  12. MorgothBauglyr

    Overall stability

    I am also seeing big FPS drops 50% and more for several seconds. Torpedoes are also moving in a stuttering way jumping forward in discrete steps
  13. MorgothBauglyr


    Camo -3% detectability range data display not working correctly 1. DescriptionWhen equipping a camo with a -3% detectability bonus and then clicking on a different camo with the same -3% detectability bonus for preview, the bonus is applied twice in the ship data display. The -3% of the previewed camo is calculated with the already applied -3% of the currently installed camo instead of the base value without camo. 2. Reproduction steps Select a ship and go to exterior > camouflage. Open the concealment tab to see the range value. Apply a camo with -3% detectability. Then click on another camo with -3% detectability and note how the value is displayed lower 3. Result Display values are not calculated properly. 4. Expected result Values only showing the effects of one camo.
  14. A lot of the problems i have with the controls stem from the rather outdated 1995 command & conquer style control scheme coupled with a bunch of system problems. Unit selection and issuing commands: selecting units and issuing commands both uses the left mouse button -> missclicks and wrong commands have large consequences -> lots of readjustments needed. drag-selecting over empty space does not retain the current selection, instead the carrier is selected. the game does not seem to register inputs every frame -> even slightly above average APM starts producing bad inputs in combination this means many quick clicks are registered as a drag when the mouse is moved by just a pixel -> command gets registered as a drag-select -> nothing was selected -> carrier gets selected -> carrier stars moving where the squad was commanded to go to. Handles to adjust attack indicators around are very small and hard to click on. Possible solutions: Use the de-facto standart controls for RTS with left click to select units and UI elements and right click to issue commands. retain the current selection when nothing is selected (sticky selection). The keybind to select the carrier is sufficient for quick access. read inputs into a buffer or increase the polling rate. Camera: When double tapping a squad/carrier selection key or through the minimap, the camera should jump there instantly, not take a lengthy pan over the map. There should be a key that jumps the camera to the current selection. Separate scroll speeds for keyboard scrolling and mouse scrolling and higher maximum scroll speeds. Overhead view zoom speed should be a separate setting from ship/binocular view zoom speed. option to rebind keyboard scrolling to WASD and ship steering to arrow keys while in overhead view.
  15. MorgothBauglyr


    had a wierd bug in coop where visibility was limited to proximity spotting range. it seemed to affect the bots as well.