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  1. Lerxst2012

    Future Plans for Aircraft Carriers

    So all of those players who bought the crates to receive premium CV's are probably a little annoyed WG are going to nerf the CV's AGAIN. Glad I didn't buy any personally as WG had mentioned the rework was not complete. I guess people didn't realise rework means nerf. Not on really when people have parted with their hard earned cash but it seems the way of the WG world.
  2. Lerxst2012

    Future Plans for Aircraft Carriers

    I've quit playing World of Warships for the time being due to the OP status of the CV's. Playing a destroyer is no longer fun and trying to kill a CV is virtually impossible with wave and wave of plane attacks. Losing 60% of you health points in one attack seems the norm these days. So will be back to see these new improvements if they are implemented but currently enjoying playing tanks again.
  3. Lerxst2012


    Excellent news. Playing DD's and losing half of your hit points due to rocket attacks is ridiculous and I'm pleased you are addressing this issue with this patch. Also good to see you are reducing their spotting power as well. Hopefully the ones among us who want to play World of Warships can now get back to playing the game again and having fun. I hope this is a great patch. Thank you.
  4. I was never a fan of the AC category but played it casually. The only good thing with this patch is that I've managed to obtain 150.000 free XP as I have sold the AC's and converted the XP to free XP. I never found it easy playing AC's anyway but I think this patch appears to have made them harder to play. Its certainly more boring playing this class. I'm not sure a brand new player would one understand how to play the class or two have the staying power to master it. Long term (if that statement is true) will result in less players playing AC's so for me that's a good thing. I'm sure there was a method to their madness in changing how you operate AC's but for me its now a class I simply wont bother with. Good luck to those of you who understand how to play these ships but its way above my head!!!!
  5. Just sold the two AC's I had after I tried to play AC's after the update. Every time I tried to attack I lost the entire squadron. Yes, it is probably down to me and not knowing how to play this category. But my point is this, most people (New to the game) will also have no idea either and quite frankly will lose interest in playing these ships. (That's a good thing as hopefully it will mean less AC players in the game long term). I have only just managed to figure how the old way of playing these so not going to invest more time in learning a completely different setup for no benefit to me. No idea what the point is of making a category of ships even more difficult to play.
  6. Thank you for the confirmation. Will probably leave it then. Also no Kamikaze R as well. I see a few have been missed/ If I'm paying that money I would like to have seen some of the more interesting ships. Will definitely pass on this now.
  7. I'm thinking of buying the Armada collection. Why not that's a great price. I would like to know though if the Belfast is in that collection as the article says almost all premium ships. I would like to see if there is a list of the ships within that collection. Have i missed that or is there a list of what ships have been left out.